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Rivera could land coordinator job UPDATED

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Word out of Baltimore is that Ron Rivera could be back as a defensive coordinator in 2008.

Rivera has close ties with new Ravens coach John Harbaugh from their days together in Philadelphia, and something could materialize soon.

Baltimore is reportedly hoping to keep Rex Ryan, son of Buddy Ryan, but he was passed over for the head job and may want to take his act elsewhere. The Washington Redskins have reportedly been trying to snare Ryan.

Rivera was the inside linebackers coach for the San Diego Chargers this past season after being the Bears coordinator for three years. Moving back into a play calling situation would aid him in his bid to become a head coach. Rivera interviewed for eight head coaching jobs folliowing the 2005 and 2006 seasons.

The Chargers would not have to allow Rivera to leave because it is not a head coaching position, but Rivera is believed to have a good relationship with San Diego head coach Norv Turner and that probably would not be an obstacle.

UPDATE: Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun tracked down Ryan at the Senior Bowl and from the sounds of things he isn't opposed to staying put.

If so, Rivera will likely remain with the Chargers unless something else opens up.

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The Bears should bring him back, not Baltimore. Lovie was dumb for letting him go.


we need Rivera back!heck he could put the pads back on if we need him ha!

Ron Rivera is not part of the Bears organization....who cares?

This year are defense was not performing to the best of our abilities...Rivera left and San diego was great on defense!thats backed by 3 picks against Brady in the playoffs and even got him nicked up and Moss did nothing...i think we all should care if we want to be successful

And what if any effect do you think the coach of inside linebackers had to do with the Chargers defense??? Yea our defense was not as good this season...does anyone think maybe the amount of injuries had anything to do with it? I for one didn't think all that much of Rivera's coaching, he never seemed to be able to make good adjustments during the game...IMHO.

Kevo, that still doesn't explain why Rivera is any way relevant to the Bears today. I go to Inside the Bears blog to get updates on the Bears...who cares what Chico is doing or where he is going. We don't get constant updates on the whereabouts of Dick Jauron, Dave Wannstedt, Terry Shea, John Shoop or Gary Crowton, so why is Rivera covered in this paper and website like he is still a part of the Bears organization. With that said, Rivera was the LB coach in San Diego for a team that went 14-2 last year...can you really say he had much of anything to do with the Chargers season or 3 picks against Brady? How exactly does a LB coach warrant credit for INTs during a game? I would also love to know what the Great Chico could have done this year to make the season different? Would Vasher, Brown, Dusty D, Briggs, Tommie, Urlacher, Darwin Walker, Tillman, etc...never had gotten hurt? Would Tank not have been cut, Aruchletta signed? Funny how quickly people forget about how great our D was prepared and played against the Colts in the Super Bowl, or how great Chico's in game adjustments, or lack thereof, cost the Bears a playoff game against Carolina...or how about Tim Rattay and Jon Kitna lighting up the Bears D last year. Rivera had a very healthy and very talented D in 2005 and last year, with the exception of T Harris, the D stayed healthy...this year there was significant changes made and significant injuries taking place to where you cannot compare Rivera and Babich. 1985 was 23 years ago, move on Rivera homers...if he was the greatest coach since Halas, he would have a head coaching gig by now, but to Grabowski Nations amazement, no one seems to be interested in Chico running their team...Interesting.

Offense and Defense, last year and this year in-game and half-time adjustments? The Bears are a game time adjusting machine! Lovie never stops "coaching up" on the sidelines and grabing the film and clipboard and showing them whats going on and how they can adjust. The man and the mice he's hired are Robocoaches, if somethings not working they mensa their way to better match-ups and schemes faster than the stock market changes direction.

The Bears should bring hire Singletary and Dent to breath some fire into the sleepy-time coaching staff and the hibernating players.

Bring in the now available Gregg Williams, get rid of the underqualified Babich.

Hey Brandon ,"who cares"?I do and so dose every other bears fan who has a brain.Why do you think our defense was so bad this year?...UM... Maybe cause Ron Rivera wasnt calling the plays?Yeah people were hurt but if ron was play calling i bet there would have been soooo many long runs...

hey brandon arent u the same guy that wants to trade urlacher and keep lance briggs. the same guy that is always talking bout that last game of football? crashes lambos? wants to be ray lewis? but anyway Dick Jauron, Dave Wannstedt, Terry Shea, John Shoop or Gary Crowton, are all losers. I didn't think I had to be that specific about the chargers defense but who creates pressure to stop up the run and hunt the qb..thats the line backers...also how good was san diego against the run? Injuries always come into play but don't use that as excuse we hang our hat on being tuff and playing hard. why is Babich relevant? Cause he is a yes man. I didnt start the Blog but Rivera has been successful and has carried that with him.

Never too late to add right. Only a complete homer would act like Rivera is anything but a guy who got lucky to have a job as the coordinator of the BEARS' D. When Chicago teams pick coordinators they always go the cheap route. That's why EVERY team in Chicago gets a guy with more worts and question marks than anyone out there. Pick any coach or manager and no one was a big name signing. The biggest names in the past 20 years was Dusty and that guy who's the manager right now. At this moment we have quite a few former Chicago players in Coach/Manager/GM positions. I count 3, right. In any other town in any other sport is there a former player from that team who is now a manager/coach or GM? And we have 3. Amazing. Speaking of amazing: when Lovie and Ozzie succeeded that was totally against the norm in this town. Every time there is a coach/manager vacancy people line up to add a former Chicago player's name to the equation. Dent or Singletary. Both didn't want to start at the bottom like most coaches do. They want to be the head guy mainly because of their egos. Just because you were a great player doesn't mean that you will make a great coach. Name one great player who won a World Series, Super Bowl or any championship as a coach? There have been way more guys who were not players or very good players who make great coaches. Maybe it's easier to explain how to utilize talent more than it is to explain your talent. You think Jordan can explain how he jumped so high? He'd probably sound like Jimmy the Greek explaining something he may not understand. If you guys love chico so much tell me how many sacks he had or INTs in his career. You can't without Googling it. He's just a the conduit to your past and those 85 BEARs that refuse to die around here. Maybe we can fire Paxton and hire Steve Kerr because obviously he isn't very good at his job because he traded for the over-the-hill Shaq. How long before we are asking Steve to come on back home?

Also I must add that Lovie didn't win a Super bowl with Chico and that is far worse than Ditka never winning one without Buddy Ryan. No one can say that Ditka had any hand in the 85 Defense. It was all Buddy. Ruminate on the importance of a coordinator now and then. If a guy is a success as a coordinator please understand his importance. If he is a failure where does that leave the head guy?

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