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Rosenhaus: How often does a three-time Pro Bowler make it to free agency in the prime of his career?

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Drew Rosenhaus makes a good point.

It’s one of the primary reasons why weak-side linebacker Lance Briggs is expected to be the gem of free agency, or at the very least one of the top players available.

“How often does a three-time Pro Bowler make it to free agency in the prime of his career?’’ Rosenhaus said Tuesday afternoon appearing on ESPN News.

His point is well taken. Briggs is 27 and has missed only two games over the last five seasons. He said last offseason he wanted out of town to escape the shadow of teammate Brian Urlacher. It’s believed the Bears will have to pay a premium to retain his services after Briggs earned $7.206 million this past season when he finished second on the team in tackles.

“It’s going to be exciting for Lance,” Rosenhaus said.

And Rosenhaus didn’t rule out a return to the Bears, either, despite all of the acrimony that has taken place.

“That's really outdated,” Rosenhaus said. “He at many times has said he would love to come back to the Bears. All that's behind him. That was the frustration of being franchised. Lance has no ill feelings toward the Bears and would be very happy to continue his career in Chicago if it turns out that way.”

Of course, no skilled negotiator is going to eliminate a potential bidder.

Free agency begins Feb. 29
and the Bears cannot place the franchise tag on Briggs again this season, meaning he’s just more than six weeks away from realizing his dream on the open market.

Rosenhaus and Briggs went on the offensive last February and March and it effectively killed any chance he had of being traded. The Bears had placed the franchise tag on Briggs and he was unhappy, but there was the possibility he could be signed and traded. Washington was interested in trading the sixth pick in the draft to the Bears for Briggs and the 31st pick.

The reason general manager Jerry Angelo couldn’t do the deal is Briggs spoke out that he would not report to the team and would hold out for the season. Had Angelo gone forward with the trade it would have sent a signal to the locker room that players unhappy with their current situation could navigate their way out of town by complaining loudly.

Angeo has said he would like to have Briggs back also. The Bears are expected to have roughly $20 million in room to operate under the salary cap.

Start counting down to the bidding, the very expensive bidding.

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because briggs is overrated.

Briggs smiggs... audios buddy...I hope you get injured... go Bears..
# 1 Bears fan.

quote: Had Angelo gone forward with the trade it would have sent a signal to the locker room that players unhappy with their current situation could navigate their way out of town by complaining loudly.

right and bears could of end up with Peterson, Quinn, or Laundry. nice job Angelo. if we suck like last year you should get the door! here is a tip trade for Mcnabb or Anderson. you are the worst GM I have ever seen in my life.

Say goodbye to Briggs and hello to more exposure to Urlacher's weakness's. I very much doubt that the Bears will offer anywhere near his value.

if briggs will sign a reasonable offer then they should sign him. w/ jamal waiting in the wings we shouldn't overpay. i'm dreaming of signing briggs, putting jamal in the middle, crash dieting urlacher down to 230# and giving him the strong safety slot. hey! a guy can dream can't he! briggs is a good guy and a real talent. pay him market value but no more. i don't beleive the crap about playing in urlachers shadow

Why would some of you say good bye Briggs? Hes a GREAT LB!He's smart field wise.Quick,strong,injury free,and in the pro bowl 3 times? I dont get u guys.Jerry keep him if u can.Id rather see Berrian go.I dont know but Angelo better pull off a great trade or draft or both. Because Chicago fans are a little sick of the McKaskeys!

Get rid of him. I can't stand his attitude. He's a selfish chump!

Guys, look back before we had Angelo. We had no talant whatsoever. Now we have more all pros than most teams. Anyone that says Angelo has not done a great job is not intelligent enough to argue with.

Go Bears,


Anyone who saw the very solid play from Jamar Williams in the Saints game knows that Briggs position is interchangable. I do like Lance and he is a solid linebacker and a big hitter but certainly not a guy to break the bank for. Let someone else overpay for him if he's not willing to be reasanable. It's not as if the guy is a game changer like Brian has the ability at times to be. Jamar if called upon will be a great player on our defense and if Lance comes back for a fair price that would be great also. GO BEARS!

Let Briggs and Berrian go and spend the money on Michael Turner and an offensive lineman.

Behind (almost) every great young African-American athlete is a non-Gentile agent, sucking the marrow out of the bone. Lance Briggs is about to become the next Wilbur Marshall, Todd Bell and/or Al Harris. Don't let the door hit your a$$ on the way out, Lance.

Wilbur Marshall had a decent career after he left, and I suspect Briggs will also, but if Angelo breaks the bank to keep him, how will we pay for upgrades on offense and possibly at safety?

Rosenhaus: How often does a three-time Pro Bowler make it to free agency in the prime of his career? BECAUSE HE HAS A BUTT-HOLE OF AN AGENT

The Bears need to get rid of Briggs and hold on to Berrian. Berrian has been one of our best receivers since Curtis Conway. I think that Angelo need to consider dropping Moose and Davis.

1. Berrian
2. Hester
3. Bradley
4. Draft a Rookie
Not to mention that Greg Olsen, will become a top TE in the league.

The Bears need to sign a running back out of free agency to make themselves a more round team. Benson hasnt proved anything and is starting to look more like a bust everyday! Can you say Ryan Leaf? Spend the money on Turner and O-line.

It became pretty obvious this year that we have many holes on our team. SB year the running game covered up many of the holes, but simply put, we were exposed this year. While I love Briggs as a player, I believe that Williams is an adequate replacement and he will not be much of a dropoff. I would rather see JA spend the money on the offense (RB, OL, WR, QB) rather than tie up all of our money on D (Urlacher, Tillman, Vash, Harris, BRIGGS). We gotta pay SOMEBODY on O if we ever wanna have balance.

Don't forget we also have Okwo to potentially fill in as well. In short, don't panic if Briggs leaves, we have other more prominent needs. I actually would like to see how he does somewhere else where everything isn't filtered to the WLB. If M. Brown comes back, I say we play more nickel with McGowan or Payne down where Hillenmeyer usually plays. We need more speed.

I don't think we need Briggs. He's selfish and immature. And I have no respect for a man that trashes a beautiful Lamborghini, runs away, and tells the police its been stolen. Character matters more than winning. Much more.

I say goodbye Briggs! The team has far too many needs that HAVEN'T been addressed! (QB, RB, OL)Also, I know I'm in the minority, but I still haven't given up on Rex. His biggest liability is the stupid fumbles. Still, keep in mind that Brett Favre and Steve Young were both given up on by Atlanta and Tampa Bay. Keep Grossman & Berrian and work on RB and the OL!!

My suggestion is that we keep Briggs and put Jamar Willimas in place of Hillenmeyer. If Williams plays to his potential that woudld be the best LB core in football. We also need to sure up the saftey spot if Brown can not return. I would give Brown one more shot to return and have some good players ready to step in if he gets hurt.

Let Briggs go and spend the money on a couple of guys who can make the team better. Anyone who watched the Bears last season saw a player who was always out of position thus costing the defense some big runs against them. He was only interested in padding his tackle stats. One stat that should be kept is how far downfield from the line of scrimmage are the tackles by lineman and linebackers. I would venture to say that 90% of Briggs tackles are 5-6 yards past the line of scrimmage. He was also out of position or incapable of covering anyone during pass coverage. Let Jamar Williams and Michael Okwo fight over that position or better yet, start both of them with Urlacher and move Hillenmeyer out of the starting postion and make him a situational and special teams player.

Spend the money on a QB, O-linemen, and an impact receiver to go along with Hester, Olsen, and possibly Berrian. Get rid of the deadbeat, overpaid players (Archuletta, Walker, Muhammed, Tait, and Miller) and get some younger, hungrier players.

Keep Briggs........ Boy I can remember when this same argument came up a few years back, but then it was Colvin and Holdman. It was the one of the best LB cores in the league and when they left we did just fine. I'm sure we won't strike it rich twice, but I bet we will be alright

You win and lose games in the trenches. The O-line and D- lines need to be re-inforced. Let berrian, briggs, archuleta, manning jr., and walker go on defense. Let Ruben Brown, miller, grossman, muhammed, and griese go on offense.
Then sign Albert Haynesworth, Alan Faneca, and Tony Richardson (FB from MIN). Haynesworth next to Harris would be unstopable, and the d-ends would be single covered because of it. Also sign a servicable right tackle for less money.
Draft the best player available. Fill in the spaces with younger players.
I know the QB situation is sad, but we're used to it. What I dislike the most is when my team gets pushed around at the line of scrimmage. Solidify the lines to where they are dominant, and forget about the QB for another year. Or maybe they get lucky in the draft.


EVERYBODY RELAX!!!!!... I see it like this trade Briggs and Berrian for McNabb and go get Chester Taylor from the Vikings who will surely loose a lot of playing time with emergence or Adrain Peterson...

Rosenhaus and Brigg's killed the Bears ability to get any trade value for Briggs. Their comments and attitudes hamstrung any deals we could have put together to get value before watching him walk as a free agent. Rosenhaus is a butt hole, no doubt. Angelo has made his mistakes but he's also stocked this team with talent. We'll bounce back next year and sweep the pack again!

McNabb??? McNabb???? MCNABB???? Can anyone say Chris Chandler???? What a DUMB, STUPID, MAROON idea, Mcnabb. Gimme a break. Let's steak our future on a HAS BEEN, OVER NOW, INJURY PRONE player.... JEEZ!!!!!


put briggs in the middle and let urlacher roam..hilenmeyer and williams can share the other side..if he wants too much let him go and start spendin

Ryan, we cant trade briggs he is a FA and chester taylor had a good year due to the great oline he had in front. my mom can get 50-75yds with that oline. Go get M. Turner

THX moderator for swapping mine and RICO's comments. i do LIKE rICO'S Norm Chow IDEA HOWEVER...

AND DUMP friggin BABICH. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Briggs is a solid team player. Bottom line, he makes big time plays. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a chance in hell the Bears sign him. The Bears have shown that they will pass on a player that demands too much money at the LB position (Wilbur Marshall, Roosevelt Colvin, Warrick Holdman, etc) so I think it's somewhat pointless to debate cause I don't see the Bears paying him fair market value.

I think the Bears should aggressively pursue Alan Faneca and Michael Turner. We're somewhat deep at the LB position (Williams and Okwo). Upgrade safety, QB, and OT in the draft. TIME TO DUMP REX GROSSMAN NOW!!!


Let Briggs go his way [remember Wilbur Marshall] target O-Line and WR time to say goodbye to Moose he can't get loose any more or release and bring back cheaper as 3rd down slot man, get Faneca and draft best college OT availible forget college safety until late founds top ones aren't very good. Last but not least move Urlacher outside extend his career and maximize his speed. All these before QB if you don't fix QB won't matter

Lovie is the problem. All these other issues are the result of Lovie being the coach. Fire Jerry too because he hired Lovie. Fire Teddy because he hired Jerry.

Anybody who knows anything about pro football will tell you the same thing, everything starts with the offensive line. Have a good one and it doesn't matter what type of running backs and receivers you have. Keep the defense off the QB and give the ends time to run pass routes and holes for the backs, then the team will be successful. It is obvious, that most of the people who write into these things don't what they are talking about and you can tell that by just reading what they say. Note the success NE has had this year, it is due to the O-LINE. Makes Brady much better than he really is.

Trade Urlacher, Moose, Benson (if you can find a sucker), Rex and get a new offensive coordinator. Improve the O-Line, and draft a QB and trade for a QB (D. Culpepper).

let briggs go. keep berrian, sign michael turner, and draft ot, guard, safety, and young qb like flacco. we can with with the qb's we have if the d and running came are back to bears standards.

How can you just be so willing to give up a guy who has been 1 of the top linebackers in the league. when he is gone we will really see what type of players urlacher and hillenmeyer are. Urlacher is still too small to engage big ol and stop the run. If you think that the D was bad last year wait until next year. The bears are like all chicago teams they are a farm system. Draft players keep them around for awhile and let them go when it's time to pay them adn will you people stop saying Rex is the answer or I will commit suicide right on the 50 yard line.

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