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Sweep mystifies at least one Packer

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Green Bay middle linebacker Nick Barnett, he with the chip on his shoulder the size of the state of Wisconsin for not making the Pro Bowl, stood at his locker Saturday night at Lambeau Field after the Packers had dismantled Seattle 42-20 to reach the NFC Championship Game.

The Packers defense, which has been overlooked at times, lost in the immense shadow cast by quarterback Brett Favre, had just limited the Seahawks to two field goals in the final 56 minutes after two Ryan Grant fumbles staked Seattle to a quick 14-0 lead.

With a thick gold highlight going straight through the middle of his hair—it looks like the designs for a mohawk—Barnett was basking in the glow of a complete effort as Green Bay had swallowed whole running backs Shaun Alexander and Mo Morris, and harassed quarterback Matt Hasselbeck thoroughly from start to finish.

Then he was asked, how in the name of Curly Lambeau, the Packers had managed to have two of their three losses this season come against the NFC North cellar dwelling Bears. How a team that is a 7-point favorite to reach Super Bowl XLII could blow a lead at home in the first meeting and then be completely blown out at Soldier Field in the rematch.

“I don’t know,’’ Barnett said. “I don’t know at all, man. That weather [in the second game], I think we just got sidetracked. But who cares? They’re at home watching our games right now.”

As the Bears go about the business of plotting their offseason, at least they can take solace in knowing they know what it takes to beat the Packers. Lovie Smith is 6-2 vs. Green Bay since being hired as head coach, and getting over the hump against their rivals was necessary to win consecutive NFC North titles.

But there isn't a man at Halas Hall who wouldn't trade two losses vs. Green Bay this team to be playing this coming weekend. Not a one.

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When all else fails, blame it on the weather.

Yes, the weather. The same weather that Chicago played in. And weather which is actually typical of Lambeau field.

Its my fault. I forgot to tell Lovie that beating GB is not the same as getting in the playoffs or being the champion. Sorry guys!

What I never understood --
how can Green Bay not know how to play in the cold?

would mark anderson make a good linebacker?

The Sun Times ran this story? How pathetic. "We're the Bears, remember us? We beat the Packers twice! Yeay!"

Who did the Bears play in the playoffs?

Nick Barnett is overrated and I hope Green Bay gets beat.

Just remember .. If the patriots win it all ... the packers getting to the superbowl will be nothing but a foot note ..

kind of like the bears last year, huh?

Packers....yummmm...tastes like chicken.

haha u bear's fan still crying about not get into the playoff lol aww i feel bad lol nah i was just playing hahaha

oh yea go pack!!

Hey bears fans, We have a lot of cheese to go with all that WHINE

Enjoy watching the Packers play this weekend

last time I checked Green Bay was not called the "windy city" I don't remember ever watching a home packer game were it was as windy as it was down in suckville! Someone just sounds sore!

Spent 5 yrs living in Chicago - and I can say that it get damn cold and windy down by the lake shore. What people forget is that the stadium is only ~100 yds from Make Michigan - and you get very moist high winds ripping right through you. I was down there last January and I haven't been that cold in a loooong time! ISZ

Wow, got a lot of Cheeseheads reading a Chicago paper. You guys still looking for some validation for your achievement? Sorry, not going to find it here.

who do the bears play next week?

Ahhh, Stop crying Packers fans about the weather, you just got beat...Enjoy the playoffs this year, but remember the rivalry is BIG, and this year the BEARS came out on top !.... By the way since Lovie's been here the teams respective performances are Packers- 1 playoff appearance...possible Super Bowl appearance still to be determined ( Go Giants) ....BEARS 2-playoff appearances- Super Bowl Runner-up !!!

this year I would rather beat them twice, because we are not capabble of winning it all. Neither are the Packers

I hope the Packers do well. I don't care for Favre and several other players but they went out and took care of business. What did Lovie and his NFC chumps do? Fell flat on their butts. Wussed out all season. I'm embarassed to be a Bears fan right now. Lovie did a crappy job again. Bears... please fire Teddy, Jerry, and Lovie asap. All three of them at the same time.

Favre was too busy thinking of his Christmas and New Years plans that he forgot to prepare for the game just like Grossman did last year...if the Pack lost two games every year to the Bears and made the Super Bowl I wouldn't care at all. Look at it this way without being in the playoffs the Bears can work on other things like finding a new quarterback and wondering why they got rid of Thomas Jones to keep Cedrick Benson....maybe you should make Hester your running could always try that play where he starts 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage and tries to get a TD...idiots!!

Get your facts straight cheeser. Chicago is not called the windy city because of the wind. Look back at the history of the Chicago World's Fair and you will see the reason for the name.

Why is there a correctional facility close to Lambeau Field?
So the Packers can walk to work.....

The Packers mailed it in for the second game they lost to the Bears- the same way that the Bears mailed it in against the Packers last year.

Both were meaningless games to the teams going to the playoffs, and important games to the teams with losing records that year. The Bears needed to beat the packers this year to get back on track for next year and the Packers needed to just get through their last game.

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