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Ranking the Bears' draft needs

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A recent project for the Sporting News forced me to take a look at the Bears’ draft needs. The direction the team will—or should—take heading to April has sparked great debate on here already and no doubt will continue to do so.

There are a number of ways you can arrange the team’s needs and make plenty of sense. I framed my responses with the knowledge that general manager Jerry Angelo has already stepped out and declared offense to be the organization’s No. 1 priority for the offseason. Angelo’s known for being honest in making these types of assessments, and it’s something to keep in mind when you are thinking about moving safety or defensive tackle up on the club’s list of priorities.

Free agency will shape a lot of what happens in the draft ... but here is one man’s list:

1. Offensive tackle. It’s a good year to be looking for one in the first round even if Ole Miss’ Michael Oher has decided to return to school.

2. Quarterback. The turnstile spun three times this past season.

3. Wide receiver. Bernard Berrian is a free agent and a playmaker is needed even if they manage to bring him back.

4. Safety. Angelo said it best ... he cannot count on Mike Brown.

5. Running back. This need could jump up if the right player is available in the draft but when you look at how Green Bay solved its problems with Ryan Grant, you wonder if the Bears will choose a different path.

6. Defensive tackle. The rotating nose tackle might have hurt Tommie Harris as much as his hamstring and knee.

7. Guard. They don’t have a lot of youth here either.

8. Linebacker. This is one position the team uses to build its core on special teams. Oh yeah, Lance Briggs will probably depart in free agency too.

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The "window" for this team to compete for a Super Bowl Ring is closing, fast! If Angelo thinks he can fix what's wrong just through the draft the window will be shut by the time this draft help is up and running and a total rebuild will be needed. But, by being active in free agency, that window can be wide open again. The Bears can upgrade their O-line in free agency and get the Feature back they need (Micheal Turner) to be that run-first, pound-them-into-submission, offense that goes with a good defense.
If they do that in free agency the draft should go with an offensive tackle, a SAFTEY who can tackle, or a wide receiver.

Finally we see a solid assessment of the team and their offseason needs. I would only amend the list to say that our QB and WR situations may be solved by what is on the roster already. We may need new blood at QB, but I would focus on protecting the QB before I add a new one. Kyle Orton showed he can be solid when he has time to throw. Let Grossman look for a new home. It is best for him to get a change of scenery (and not so bad for us either). Draft a young QB like Joe Flacco in the second or third round, and let him develop and learn from Griese for a year or two. As far as WR, we need to see what the younger WRs can do (Rashied Davis, Mark Bradley, Mike Hass, Brandon Rideau, Devin Hester) when not being blocked by Muhammed and Berrian. Both starters have too many drops and do not consistently beat coverage, and we would be better served to rebuild the O-line. Tom Brady had a lot of yards to marginal receivers prior to this year, because he was protected. If we cannot reduce the number of sacks we give up, it won't matter what we do at the skill positions. I still believe our best formation would be single back, double TE, 2 WR sets, and utilize Olson and Clark all over the field (similar to what Indianapolis does with Dallas Clark) to exploit matchups with slower LBs and safeties on the TEs. We can move the defense away from the box, and that will open the running game for Benson and whoever else we bring in at that position.

1) QB -- there's nothing we can do. We're stuck and have to roll
the dice again. Right now, the Bears have three
second string quarterbacks.

2) OL -- draft one. Then draft another. Stop grabbing older free
agents like Alan Faneca.

3) S -- Mike Brown is great, but injury prone. Get a hard hitting
guy with some speed.

RB - go after Burner Turner.

They have the cap money to keep Briggs. If they let him go to
a contending NFC team, it will be Wilbur Marshall all over again.
These things always come back to bite the Bears in the a**.

I know he's gone, but can we still trade Norm Chow for Ron Turner?

This year the O-line looks to be a lot stronger in the draft than the quarterback for that reason alone I'd digress w/sporting news and say go QB at #1. Andre Woodson from Kentucky should be available at 14 unless he has an earth shattering combine. He's a talented qb and we could easily go O-line in the 2nd round. There are 12 OT's in this year's draft that (a good source for draft junkies)has ranked as 4 star prospects or higher.
A pretty good indicater there is depth at that position.

I think the Bears will get Faneca in FA; he has a few years left and they have a penchant for veterans at the position.

I would like to them give up on Benson and, like Joe and Kane, would like to see Turner in our backfield.

That leaves WR, QB, Tackle for the draft. The Bears have failed repeatedly drafting QBs and WRs- why throw good money after bad? They have proven they can not evaluate these positions well. SO I say draft a tackle, even a pair of tackles. Use the middle rounds on defense so that the strength of the team doesnt erode while trying to fix the O.

Well, I think it's safe to say that JA and TP aren't gonna be able to sign both Turner and Faneca. In our history I cannot remember when we signed 2 big name FA's in the same offseason. If I had to choose, it would obviously be Faneca, with a QB (Woodson) in the 1st round while trying to get a RB in the 2nd round. If we get Turner, then we should still go Woodson in the 1st and OL in the 2nd. Might be a reach though for an OL with the drop off from the 1st to 2nd round. With a healthy Harris and Dvoracek, coupled with the promise of Toeianna, I don't see the Bears drafting D-line very high. Deep WR in the draft this year. Hester is moving over there and I could care less for Berrian. He got no separation this year and Hester, in hundreds less plays than Berrian, produced more big plays with the same QB's. Moose is overpaid, but a steady influence on young WR's. Re-structure and keep him. We need a RT! Miller's horrible. Can't argue with success, let Orton grow with the offense and not lose games. If our D can stay healthy, gain some depth in the secondary, and our running game can re-emerge, we're right back in the mix. Draft young, skill position players (QB, WR, RB, S) and let them grow into their roles in the coming years. It aint a sprint, it's a marathon.

Why not try and trade out of the 14th pick and pick up a later 1st round and a second round pick. We can get 2 tackles and a Joe Flacco to groom. Jerry has shown that he can get safety help in the 5th, 5th & 7th rounds. Alan Faneca would look really nice at guard while moving Tait to right tackle and a competiotion between Garza, Metcalf & Beekman for the other guard spot. Pick up Michael Turner and a decent veteran WR like Gaffney and we're ready to take the North again.

#1 Please cut ties with: Fred Miller (6 mil), Mushin Mouhammed(4 mil), Brian Griese (3mil). Now 30 mil under cap!
Get Alan Faneca (only 30) and find a way to trade for Jake Long of Michigan in the First round. Offensive line solved. Sign Turner to be your featured back, if not grab Slaton in the second round. The money is there for a Larry Fitzgerald, otherwise sign Berrian for(5/20-25). Hope he doesn't keep dropping passes. In the third round draft us another reciever or safety. The defensive line is going to be a strength for a long time if we lock up Harris.
Sitting in the stands as a psl holder, it was obvious that our offensive line was the biggest weakness. Look at what Tom Brady and others have done when they have all day to sit back there! Quarterback will have to wait till Donovan is available next year. Let Orton back up or have a chance behind Rex.

Trade up not down!

Contrary to Angelo's way of thinking, we need impact players out of the 2008 draft. We need to find 2 solid players that can start in 2008. Loading the roster with 5th, 6th and 7th round draft choices will do absolutely nothing for this team. Trade away all picks if necessary to get 2 impact players.

In the Draft:
O-lne is the #1 need - trade up for Jake Long and move Tait to RT.

Safety is # 2 need - draft a big physical Sean Taylor type (rest his soul).

Draft a RB in a later round because that's what good GMs do.

That's it, only 3 picks because we skillfully traded for 2 impact prospects and kept a late rounder for an RB.

Free Agency:

Let Briggs go for the dough; besides we have enough LBs.

Free up $'s but cutting Miller, R. Manning, Muhammad, Archuleta and Walker.

Don't waste a draft pick on a QB, they take way too long to develop for a "win now" team. Re-sign Rex and make him earn it.

Resign Berrian. Like QBs, WRs take too long to develop.

Sign a starting guard, re-sign Brown only for depth at back-up.

Are there any good free safeties available? If so, sign him.

Other moves:
Start Hester, Olsen, A. Brown, bench Andersen and Davis.
Move Urlacher to the outside and Hunter to the inside.
Bench D Manning if a solid FS is found.
Get Bradley into the line up more.
Work on the screen! Enable Hester and Wolfe to be weapons.
Put Babich and Turner on notice.

We need a starter from the draft first off, should look to Safety or O-line in the 14th spot to address that need. I repeat a starter with the first pick, A QB will probably not do that drafting at 14, with the depth of running back and o-line in this draft we should get something good for those positions in rounds 2 & 3... Do not over pay for Turner, but do try to bring him in, Bears were helped with Crayton's performance (key drops) in the Dallas loss with being able to re-sign Berrian also, his hands will keep him from getting a top dollar(TO or Moss) kind of deal, and if he's smart he'll come back to Bears as number 1 receiver, time to use Moose on third down, he's a pro, but he's old and should recognize this is good for him especially if he does not have to take pay cut...lastly Mike Brown is a BEAR, he comes back period, no salary cut, he can be a coach on the field, play him only on 3rd down early in season until his body gets a chance to fully recover....


Evaluating draft needs is a pretty tough job this early. I like your list. One thing, just because the Packers found Grant should not give Angela ideas. Who has he found lately anywhere on offense who has been even remotely close to Grant in terms of productivity? I'd probably move guard up a notch, depending on how they feel about Reed and Beekman. I know, 'We feel good about all our guys.'

I have no use for Berrian. Give him a contract and he'll go right back to being the soft, gator-armed slug that we saw in the first half of the year. I can't stand guys who don't even try.

On the running back position, could PJ Pope be our Ryan Grant? Many scouts say he had a great skill set thant Grant. So I would not be surprised if the Bears look inside to address this inhouse. As far as wide receivers, why not consider Mike Hass and David Ball, I loved their performances at the last pre-season.

Get fanaca target long in draft ol fixed no need for turner.
WR or S next need I like the move of urlacker to strong jamall williams to middle. we also need to have olsen on the field with clark one back set suits benson more let him find holes and go .
get long move tait to right please fanaca wow were running now.
if we dont get ol help give up on run and go 4 or 5 recievers and cross your fingers....

I saw moving Urlacher to Strong side Lb we not remember how that worked out the first time? Why would you want to move a perennial all pro to another position? If anything, move him to weak side...not strong side. The Bears need to shore up the o-line for sure, and I like targeting Turner in free agency. Get a QB for once!!! After that get the best talent avaiable no matter the position.

Don't resign Lance. Take the money saved, and your cap space and resign Rex and Berrian, then sign Flozell Adams and Alan Faneca for the left side, and move Tait to RT. With the first 5 picks, including the supplemental 3d rd. pick the Bears get when Briggs signs elsewhere, draft, in order or close to it, a strong safety, a big receiver, a center,(Olin is clearly on the downside), a mlb, and a fb. We have our 2d and 3rd round picks from '07, Bauzin and Okwo, back this year, and Dvorcek from '06 as well. If the Bears can get Kennedy in shape, and with Harris, Dvorcek, Adams, Garay and Idonije, I think we're okay at DT. Clearly Walker will be cut.I also think we're fine at cb and free safety, although we could use depth behind Daniel Manning. Payne( 5th rd. '07) is also back from injury in '08. Archuletta will be gone. Mike Brown should be signed to an incentive laden contract. Specific names: at safety I like Phillips from Miami, who should be there at #14, at wr, Bowman from OK.St. who might be there early in the second round, and J Leman from Illinois, who should be there with the supplemental pick in the 3d rd., or with the 4th rd. pick. I also like the FB from West Virginia, Schmitt, who may be there in the 3d round.

Pick up a tackle in the 1st (Sam Baker from USC would look mighty nice or Jeff Otah), go with Joe Flacco in the 2nd (who doesn't like a 6'6" 240 lbs quarterback with a lazer arm? Groom him for a year... ), 3rd round pick up another OT there are like 15 in this years draft that have potential to be stars, then with our second 3rd round pick Jordy Nelson, wr Kansas State (he is a big bodied receiver with great hands)... Let Briggs go, you have Jamar Williams ready to step up as well as talk of moving Mark Anderson over to OLB with the return of Dan Bauzin... DT is not a pressing need as the main problem was injuries and the young FAs we signed at the end of the year did a great job... sign Turner... no really SIGN TURNER... and Alan Fanaca would look great next to Kreutz... look at the difference Hutchinson made in Minnesota... resign Grossman (I know, I know but with a younger and better line, and an actual running game he'll have more time to make better descisions... afterall he does look good when not hurried)

Starting offense would look like this for next year
WRs Muhammed and Hester (with fill in time from Bradley and Nelson)
TE Olsen (Clark did play well and will be a great back up here)
The OL Left to Right (Sam Baker, Alan Fanaca, Olin Kreutz, Roberto Garza, John Tait)
Fb Jason McKie
RB Turner, Benson, and our 3rd down back would be Wolfe
QBs Grossman, Orton, and Flacco

DEs rotation A. Brown, Ogunleye, Bauzin, and Anderson (if he is not moved to OLB or bring him down on passing downs)
DTs Harris, Dvorcek, Adams, Idonije, Jimmy Kennedy
OLBs Hillenmeyer, Williams, Okwo, and Anderson
ILB Urlacher
CB Vasher, Tillman, Graham, McBride
S Brown, D. Manning, Gattis, Payne, and 4th or 5th draft pick

Well, its that time again. I like the Faneca sign and Turner if you can. Drop Briggs, Berrian, Walker, Muhammed, Archuleta, Griese and Benson. Always go down in the draft because of the signing bonuses. Keep Grossman(better than Griese), add Woodson with the first pick if there or a off tackle if he isn't. Take a qb with the second pick if we do get the tackle. Look for a safety late again, that should be it for defense. (McBride turned out to be a find.) Probably a receiver, guard, running back in that order depending on talent available.

1. Sign Faneca
2. Move Tait to right tackle
3. Draft a left tackle - plenty of talent will be available
4. Let Briggs leave - promote Jamar Williams
5. Try to re-sign Berrian - but only at a home town discount
6. Try to re-sign Rex - same discount
7. Draft a right guard,wide reciever,strong safety and a great athlete to fill Ayanbedejos spot
8. Cut Miller, Muhammed,Archuleta,Gilmore,Metcalf,and Walker
9. Keep the faith in Lovie - he will win again in Chicago

Bears number one priority is to replace Brown&Miller on the O-Line. Draft a tackle and free agent guard. Hopefully Angelo does his homework at running back. Do not give up on Benson yet. Payton would have had a tough time being productive with how the line showed this season. Receiver should also be adressed. Berrian and another new receiver-free agent who can start and catch. Kyle Orton can and will lead the Bears to a Super Bowl victory if these priorties are solved on the offense. A healthier defense will come back a be dominant with out much change. Athough, I miss having the big tackles: Washington, Traylor who can stuff the run and force backs to run to the outside.

You guys are really reaching, we can not assume that making some bandage moves will have this team fixed. Hoping and wishing moves like plugging in unproven players will work or signing this guy will fit, etc. We need to sign Lance Briggs, he gives Brian Urlacher protection that he is working with another insane LB. If Briggs leaves then perhaps Hunter should move into the middle, and Brian should move out to OLB, but to be honest Urlacher in the cover 2 has revolutionized the position and is a stud. On the cover 2 we need to follow Indy and be more flexible because you can't win with a pure cover 2 at all times, adjustments need to be made by the Bears coaches who need to step up. I would love to see Mark Anderson being progressed into a DE/OLB and used in blitz and 3rd and long situations, but would project opening day lb's without Briggs as; Jamar Williams, Urlacher (MLB), and Hunter. The D-Line rotation should be concrete with Bauzin, and Idonije as backup ends, and occasional Mark Anderson sightings because he should be focused on the LB position too. Defensive tackle should stick to 4 with Hariss, Matt T., Dusty, and Anthony Adams. Corners we are solid with because we have 3 good ones, perhaps we should develop a 4th good corner for injury reasons, but that should be via draft, and Ricky Manning Jr should be cut. At safety Mike Brown should comeback for 1 more year, and Kevin Payne should be brought along a bit faster to make up for missed time, but the big decision should be around Manning and McGowan, who should start/remain because in my opinion the 14th overall pick should be Safety Kenny Phillips from Miami and he should be grommed to be the Bears stud back there.

On Offense, I seriously want to ask everyone why not Kyle Orton? What has he done to lose the job, he has done a lot to win the job, such as WIN GAMES. Kyle Orton can make all the throws and is cautious with the ball, but is willing to rip it whenever needed. He has confidence, and is well spoken, but not arrogant. He fits the mold as what we want as a qb especially for a team who wants to run the ball, when called upon this guy can make the throws and could average a solid qb rating, a 3 to 1 ratio on touchdowns to interceptions and manage the game extremely well. I see him throwing for 230 a game, and end the year with 18 touchdowns to about 6 ints. Wave goodbye Rex, because as long as he is here the front office and coaches will continuosly have him lurk over Orton. Keep Griese (restructured) and Draft Chad Henne in the late round because he will be a better pro prospect then the big three clowns at the top of the qb board.

The run game needs to be addresed I would love to keep Adrian for his special teams and leadership, and Garret who could be our Kevin Faulk. The Bears should adress the position by cutting Cedric and going after Turner Burner, or Draft Mendenhall. I think Rashard fits what the bears are looking for in 2 areas they are big on. They want stud playmakers see the draftpicks of Greg Olsen, Devin, and Wolfe. Mendenhall is a great catching runningback, and has been a solid blocker. The Bears want a guy who can carry the load, Rashard is built for 20-25 carries and even 30, plus he can run between the tackles. He is perfect for the bears, but if they don't adress him in the first round, they should make a run for Mike Hart in the late rounds. At WR get rid of Muhammad he is a joke and has scammed us well by coming to Chicago as a mere shell of himself. Berrian is not what this team needs and he should not be given top 10 money like his agent Rosenhaus suggest he deserves. Allow me to list the wide recievers Who I think are better than Bernard Berrian; Roy Williams, Javon Walker, Steve Smith, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne, TO, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Anquan Boldin, Marquis Colston, Donald Driver, Santana Moss, Antwan Radle El, Hines Ward, Calvin Johnson, Chris Chambers, and I'm not even done listing others, but you get my point. Devin Hester and Mark Bradley are keepers, but need to be developed at a faster pace. Mike Haas has amazing hands and could develop into a Welker type player, just give him a chance. Free agency should prompt the Bears to get a vetran who is worth it and is the epitome of hard work, but is not a star, matter of fact bring in two guys like that to mentor the kids. Troy Brown from the Patriots, heck bring back Marty Booker. In the late rounds continuing my Michigan trend select an Arrigton (would love Manningham, but he'll go early) or Early Doucet, a young kid who you can develop. I'd like to see Troy Brown, Mike Haas, Mark Bradley get the call as the top 3, but Devin Hester and a young rookie should get a lot of looks. To hide the obvious weaknesses at wideout the Bears need Greg Olson and Desmond Clark on the field a lot in two tight end sets, we need to see that plenty of the time and make teams fear passing plays with both tight ends on the field, but at the same time know we could run the ball with the extra portection offered by those two ends. We might even look into finding another hybrid tight end later in the draft, like the Missouri stud Martin Rucker. Offensive line needs to be addressed and the Bears have to let young guys play. I like what I saw out of St. Clair at guard, and Metcalf needs to be cut, so St. Clair should fill his depth void and slide over to guard. I would love to see the development of Beekman, and him getting solid preason reps. The Bears should draft 3 lineman at least in the draft. I would love to see 2 tackles and 1 guard at the least, and some free agency moves on second tier young o linemen, don't make the jump for Faneca, evaluate some talent and fine some gems. The Bears O-line next year should consist of Tait, Brown, Kreutz, Garza, and a rookie like Sam Baker. Beekman, St. Clair at guards in depth, and a free agent tackle, and another rookie drafted as depth on the tackle side. Special teams needs to stay the same with Peterson and a re-signed Ayanbedjo keeping it going, but if Devin Hester becomes a bigger offensive weapon, perhaps we need to look for another big name returner. I would love to see Desean Jackson in a bears Uni if Devin was to leave the kicking game, but thats a dream.

QB: Kyle Orton, Brian Griese, Chad Henne
RB: Mike Turner Adrian Petersen Garret Wolfe
FB: Jason Mckie
Te: Desmond Clark, Greg Olsen, Martin Rucker
Wr: Troy Brown, Mark Bradley, Devin Hester, Mike Haas, and Adrian Arrington
O-Line: Tait, Garza,Kreutz, Brown, and Chris Williams (Vandy)
Bench: Beekman, St. Clair, Duane Brown (Va tech), and Andrew Radovich (USC Guard)

DE: Alex Brown, Mark Anderson, Dan Bauzin
DT: Tommie Harris, Dusty Dvoracke, Matt T, Anthony Adams
DE: Adewale Ogunlye, Israel Idonije, Dan Bauzin
LB: Jamar Williams, Mark Anderson
MLB: Brian Urlacher
LB: Hunter Hillenmeyer, Mike Okwo
CB: Tillman, Vasher, Trumaine Mcbride, Jack Ikegwuonu (Wisconsin)
S: Kenny Phillips, Brandon Mcgowan, Kevin Payne
S: Mike Brown, Daneil Manning, Kevin Payne

Bears Draft:
Kenny Phillips
Chris Williams
Jack Ikegwuonu
Adrian Arrington
Duane Brown
Andrew Radovich

Gotta keep Berrian. With him starting, Moose at No. 2 and Hester, with another year of experience pushing him, that's a formidable passing attack. Who in the league is faster than that trio (and yes, Moose is Tom Waddle-fast, I know)? Plus, by re-signing Grossman and his huge arm (on the cheap), he can continue to get them the ball.
Briggs and Rosenhaus are going for top dollar, better than Adalius Thomas and Joey Porter money, so let him get it. It's a big hit, but he's replaceable. We need to use that $$ to re-sign Tommie Harris, the best DT in the league.
Biggs is right, O-line is the no. 1 priority. If we can get Faneca that'd be huge, but we should also spend the #14 pick on Baker from USC to keep the line young, deep and talented.
Strong safety has to be addressed either in FA or high in the draft. That should be our No. 2 priority. RB is right behind that.

Realistically everyone, the draft is a gamble. No one knows for sure how these college players will play in the NFL. Some top picks have failed while some later picks (i.e. Tom Brady) or undrafted players have become superstars. Anyway, I like how the list has an O-linemen in the first round. I've been saying this since the beginning. QB? A franchise QB is extremely rare. To believe that picking one in the draft will solve future or present issues is wishful thinking. With that said, I am strongly in favor of the QB competition. We have three, very adequate QBS who have been proven winners. Rex leading last year took us to the SB, Griese pulled some games out of his magic hat this year and outperformed the other two, and Orton showed some very good mobility in the pocket as well as flawless decision making in the last two games. On to RB. People are clamoring for Michael Turner. I've seen him a few times, he's good but he also has pro-bowler Lorenzo Neal plowing a path for him as well as a strong line. How he'll do here is uncertain. I'd much rather see a competition at RB (as well as everywhere else) given how Benson looked in the last two games before his injury and how extremely talented and underrated Adrian Peterson is. Lastly, upgrading the safety position is a no brainer. Trading Chris Harris was a poor decision. Getting some quick, hard-hitter in the second or third round would be smokin' hot.

Get rid of these players, they all had a terrible year. Grossman, Metcalf, Miller, Archuletta.

"5. Running back. This need could jump up if the right player is available in the draft but when you look at how Green Bay solved its problems with Ryan Grant, you wonder if the Bears will choose a different path."

Therein lies the problem. Angelo has proven he cannot draft a difference-maker QB or RB.

Good Morning Diehards!
Keep Mike Brown! He inspires greatness and hard work, he deserves to stay another year. Jamar Williams- C'mon on down! Mike Hass your just dying to show everyone you catch everything. Trade Devin Hester to Atlanta for first and second round draft choice in both years of 08 and 09! You know fans we would have to pull ths trigger on that one. Seriously Build the offensive line and a lot of these so-called bums will look clean shaven. Cheers to the Bears and Hey Mike McKaskey your a turd.

can't believe all the GMs that are posting to this site. Reading most, they are all good ideas. Angelo, you're in trouble.

The draft is a gamble. Noone does know how the picks will pan out until they get some snaps in on Sundays. O-line would be a huge help and I'll not be angry if we do draft one. With that said, I think it would be a mistake to let Woodson from Kentucky slip by us. We need a quarterback. It's our weakest link and it's been that way since McMahon left town.

Bears Draft (pre-combine)
1)Andre Woodson, QB Kentucky
2)Carl Nicks, OT Nebraska
3)Marcus Griffin, S Texas (from NY Jets)
3)Drew Radovich, OG USC
4)Mike Hart, RB Michigan
5)Anthony Alridge, WR Houston
6)Letroy Guion, DT Florida State

I think a playmaker receiver would push the defense back a bit. Did the offensive line really age ten years in one offseason? They by no means played well, but there's not much anyone could do when the defense sends more blitzers than blockers (run blitz or pass blitz) as much as last year.

Opposing defenses had NO FEAR of Cedric Benson and ran downhill on him all year. At least with Thomas Jones, they needed to slow down and protect against the cutback. Likewise, teams had NO FEAR of any quarterback, and blitzed like crazy, because they knew Grossman couldn't make them pay the way Peyton Manning or Tom Brady always do. So the story of 2007 was a downhill attack against our offensive line. They should draft to develop the line, but they don't necessarily need to eat up their first two rounds on the line.

Also, let me say this now: stay the heck away from Andre Woodson!!! His delivery is so awfully slow, he'll get killed behind any line. He got away with it in college, but the speed of the pros will make him a bust. Of the three likely first round QBs, he's going to be the first one out of the league.

If we can get a FA running back with speed like Turner, I would look at WR early and let Berrian go. There are some nice options in the first round, or Indiana's James Hardy could be available in the second.

Brian Griese is the prototype of a seatwarmer QB while a young draftee develops. We can get at least two marginally productive years from Griese while someone like Flacco, Henne, or Booty grows up.

So, my hope, is strike in free agency for a costly RB and the best safety available to replace Mike Brown. Then, in the first three rounds of the draft, target WR and LB depth in the first two rounds, and QB and OL in the third and fourth.

Oher and Long were the only OT's I'd bite on in the first.

I think the #1 priority is RB....I want Jonathan Stewart or Mendenhall at 14..and I want AP to bring whoever it is along from day one....I want Benson gone June 1st...I want two 3 down backs, thank you very much..Garrett Wolfe can stay if Jarrett Payton doesn't get a chance to beat him out, lol..I'm not kidding..

The more Hester is a WR..I see Wolfe returning kicks/punts for some reason...I don't know if I hope I'm wrong on this one yet...

We don't need a QB...Kyle is our QB...maybe draft Kevin O'Connell in the 5th if he's still there....other than that...Keep Brian/pray Rex goes to division rival....I want to hammer home my point on that subject..and that would do it..


Chad Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald/and Roy Williams are being shopped....and they can catch "Bullets"..."Commit" to Kyle and give him a #1 to go with Hester, Bradley, and Olson....(Briggs and Berrian gone, right?)...$$$??...What about a Benson and a draft pick for Ocho Cinco trade? (can you trade a bust on crutches?)

So my top two Priorities...RB and WR...#3 is OLine

I want Carl Nicks and Mike McGlynn in the draft at OT...they play guard too...I like that....Nicks was a defensive lineman...I really like guys are generally meaner and better athletes ....Also..FA's at G and T are also something to look into..

and that's why Oline is #3 for me...draft and FA will easily fix and add depth..the skys not falling on these guys like the RexandCed mini offense would have you guys believe.. last two games..anyways.

Safety...I want Tom Z, Josh Barret, or Jamar Adams...maybe kinda sorta...and in that order, I seniorbowl/east west...etc..Is Payne gonna get a look...McGowan was playing really well when he got healthy...anyways...Archuletta? when can we cut him? $$$$??

Our depth at LB might be a concern...Jamar Williams was my call in that draft, tho...I'm pretty proud of that...and noobdy ever beats out Hunter...and he doesn't have one of those 'contracts' that starts him irregardless...'and' he can back up Urlacher...I think our starters are solid...I wanna see Rod Wilson hit someone, too

Our DT situation isn't that was.....I don't consider any of those guys fragile and they'll be healthy when camp comes around....also made me realize just how good THarris really is

Commit to Kyle....and give Kyle... Ocho Cinco, Jonathan Stewart/AP, Devin Hester, and Greg Olsen...John Tait already has Kyle's blindside...St Clair is a solid I said...the sky wasn't falling like ya think it was...

The last two games exposed with it, fanboys

I guess we're all about to see how close to right we all are, huh?

Would you like to be Mocked?...ok'll see I rarely change my story...but now that I have Chad Johnson
1. JStewart/RMendenhall
2. Carl Nicks
3. Mike McGlynn
3. Traded to Cincy with Benson/and whoever else we have to throw in to get it done
4. SS/LB/or DT...
5. Kevin O'Connell (doubt he's there)
6. Adrian Arrington (doubt he's there)
7. Nick Cleaver FB/TE...NMSt

A great offensive line makes the offense as a whole look good, including running backs, wide receivers , and quarterbacks. A poor line has the reverse effect, and they all look bad. Start rebuilding the O line.

Why draft offensive players? The bears need to learn how to use the ones they have. They can't be this bad.

The worst thing the Bears could do in the draft this year is take a quarterback or a running back with their first pick. The offensive line is the greatest area of need, by far. If they were to take a QB or RB, they are setting that player up to fail.

The only offensive skill position I could see drafting with the first pick would be a quality wide receiver, but I think that the team would be better served by drafting an offensive tackle, a safety or a linebacker.

I would also not sign a big money free-agent QB or RB (and the only WR worth pursuing is Bernard Berrian). If the offensive line improves, I believe that the Bears would be fine with Griese, Orton, Benson & Peterson. That would save money to spend elsewhere to sign whatever draft picks and/or free-agents they want to go after at other positions.

The Bears should draft at least one QB and running back, but I would hope that they wait until later in the draft and take a chance on some lessor known talents with a lot of upside. That way the pressure won't be on these players to contribute immediately. (I like the idea of drafting Joe Flacco from Delaware)

The defense should be fine if they can stay healthy next season, and if the Bears get deeper at linebacker and safety.

I really don't think that the Bears are as far from returning to the playoffs next season as many people think.

Da Bears pick 14th (as we all know by now). Here are the players ranked 1-14 as espn sees them.
1. McFadden (surprise)
2. Chris Long (DE)
3. Glenn Dorsey (DT)
4. Matt Ryan
5. Jake Long OT
6. Seddrick Ellis DT
7. James Laurenitis ILB
8. Ryan Clady OT
9.Vernon Gholston DE
10. Brian Brohm
11. DeShawn Jackson WR
12. Kenny Phillips S
13. Mike Jenkins CB
14. Malcolm Kelly WR

The Bears will get a choice b/t about 4 of these players since the draft never goes in this order. There are a lot of players in the trenches in this draft. I still say go free agency for need, and then draft best available player.

I will say Phillips did good this year for Miami, but his speed is actually slower than Manning (4.3 -4.5). I am more the person who says trade down in the draft. Example: 14th to 22nd in 1st round, plus an additional 3rd rounder. The talent really is almost the same from 10 - 40. Still get Jeff Otah (OT 340lbs) there. I like Otah b/c he is BIG, and I say if you mess up on a pick, miss big. He can always lose weight to get more athletic. But the guy can move SUVs if he wated to.

Andre Woodson just has a deer-in-headlights look to me. I watched him 3 times this year. Saw one really good game with poise at the end, but the other two were unremarkable. I like waiting till second to go after QB (FLacco sounds good).

I still say sign Faneca and Haynesworth. Faneca is only OL worth the money. And Haynesworth next to Harris would be ridiculous as far as how dominant the d-line would be.

Lots of speculation, noone knows for sure. I just say always make sure you have strength in the trenches.


Bears need to trade for McNabb, keep Grossman and Orton and get rid of Griese. Draft ECU's Chris Johnson to go with Benson and the rest of the backs. Work on getting some youth on the offensive line. Maybe pick of a reciever cause Moose is old and sucks and resign Berrian. Then pick up or draft a defensive tackle, safety, or linebacker. Oh and sign Briggs if at all possible.

Simple plan for the Bears to get back in contention for the NFC North Next year.

1. Sign Michael Turner (won't command huge money and would play his heart out for his hometown team) money and sign either Faneca or Ryan Lilja from the Colts in free agency. The Bears are the SECOND LARGEST MARKET in pro football next to New York.

2. Draft Clady from Boise State in 1st round. Start at LT move Tait to RT.

3. Get a receiver to take Berrians place either in draft or FA. Have Hester and new Receiver 1 and 2 with Moose in the slot. Crafty veteran will know how to find open space and get open.

4. resign Rex.what can i say? I like the guy when he's got time to throw and receivers that catch the ball.

5. Mike Brown will be back. He has 1 year left anyway and if healthy is a top safety in this league. If you can resign him to incentive laden deal.

If none of these happen I'm going to have a hard time rooting for the Bears anymore. They continue to walk all over their fan base by not making any significant moves.

Hey Bear dreamers O-line needs quality money on F/A's is crazy. Otah or baker sounds good there will be a very good back in 3rd round time for salary dump Muhammed can't get separation anymore unless line improves Wr's are a waste. Flacco also sounds good but do you think you are the only one who watched the 2A playoffs. last but not least good idea about moving Anderson around strong side and 3rd down rush Urlacher weakside will prolong his career. The idiot who asked why move him to use his speed and smarts and take away backs and TE's dimwit.

I think the number one offseason priority should be offensive tackle because John Tait is having problems with both ankles and seems to have problems with speed rushers so it would make sense to bring in a left tackle by free agency of the draft and move Tait to his more natural right tackle position where he would not have to face as many speed rushers. As far as depth the Bears are pretty light at the position do you realize how big of a blow it would be if Tait went down with an injury the Bears would be left empty handed. The Bears have Josh Beekman to move to left guard Beekman was a projected 1st rd pick who slipped because a lot of teams felt he was more of a center prospect than guard and Beekman is only 6-2 that might of hurt his draft status also. But from what I have read the Bears are big on him because of his strength and like his intelligence and like to sit there young linemen for a year so he should be able to man the left guard spot. Thats why I don't think the Bears should sign Alan Faneca he would just be anothe Quick fix like Ruebuen Brown was and the Bears should have more of a future with Beekman. Also go after Turner the Burner and give us that between the tackles bruiser with game breaking ability that we all thought Benson had. GO BEARS.

Hey guy's I like this:
1st-Jonathan Stewart(rb)bolsters Run Game
2nd-Adarius Bowman(wr)Berrians replacement
3rd-Martin Rucker(te) Clarks replacement
3rd-Erik Ainge(grossmans or Greise replacement
4th-Anthony Collins(T)Millers replacement
5th-Chris Horton(S)Archeleta replacement
6th-Marcus Henry(wr)Muhammeds replacement
7th-J. Leman(lb)Future replacement for Urlacher
Cut Miller,Walker,Archeleta,Moose. Let Briggs,berrian,Brown and R Davis go. I think that would put the Bears at about 30 million under the cap. Guys that were drafted last year step in and up, with defensive signings from last year on the line we should be good.

All the bears need is some simple tweeking. In the words of Tina Turner "we don't need another hero"... First and foremost we must fix the offensive line period. Go get some quality big, husky, hogs to pass block and open some holes. Next get Cedric Benson some help.. The bears don't need to go out and pay some high priced free agent to come in and take the load. Look at Joseph Addai this guy was a rookie last yr split time with Dominiqe Rhodes and he did well as a starter. I'm going to try and remain calm about this but it really eats me up you so call Bear fans are idiots. So stop asking for Michael Turner, this guy is not the next coming of Walter Payton. Cedric Benson will be fine go and get yourself another young elusive RB in the draft. Let him compete with Garrett Wolfe, and Adrian Peterson for the #2 slot. you still have Adrian peterson that is very good on ST and also very good at picking up the blitz. WR, Berrian is not a playmaker but we also have not featured him like one. IMP see what he wants in terms of contract, guaranteed money. I would not spend top dollar on a Wr that drops passes and barely has any yac(yards after the catch) yards. Mushin Muhammad is slow but still effective. Restructure his contract and create packages for him offensively to be more productive. At all cost sign Lance Briggs the defense is the jell that wholes this team together. I'm sorry but Urlachers play this yr was nothing short of getting old. The Bears cannot afford to keep developing young talented players and letting them hit free agency. The Bears knew there were no guarantees to win a SB. So why not trade Lance when the opportunity was there last yr. At least you could have walked away with either a draft pick and some money. However, we are talking about the Bears (foolish)). I will go out on a limb and say they will sign Briggs and he will be a bear next yr. Now saftey is an issue I really like Daniel Manning and lets not forget this was his second yr. I know you moron Bear fans think no one is allowed to make mistakes but sometimes the great ones do early in there career. This guys is fast and he can hit he showed some good promise in later part of the season. Just needs to adjust the scheme, this yr he should be fine. I still would like them to draft a young player or bring in a veteran if your not going to keep Mike Brown. The Bears need to be smart about there money situation. Now as for QB is simple block and Rex Grossman will do his thing. He should huge promise last yr first 7 gms this guy was untouchable. However, then came the Monday night game when the running game went south and Rex throw int after int. That should me even up to this season we had a lot of problems on this offensive line. It took one team to exploit it and here we are thinking Rex was the problem. You watch Tom Brady and this guy barely gets touched. I'm not saying the bears oline has to keep everyone off Rex but block damn!!!! Anyone who has played the quarterback position knows exactly what I'm talking about. Draft!!! Saftey, Lineman, WR, RB or RB, WR,

DO NOT graft woodson from kentucky. i've lived in louisville 8 yrs and have watched him closely. he's got good size, zero mobility, strong but innaccurate arm, didn't throw many ints but missed wide open rcvrs all year. he'd be worth a 3rd round pick no more. get 1 of the off tackles, a safety,another safety, and more o linemen.

number 1 pick has to be o-line..Let grossman berrian go!Let briggs drive his lambo to another team..we have enough recievers on this team as it is 2nd pick we need a big bad safety..move garret wolfe to wide reciever him and heser can share the slot...If Muhamad is such an inspirational leader why couldnt we win back to back throuought the season..If he is so great and beloved make him a wr coach cause he would be better off trying to tell someone else to catch a ball and hold on to it while going cross field.. Draft a qb in later rounds.Were solid we have talent we just dont use them right. You can spend big money on a qb but with no blocking they will throw themselves on IR...Orton is the 1 im telling you if we dont utilize him he will be playing in january anywhere he goes...burner turner is the man

I belive the Bears are better than they shown last season. The last 2 games when they were healthy they played better. FA- sign Briggs he make big plays and is an important part of D. I think Berrian should go he dropped to many passes. I would bring him back but he is going to want way to much money..he is the 2nd best FA-WR next to Moss. This will have him over priced. They must bring back Ayanbedejo. Keep ST at a high level and he is a big part of that.
Kyle Orton is and should be the starting QB. All he does is win and he looked pretty good in the last 2 games without a running game. So many think he is not the answer but he has barley played. Give him a chance start he is better than Grossman.
As for the draft they must draft OL. They have overlooked that in recent years and it has cost them. Everyone keeps going to the Pats and Brady all their OL from the draft. The draft is they way to go for OL.
Last but not least all of you are fools talking about moving Urlacher is insane. He is one year removed from Defensive Player of the Year. He had over 100 takles 5 INT and 5 sacks any team would take that from their Middle linbacker.

I like some of the ideas posted; however, some of you are brain dead. O-line is first and foremost the most important need going into the off season. For those of you who think the QB from KY is a slam dunk is drinking the kool-aid. QB is the most difficult position to evaluate and is more times than not a complete waste of a high draft pick. Not to mention he would take a while to develop. We need to win right now!

If Faneca is available you need to get him and use that first pick on a LT. The kid from USC might make sense because they run a pro style offense. Also, you could probably trade down and still get him assuming a better option such as J. Long (Michigan) or R. Clady (Boise St.) fall to 14. With that said, move Tait to RT (by the way is his natural position) to team with Garza. Now that you’re interior line is set it would behoove Ron Turner to incorporate some two TE sets with Olsen and Clark. It will drive D-coordinators nuts with the match-ups on LB’s.

As for the running game it is abundantly clear Cedric is not the long-term answer at the position. Therefore, maybe attempt to trade him maybe for a second round or better if at all possible. They could bundle him in a package trade with picks for another player. I would make a run (no pun intended) at Michael Turner of SD. I believe he can be a premier running back in this league and with that kid Wolfe from NU as a change of pace. Worst case, you create competition back there and it seems Ced B plays his best stuff with pressure on him. My only concern is they have similar running styles. Then there is A. Peterson to consider.

The QB position could be addressed with a package trade mentioned earlier; however, it would probably cost too much. McNabb will stay in Philly so the only other viable option would be Anderson out of Cleveland. With that said, QB is the last position on the offense in need of immediate address. K Orton and Rexy both proved they can throw the football with adequate protection. If the running game improves it helps the pass. Also, Tom Brady proved with a good O-line and marginal receivers you can still produce on offense. However, you still need to address the position somehow, especially, if Rex goes elsewhere.

The wide receiver position is probably the one place we already have an up and coming in house. If there was a free agent we need to pass on it would be Berrian. I think Haas deserves a chance to show his stuff and with Hester getting some more time under his belt your set. Especially, if Bradley can stay healthy and I would move to restructure Moose’s contract to free up some additional cap space. I think his leadership with the youth is still relevant and use him as a third down option.

Defense is and always will be our strength. The most glaring needs are safety and LB. What do you do once Briggs is gone? That my fellow Bear fans is the ultimate question. I would be shocked if they kept him considering the $$$ he will command. With so many other needs to address it would not be economically feasible. So, will J. Williams be ready, would they shift M. Anderson over from DE to fill the huge void or move Hillenmeyer and Urlacher? I am not sure what the long-term answer is too that. Stay tuned because they have their hands full on that issue.

I would keep M. Brown at least one more year and utilize him in critical situations only. He is a leader in that locker room and a general in the secondary on the field. Angelo too his credit has been very efficient at finding DB’s in the middle rounds of the draft. If there should be some money left after free agency it would be prudent to sign Harris and/or Hester long-term. Of course, all of this is subject to change as things develop.

As proven again last night, the Bears are not THAT far away from getting back on top of the NFC North. They soundly manhandled the Packers and gave the game against the NFC Champs Giants away... the Bears had that game well in hand for 80% of the game. Despite all the hype, the parity in the NFL is perfectly illustrated when both NFC champ teams were hardly better than the Bears, and that is just barely. The Packers had a light schedule and got lucky. Favre had a cinderella season but it looks like the Carriage has finally turned into a big fat cheesepuff pumpkin. If the Bears can draft a solid OL, sign a free agent RB (Micheal Turner would look awfully good in the Orange and Navy) and get a solid SS in the draft they will be just fine. Rex will be back at the helm for a great price after his sophomore blues and lead this team to 12-4.

I agree. Doesn't matter if you put Peyton or Brady behind the Chicago O'line, no one will has success without time to throw. Resign Rex. He's young and he is a competitor. (not to mention, he'll be cheaper than any other FA on the market) Bring in a HOF QB to work with him on his mechanics. And, by all means, give him protection. The O'line was horrible. Oh yeah, use play-action and the draw plays more often. It doesn't hurt to trick a defense from time to time. There are enough weapons at WR and TE. We don't really need a FB on "every" play.

Everyone forget that we did draft a QB last year and then cut him for the three blind mice. If we had a Gm that is worth a damm, we probably wouldn't even have to discuss th QB position. But here we are, at the same crossroad we were at last year. My first move would be to get a new offensive coordinator. The offense didn't believe in him and his plays at all. O.L. is okay. Plays called were wack. Bad management of offensive personnel. Are we drafting to go to the superbowl or are we on a rebuild level? If you put a rookie on the O.L., there will be no run game and you risk getting whoever is QB hurt. The pieces are there and you hve to keep Lance Briggs, but I would let williams take hunter's spot. Why is his position never challenged. He's to slow and can't make a tackle unless you run right to him. C.B are fine. A lot of make shift changes when both C.B. went down. Brown is a fine athelete but he is taking up a roster spot season after season. Time to go. Oh yeah, would be the craziest mive to trade Devin Hester, we haven't even touched the surface of his talent and what he can do. Three receiver set with him in it is very dangerous since he's shown he can catch the ball. Bear Down, gonna be a long off-season.

Everyone is saying Rex will be just fine with an O-line. I think Cedrick will be just fine also with an improved O-line. The Bears indeed need to draft an Offensive lineman 14th pick. Protect The Rex!!! He can't run and he doesn't move very well, but he can throw. A mobile Q-back can give himself more time and we have seen that all season. Draft a good project and in a few years he should blossom. We have struck out since the beginning of Time on Q-Bs. Also get rid of Angelo!! He's a Meat Head. Mama MaCaskey you know what to do. Don't let those sons anywhere near the team. They will go backwards. They are Meat Heads Also.

1. Offensive lineman
2. running back
3. wide receiver
4. secondary.


The "hitman" guy is the only one here that makes any sense at all despite all the other long winded fantasy blather.

Everything in footnall starts with the offensive line. Their play has a ripple effect on nearly everything that happens to and within your team. Running the ball, protecting your passer, keeping your defense rested, effective and off the field, allowing the D to gamble more by knowing you can move the ball right back; it's all on the O line.

When they play poorly, the opposite is true, running backs seem slow and "can't hit the holes" (lol, one of my favorite lame sportswriter cliches"), QB's make "poor" decisions and your once proud defense can't get it done anymore.

The Bears have talent and high draft choices in almost every position except the O line. Angelo gambled with aging free agents here and almost got away with it.

I notice the immortal Ryan Grant (as annointed by this message board apparently) was 13 for 26yds Sunday.

It's hyperbole but draft linemen, trade all the picks for linemen, sign linemen or whatever.

Those were two pretty mediocre teams playing to meet the Pats Sunday night. The Bears beat the Pack twice this year and absolutely had the Giants when the COULDN'T RUN THE BALL and put the game away.

Both guards and a right tackle. Please.

I say first pick is toss up for ot and rb. Bears need both bad. Depending on what bears do with free agency and what happens with the picks ahead of Bears. Need blocking and running game bad. Bears have some young talent at wide receiver. The stud I believe from Miami and I think name is Kenny Philips(Safety) would not be bad first pick. Running backs and Ot are deap in draft. Remember get off bus running. Go Bears!

The Bears need to get more physical on the line of scrimmage. Period.
Sign Faneca and Haynesworth to whatever. Extend T. Harris contract. Worry about the other money stuff later. This will make the d-line as dominant as you can be if they stay healthy. T. Harris with Haynesworth at nose, and the ends would be very formidable.

Then Draft:
1st; The highest rated player available not QB (not high on woodson or brohm). Lots of DT, and OT available, plus Phillips (S) might fall to 14.

2nd: FLacco, or Mendenhall or best lineman available (maybe Jeff Otah)

3rd: pick the best from a position that has not been picked much (like FB, Guard, and MLB)
4th-7th: Angelo does good anyways

Remember that BazuinDE and OkwoLB were put on IR in August. They were the 2nd and 3rd rounders last draft. Plus Kevin Payne (S) started to play better when he broke his shoulder.

But I think they need to bigger on the lines. I think they injured there too much, and it has to do with their size disadvantage in the trenches. Get Haynesworth and Faneca, and the rest will be fine.

The Bears didn't prepare well with the O-line and it cost em many games. The D-line also got shoved around repeatedly this year, and that needs to come to a stop too.

What do I know, I'm jsut a fan, but some of it seems like common sense. Like going bigger.

#1.Off Tackle
#2.Off Gaurd

The bears Should try to sign Buner Turner or a decent RB.And try to sign LB if Briggs Leaves.I really dont know.theres alot of combinations Angelo could go with lets just hope he Gets two good off lineman and a good DT and RB.

1. Offensive Guard
(The interior linemen generate the push and cut-back lanes required for an effective power running game)
2. Offensive Guard
(Interior linemen prevent the pocket from collapsing, providing a clean pocket for short QB's to step up and deliver accurate passes)
3. Offensive Tackle
(We need a talented prospect to take over for Miller)
4. Free/Strong Safety
(Ball-Hawking and pursuit has greatest potential to generate turnovers. Arch was a liability)
5. Defensive Tackle
(Protection for Urlacher. Pursuit against Adrian Peterson. Force O-line to slide protection and open outside rush opportunities)
6. Outside Linebacker
(Hillenmeyer is average/solid. Lance is gone. Backups aren't physical enough to make big plays or cause turnovers)
7. Offensive Coordinator (more creativity to efficiently utilize weapons like Hester...Think Wes Welker in 3 receiver set)
8. Defensive Coordinator (D fell from Great to Frustrating. Someone needs to be accountable)

--A QB would be nice, but I would prefer to bring back Rex on the Cheap. He has talent, but the horrible play of the (#2 need) interior O-line made run game ineffective and pressure too disrupting. One reason why Rex doesn't step into the pocket is because he can't see over the linemen. The intetior needs to stonewall the rush and give him space to deliver passes.

--FORGET MIKE TURNER and STOP HATING ON BENSON. Cedric would be much improved if he wasn't getting stuffed in the backfield due to...(#1 need) poor interior blocking. He had space to cut back against the Seahawks 9-man front, and bolted for 47 yards.

--WR. I think that Hester has the big play ability. So does Mark Bradley.

Michael Turner look terrible against the Pats. Very hesitant. He's not the answer for the Bears. The Bears need a running back who will hit the line with power and speed.

1. Draft OL: Have to fix the problem of our line getting older. It's been said, no one could throw behind that line. Kid from USC or Boise St. would be solid.

2. Sign Michael Turner: I don't care what anyone says, Cedric Benson is not the future running back for this team. For a guy his size, he hits the hole about as hard as Reggie Bush. Cut ties now and sign Turner, a proven running back who has as much talent as most of the starters in this league.

3. Sign as many free agents as possible: Especially on the O-line. This is the area that needs the most attention, and there are quality options available.

4. Let Briggs and Berrian go: Briggs won't come back, and Berrian doesn't deserve the kind of money he will surely ask for. That money can be spent in other areas much better (i.e. Turner, O-line...).

5. Do NOT resign Rex Grossman: Sorry, he hasn't done anything in his career to deserve a new contract. Cut ties now and (gulp!) start Orton for a year. How long can we has a fan base make excuses for this guy? He's a nice backup option, but he is not an NFL-quality starter...

Qb Andre Woodson KY this guy is a young Mcnabb trade up if you have to get him but just get him Jerry! Start Kyle and let him ride the bench for the year. I cant say it enough trade up not down to get a QB>

This weekend I re-watched the Bears playoff wins from last year - I'll be darned if Benson wasn't running hard and effectively vs. both Seattle and New Orleans. He was even catching the ball out of the backfield. The most noticeable difference on defense compared to this year was Vasher defending/intercepting everything near him and routinely coming up to stuff the running game...he is a force. Briggs was also all over the field.

The Bears need to draft some better fans.

Chicago Fans are some of the most dedicaded fans in any sport so.....KEYLAN... you need to be a better fan,interested in our team and what we can do to make the team better.I understand Benson deserves another chance with a good O-Line.But we still need another back.Our A.Perterson is not the answer.Incase Benson dosent do good we need a decent back up.And yeah i did see mike Turners Bad games and maybe not him but someone fred taylor or someone!!!But O-Line should be first priority!!!A good Nose tackle should be next,then a saftey!!

Whatever Angelo feels he needs to do in the draft...please do so...preferably some O-Line...because thats where football games are the trenches...i like our d-line a lot but we need to help harris out and get him a solid DT...i dont really care if berrian and briggs go...even though i like them a lot...all i want is benson to be either out or backup...and for the bears to sign Michael Turner the Burner....and BOB SANDERS baby...lets see what orton can do...or even rex...w/e i dont really care bout the qb spot just yet

All you day dreamers get off Turner jock there will be solid backs availible in second round and in third draft OT's and more OT's stop worring about safeties teach the ones you got. If Flacco is there get him. There are unused resources on this team that thanks to fear coaching instead of development we don't know if we are drafting the same thing over. There are so many rb's fill the o-line first make that competetive, when you commit before it's earned you get complacent make comp all over the field may the best man win. The success of a football team is up front in the trenches. qb's who get time complete passes, rb's that get holes make yards it ain't rocket science all these exotic deals and free agents it's a bunch of bull keep it simple beat the the hell out of the opponent and you win.

OLIN KREUTZ...After reviewing some film, I would say that the Center position was arguably the weakest position on the line. OLIN KREUTZ was a huge disappointment and the biggest BUSTer of 2007. Pro Bowl?!? Week one vs. the Chargers, he was unable to pick up the blitz packages and was routinely dominated by NT Williams. That game set the tone for the season.

RB...I don't understand the hype surrounding Michael Turner. Is it possible that his productivity is enhanced by the same solid line that blocks for record-holder Tomlinson? Doesn't Wolfe deserve a chance to prove himself?

The bottom line...1)We have already invested in skilled players, it is time to provide them support in the form of better blocking (blockers).2)The Defense needs more players capable of generating turnovers and stopping Adrian Peterson for the next 10 years.

First cut Adam "the whiff" Archuletta, Darwin Walker, Patrick Manning Jr., Fred Miller, and Rasheed Davis. Resign Lance "The Best Player on the Team" Briggs. Next, don't offer contracts to Bernard Berrian or Rex Grossman. If the price is a steal for Berrian, resign but late in the offseason. He's not good enough to be a number one but to expensive to be a second receiver. Then Sign Alan Faneca as soon as possible. When the draft comes the best should take the best player available regardless of position (unless that player is a corner). The Bears need playmakers. The season should start with Kyle Orton at QB with Griese and a rookie QB backing him up. I would like to see "the Burner" Turner signed, but only at the right price. He is not the ultimate answer at the position. He is a downhill runner who can moved the pile but he is not going to break many long runs and that is someting we need out of our running game. He is a slight and I do mean slight upgrade of Adrian Peterson. The bears biggest problem is they have enough speed to threaten teams but the wrong coordinator in order to make it work. His lack of imagination until week 17 should be reason enough for him to be fired. I would still put faith in Mike Brown staying healthy. A healthy Mike brown allows the Bears to move Danieal Manning to the fourth corner in the dime package and bring Brandon Mcgowan to safety. Also, Brandon can replace Danieal in goalline situations. I also would open camp with a open competion for the strong side linebacker position between Hunter and Jamar Williams. The defensive tackle position opposite Tommy should also be an open competion between Dusty and Anthony Adams with Matt Toeaina getting some reps at both tackle positions.

How do you evaluate a RB or QB without an O-line. Replace the entire O-line over the next two years with draft picks in the first three rounds. Trade down in the first round to add more picks this year or next year. The needs at SS and WR are also obvious.

1. mcnabb is not happening; the sooner we realize this the better.
2. haynesworth is not happening- they have 1 premier tackle and cant pay 2. furthermore, between young guys getting plenty of playing time and injuries coming back, we might actually be set there already.
3. wolfe showed some quickness, but there is no way a guy that small can be your every down back. keep him in the mix, but he needs to NOT be relied on for extensive playing time. cedric 'curtis enis' benson is done- give up now instead of later.

I hope the Bears {Angelo} doesn't get so smart he whiffs on this draft. It is deep in what is needed the most OL&RB so fellow fans the ones who really know here's hoping that this mgmt team will really DO THE RIGHT THING for the fans who love the sport and are REAL Bear fans. Let's also hope Lovie Smith learned something this season and he won't be just a puppet but really coach and make the tough if not popular calls on personnel. We had fun in 03 and 06 7 and 9 ain't fun it's just unnessesary. So let's take a deep breath and see if Jerry really knows. If he whiffs again it's time for Angelo to GO!

Who said that St Clair was a good left tackle? He blew at Left Tackle that is why they moved him to Guard. He replaced that other train wreck Metcalf.

Face the Bears O-Line needs help. I do not care who the Bears put under center with this collection of garbage.

Also to the guy who said Kruetz is washed up! Good call because I have been saying that the last couple of years. Fumbled snaps and false starts.Also throw in your Personel Foul calls as well.

I always us to say last year that the Bears most consistent 1st down play was the False Start. See ROBERTO Garza! Yet I can not believe there are people who say the Bears line is ok. Give me a Break!

Also to Abhi or whatever Bob Saunders just signed a new contract.No Woodson and please no Mc Nabb.

I really belive you build through the draft. I hope no one belives the Bears have a chance to win the Super Bowl next year, because its not going to happen. Use a three year plan. Try to sign Turner, he hasn't played alot so thier is not too much wear and tear. Keep Benson, He's already gotten most of his money let him earn it by splitting time with Turner. If you are going to pay big money for a reciever trust me Berrian is not him unless you put a stud across from him. I like Bradley, give him a shot. What about Bauzin or Anderson moving to LB, for Hillenmayor. Try to keep Briggs if the price is reasonable. Draft a OL in 2 years Faneca will be Miller. I don't know who Flacco is, and niether do most of you so please let that go. Why not look at Malcom Kelly. Any QB needs weapons needless to say Turner/Benson Bradley/Hester/Kelly, Clark, Olsen would suffice. I don't know if Orton is the answer, but I don't think he is the problem. I'm sure there will be a few offensive lineman available go ahead and rebuild the line. It will pay off.

About Garret Wolfe!I know this fella well,my son went to high school with him.Then we followed him four year's at Northern
Illinois.Why don't you take a look at his high school and college
film's? He is outstanding I mean outstanding outside the tight
end's with a blocker in front of him.Once he get's around the
corner he's gone.Yet the games I seen him in his number was called
up the middle.Hey he's 5'7" tall on a good day.Please take advantage of his speed,throw him a screen,pitch him the ball anything but up the middle.He will find the endzone I guarantee it!

Let's just look at where the Bears have questions to answer in the offseason, in no particular order:

Safety, LB, DT, OL, QB, RB, WR

That's a pretty extensive list. If you look at what might be available in the draft and in free agency then Safety should be a priority in the draft. There won't be any difference makers available at S in free agency and there's only one highly rated S in the draft and that's Philips from Miami. He could come in a start for the Bears immediately. I know everyone wants the Bears to draft Offense in the 1st round but does anyone really trust Angelo with a first round offensive pick. I think he should take Philips if available.

This is a VERY deep draft for OL and RB so Angelo shouldn't have to jump on one in the 1st round if he doesn't want to. There will be good backs available in the 2nd round. Turner is NOT the answer and he will cost a lot more than they need to spend when they could get a back just as good or better in the 2nd round of the draft. Faneca in free agency would be a solid signing, combine him with a OT from the draft and we should be on our way.

ESPN reported yesterday that Shaun Rogers is expected to be traded or cut from the Lions. He would be perfect for the Bears and Angelo should try to grab him if he could. Could you imagine Harris and Rogers teaming up in the middle? Nasty. Just what the Bears need to try to contain Adrian Peterson. A DT roster of Harris, Rogers, Adams, Teoena?, looks good to me. If the Bears have a good feel for Bazuin it's possible they could trade one of their DE's for a decent pick.

The chances of the Bears bringing back Briggs are slim. Hopefully Okwo, who was drafted last year, has made some progress and can contribute. Jamar Williams looks ready to play and I expect the Bears to feel comfortable with him starting.

I'm guessing the Bears will snag a QB in the middle rounds, because I think they'll be gun shy to take someone in the 1st round and probably in the 2nd as well. I like the suggestion of Henne and think David Booty should be considered as well. Both are winners. Henne has a strong arm and Booty accuracy, both are leaders. I doubt Griese is back next year. It'll probably be Grossman, Orton and a rookie to battle it out to start with Orton winning the job.

WR should be interesting to watch. There could be a lot of changes from this year to next. I'm betting both Mushin and Berrian are gone. The Bears need someone like Wes Welker and I hope they could get Dorien Bryant from Purdue but he may be gone in the 1st 2 rounds. Either way, they need receivers who run good routes and catch everything thrown their way. Use Hester and Bradley as deep threats and concentrate on bringing in possession receivers.

Although the offensive line is getting old and has been blamed for most of the lack of offense...I don't think the Bears should draft OL out of need alone if they have to make a reach. The line has been built through free agency before, it can be done again. The two primary needs in my opinion in the draft are Safety and a playmaker on offense. No doubt safety was the weakness on this years defense for too many reasons to count and offensively someone tell me who is on the current roster that can be defined as a true playmaker...a real dangerous player for other defenses to fear? Hester is unproven on offense but shows promise...anyone else? Olsen was nowhere near the threat we were all lead to belive he would be during training camp and showed no game speed out there at all...was it a learning curve for him or poor play calling? Let's hope he shows us more next year! Berrian is a good player but just above average when compared to other receivers around the league .... Not a true playmaker. If he wants top ten dollars at his position let him go! Not enough open receivers last year period....nothing any QB can do bout that! Benson looks like a pure speed just a bruiser if and only when he gets a big hole to run through...again not a playmaker! I know finding great players, top notch true weapons is hard to do but we have got to take a chance and do a better job of finding a few in the draft.

1. Safety or best available RB or WR.
2. Best available WR or RB if safety picked first.
3. OL or DL.
4. LB or RB WR depending on the first 3 round choices.

P.S. I think part of the offenses problem is play calling...we are often too predictable and what is with the scripting plays excuse when the team doesn't make obvious adjustments during game time situations? Garrett Wolfe up the gut from your own endzone because he was scripted to come in and run the ball during that time? huh??? are you serious Mr. Turner? Was this your idea or Smith's? Incedible!!

Seven Step Program to another Bears Superbowl.

1. Let Grossman, Archuleta, and Fred Miller go. Granted Grossman can throw the ball competently on occassion, but his decision making and vision are horrible, even when the O-line gives him sufficient time. Kyle Orton should be our starting, reliable (if not stellar) quarterback for 2008. Archuleta looked afraid to hit anyone last year, and Fred Miller was a revolving door at tackle.

2. Re-sign Ruben Brown and Brendon Ayanbadejo. Ruben Brown has another year in him, as a low-cost backup if nothing else, and Brendon Ayanbadejo is just too important on special teams.

3. Sign one of these Offensive Guards as a Free Agent: Alan Faneca, Jake Scott, or Ryan Lilja

4. Solve the running back problem. Wolfe is too small and gets swallowed up trying to run up the middle. He could possibly be a good special teams player or slot receiver. Benson could be a good short yardage/change of pace back (like A-train was)with decent blocking, but he doesn't have the speed necessary to break the big runs. I just don't see the Bears giving up on him yet. While signing Micheal Turner would be a possiblity, I would rather draft Felix Jones as a much less expensive option.

5. Draft Day 2008: Ideally trade down in the draft with Dallas gaining two first round picks (22 and 28)in return for this years 14th overall pick, plus this years 6th and 7th round picks, and next years 3rd round pick. Use the resulting picks as follows:

1a: Felix Jones - Running back from Arkansas. Ideal size and speed for an NFL running back.

1b: Best Offensive Tackle left in Draft. Preferrably Chris Williams from Vanderbilt, but Jeff Otah would also work.

2: Joe Flacco - Quarterback from Delaware. Great size, elusive in the pocket, and a fantastic arm. All things we are lacking in now. With a year to learn behind Orton and Griese, he could be our quarterback of the future. Risky pick, but worth it I think.

3a: Ezra Butler - Outside Lineback from Nevada. Provides us some depth a linebacker, and should be able to step in for either Hillenmyer or Jamar Williams if necessary.

3b. Eddie Royal - Receiver from Virginia Tech. Speedy, good hands, runs crisp routes. Will be a good replacement for Berrian.

4. Craig Steltz - Strong Safety from LSU. Great against the run, punishes receivers, coverage skills are about on par with Mike Brown.

5. Andrew Bain - Offensive Guard from Miami. Should be a good solid pick at this stage in the draft. Can provide some depth at guard this year, and could potentially start for us in the future.

6. Get off the D's back. The Bears Defense played well until the Cowboys game when everyone (it seemed) went down with injuries. Even then, if it hadn't been for the incredible bad play at safety, the Bears might have just made the playoffs. The D-line looks to be very good this year with a Healthy Harris, Dvoracek, and Walker. Brown and Adewale were very good all of last season. For the linebackers, Briggs will be missed, but Jamar Williams and (the drafted) Ezra Butler should be able to step up. Corner back play will be solid this year with Tillman, Vasher, and McBride. Safeties will start off the year strong with Kevin Payne, Mike Brown, and Manning and Steltz as backups.

7. Don't pile on a huge number of new receivers. Admittedly, the ability of Muhammad and Berrian to get open last year sucked. However, this year promises to be much better with the following: Hester can pretty much replace Berrian as the speedy deep threat. Mark Bradley can start to surplant Muhammad as our larger receiver. Eddie Royal can replace Rashied Davis, Mike Hass is still there waiting to be used, and Muhammad is still around (possible restructured) to show the youngsters how it's done.

Tim B has some good ideas, though it seems like a lot of wishful thinking. To think Angelo could/would pull off such maneuvering while at the same time all of those guys would be available is too pie-in-the-sky for me.

1) Free Agency comes before the draft, so that's where you have to begin — the Bears should pull out all the stops to get runningback Michael Turner. like Felix Jones at Arkansas, he wasn't even the starter on his own team but would be head and shoulders better than anyone on the Bears roster. I would consider Felix Jones option 2, but the pick necessary to get him eliminates the possibility of taking a blue-chip O-Tackle. I know the sample size of Turner's work is small, but when he has come in for LaDainian Tomlinson he has gone a long way toward reminding me of a certain, immortal #34 who often made something out of nothing, was quick to the hole and the edge and punished tacklers when he got to them.

I really believe the Bears should at least get into the mix with guard Alan Faneca, at least until the price and number of years on the contract begin to sprial out of control. He's got some years left in him and, more importantly, I believe he could revive the nasty attitude that the Bears O-line, even Kreutz at times last season, has lost. Thus, Faneca's value is based not just on his blocking alone.

2) How nice would it be to go into the draft with Turner and Faneca already in the fold? Anyway, the draft would ideally unfold as follows:
First round: best offensive tackle available, likely either Otah, Clady or Sam Baker.
Second round: Joe Flacco (yes, I have gotten caught up in the media blitz on this one, but hey, he might actually be there when they pick) or the best available safety.
Third round: the best remaining offensive tackle or guard.
Fourth round: wide receiver? quarterback or safety if they haven't already taken either or both? maybe a defensive tackle?
Fifth round: probably a linebacker here, assuming pigs aren't flying and Lance Briggs isn't back. Or a corner.
Sixth round: more offensive linemen!
Seventh round: (There are still seven rounds, aren't there?) Either another d-lineman or another 5'8" corner here. Corners always seem to make up the bulk of the last round.

Also, If there is any way to draft Owen Schmitt — the fullback from West Virginia with the mohawk — the Bears should jump at it. As a blocker, he breaks facemasks and he's not too shabby catching the ball out of the backfield and carrying the rock (as evidenced by his play in the bowl game against Oklahoma).

Finally, the Bears have to 1) jettison Archuletta, Muhammad and Ricky Manning Jr. 2) get Tommy Harris, Urlacher, Hester, Alex Brown and Ogunleye contract extensions and 3) give Kyle Orton every chance to be the starting quarterback FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! If you don't have a fantastic passer on your team, you go with a good game manager who can pull off a big play or two a game without turning it over every time they turn around. see: Jack Del Rio choosing David Garrard and look how that turned out! 4) sell Jerry Angelo's soul to the devil for one or two seasons with a fully healthy Mike Brown and Dusty Dvoracek.

why do i keep seeing people harp on a hard hitting safety? we got rid of chris harris because he has the roy williams syndrome. HE CANNOT COVER. we need a strong safety that can cover and lay the occasional boom. Y are we on the kyle orton bandwagon. The guy is a bum he played in the last 2 meaningless games and looked DECENT. not aww inspiring sheesh. BENSON with the same line that jones had did absolutely nothing. For the better part of the season he averaged under 3.5 yards a carry folks. HE's a bust like the history of bears back since Neil Anderson. We need some new blood here. We are a run team i see everyone addressing the QB postion if we are a run team we need to get a run game first. if we dont have a run game then who cares if we cant pass we are anot a pass first team. The run games begins with the OL we need one of the plethera of tackles that are in the draft this year. we can pick a QB up if need be in the latter rounds. 2nd round should be an RB. someone who we believe will have a impact. WE SHOULDNT HAVE GOT RID OF THOMAS JONES. We paid benson all that money and he wasn't good enough to be thomas out so we cut our losses and got rid of TJ and now look what happend. keep Berrian he has been inconsistent at times but he shows he has the potenital to be a big play recieve we need moose to move down to 3rd reciever or mentor and use some of the talent we have. MIKE HASS, Hester, Bradley just to name a few. safety Brown is injury prone but a pro bowler when healthy find someone to back him up. pretty much the defense is fine. we just got banged up this year. Dusty got hurt very early, Harris got hurt, both our corners got hurt. they will be healthy next year and the young guys will have expirience. TE we are deep, so i shall say this are main concern is OL, and RB everything else can be fixed. by the way let briggs go Jamar will do fine taken his spot the man looked impressive when he played

This all might be moot: the Bears offense is terrible. Turners "vanilla offense" scheme is to never try to get the D off-guard, just try to out- execute the other guys.
1. our offense isnt talented enough to do this.
2. why then, do all of the good offenses NOT do this?
3, how many bad false starts, unforgivably stupid 'no one covered the tackle' calls, etc. can we take before you question the offensive coach's ability to run a disciplined attack?

We need a QB (rex vs. orton- neither is currently good enough to start, but at least rex has one nfl calibre ability), LT (buying one in free agency does not seem to work, like qbs, the best LTs dont make it to FA. so this is a draft need.) WR- there are always good wrs available in FA/ trade market. give mooses money to a younger version of him. LG- faneca seems ready made to step in. RT- let big fred go, move tait and put him in competition with a rookie.

but most of all, we need a new offense. the 'we are a running team that doesnt try to run and fails when we do' offense is not good.

1st: Mendenhall
2nd: O-line
3rd: Colt Brennan





Orton should start. Benson should go. Bradley to start if Berrian needs to go, rotate Hass with Davis in the slot. Rex should be traded, his presence is just to tempting for our wishy-washy coaching staff when we have a inevitable bad play(s) from Orton. He will have them, but less that Grossman in the long run. All QB's have moments that are regrettable.
Priority #1-Say goodbye to Benson
That is important, everything else is gravy. Like drafting OL help, for instance. GO BEARS!

Hey jersey boy or should I call you coach? Have you noticed Grossman has no pocket presents, stares down recievers and also throws high most of the time, not to even mention that footwork (probably not much of a dancer)a smallqb has to have mechanics down pat and the ability to find passing lanes. How many passes were batted down? Before you critize others opinion you need to know what you are talking about. Oh by the way they also have had what is called qb coaches to teach him and he still stays the same (darn Florida QB's). Jersey boy crawl out of Grossman's jock It's also coaches fault for no scheming for a short QB so there is plenty of blame to go around but NO FLORIDA QB WINS IN THE NFL.

I really doubt we can get McFadden with the #14 pick but why not look at Felix Jones the "other" RB out of Arkansas. Not only is he able to hit the holes but he is a great returner also who we could pair with Hester.

As far as QB goes I say dont draft one give Orten a chance to show what he can do. He looked sharp the last few games of 07 and led us to the playoffs as a rookie give the guy a chance

I think we all are on the same page in regards to the Bears complete mess of a team currently starting from the QB spot to the old lineman to the lack of a definate running game. The question I need answered is, "Why are the Bears just sitting on about $30 million under the salary cap?". Are they serious? And to think they are actually considering picking the OT from Boise State! They dont even play good teams let alone run the same offense as the Bears!! We as fans need to make a statement and let the Bears organization know that we are tired of them only caring about filling in the stands. Its time for some serious change and I believe that if some major improvements are not made, then Angelo needs to go and Lovie should be on the chopping block (yes I said it). The QB position is in major distress and the Bears did it to themselves. Why shouldnt the Bears go after Brady Quinn? They have the money to spend. Why wouldnt the Bears attempt to sign Chad Johnson? We have absolutely no playmakers unless we decide to put in Devon Hester as an ironman. We do not need to draft a OT in the first round, there are way too many out there to use the first round pick for that spot. We should be going after a sound player on offense who came from a competitive conference. Lets just say we grab Felix Jones from Arkansas in the first and then use our 2nd round pick for Tom Zbikowski(Face it, Mike Brown is done). We need people to come in and make an impact immediately. We could then leverage our 3rd round pick along with money (that we have plenty laying around), to go after Brady Quinn. Maybe I am thinking out of the box, but we desperately need someone to make the Bears fun to watch again. Unless you prefer to watch a game where the kicker and punt returners are the most exciting parts of the game, we need someone to make a deal. The Cubs finally started doing it, why cant the Bears.

i agree with what you said and you made REALLY good points
although i would add that Rex never has had any play making WRs and i do agree that Orton is too conservative but he would be a good backup nothing more
in Rex I see someone who can be a great starter in the NFL in Kyle not so much
also Brian is horrid I don't want him on the team and I have always sensed the same thing from him as you did
Rex is good and on the Bears or any other team he will prove that not to thoes of you that dont believe in him but the people who do
well maybe you should know what your taking about because Rex has won in the NFL sorry to break it to you
hes a winning QB and no matter what you say about him you cant say that thats a lie

joe did you used to teach at South Newton. Have been looking and trying to find you for a while.

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