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Krieg: Bears should pursue McNabb

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GREEN BAY, Wis.—In an NFL career that spanned 19 seasons, Dave Krieg never got to do what he always wanted to—play for the Green Bay Packers.

And if he couldn’t do that, he’d have liked to have joined the Bears before 1996 when he was in the twilight of his career at 37. Spotted Sunday night at Lambeau Field, Krieg said he’s well aware of the Bears’ incessant issues at the position. He’s on the list of 21 quarterbacks to start for the franchise during the ironman streak of the Packers Brett Favre, who he was waiting to visit with in the locker room following the game.

Krieg was raised in Wausau, Wis., and went to now defunct Milton College, not far from Janesville, Wis., just north of Rockford, Ill. The three-time Pro Bowler still ranks among the most prolific passers in league history with 38,147 yards. He made 12 starts in ’96 and compiled a passer rating of 76.3. Of the club’s regular starters since only Erik Kramer (1998), Shane Matthews (1999) and Jim Miller (2002) fared better.

“They should get somebody,” Krieg said. “Get a solid quarterback and put him in there so they don’t have to make any, `Well, we’re going to stick with this guy no matter what’ [commitments] because that puts you in a tough corner if you’re Lovie Smith.

“They need to find somebody. They need to get an experienced guy and then draft a young guy, kind of like the reverse of Brett and Aaron Rodgers here.

“Look at Jeff Garcia. That’s a guy the Bears could have gotten last offseason. Kurt Warner, they could have gotten him in the past, he would have been alright.

"Donovan McNabb. He’s from Chicago. They should go after him hard. Looks like he’s going to stay in Philadelphia, but so what? They should go after him hard. He would love to go to Chicago I think. It would be a breath of fresh air for him. I’m not a general manager, but that’s what I would work for if I was there.”

Krieg, who now lives in the Phoenix area, badly wanted to play for Green Bay in 1995 following one season in Detroit. He lost out to Jim McMahon, who the Packers signed to back up Favre.

Mike Holmgren and Ron Wolf didn’t want me and they got McMahon that year and went to the Super Bowl. I said, `I’ll hold two, three clipboards just to be here, and I’ll play for the minimum.’

“I hope the Bears find one because they’ve got a good football team. I don’t even know if they have an above-average quarterback right now. Heck, I wish I had gotten there earlier in my career.”

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"Donovan McNabb. He's from Chicago. They should go after him hard."

You know, I got to say I was never thrilled about talk of McNabb coming here, but this logic is just too powerful to refute.

Exactly. He's 32, is constantly injured, and doesn't want to come here.

No! He's a prima donna, a racist, and a jerk. We don't need more drama and distraction. Pass on his a$$.

What an idiot......getting McNabb would be an awful idea. We need to worry about a Line and RB and not an injury prone QB who only has like another DECENT year or two. I seriously would rather have Rex and Kyle than McNabb.

i enjoy seeing people calling dave krieg an idiot. because, you know, it's not like krieg has actually played quarterback at the professional level or anything.

mcnabb doesn't want to come here? has he said as much? mcnabb just wants to play. he's dedicated to the team that drafted him; that's respectable. you mean to tell me that, if philly were to trade him to the bears, he'd pull a yi jianlan [sic]? doubtful.

mcnabb would be a great fit, because i dont think rex got the right set of mind for the job. but just like the other teams
we got here in chicago, all will do is talk about it.

Yeah, and Peter Tom Willis says we should go out and get Chris Simms. Work on Grossman's snap and draft a QB later. We have worse problems than the Grossman/Orton combo!

Why not get McNabb, has everyone forgotten that Grossman's indecision cost us the Super Bowl or that we, as fans, have waited four years for this guy to mature as a QB.

If you consider the injuries, Grossman has about two seasons of playing experience. The McNabb attitude explains why the Bears have such a ridiculous track record at QB. Remember that Aikman went 1-15 his first season. Had he been a Bear, I suppose he'd have been cut at the end of the season. Sign Rex to an incentive-laden contract and draft a new guy. Rex has plenty of upside, provided the OL and running game can give him time!

No some of you/David Krieg (NICE NFL Source) are right let's spend a bunch of money/high draft picks on a QB who his own fans don't even want, will get hurt and is not that great and who LOST to us. We have bigger problems than Rex/Kyle..who given the right situation can be fine.

The franchise quarterback this organization needs is already on the roster and his name is Rex Grossman! Why do some Bears fans seem to want to throw a guy away right when his true development is at hand. Let the guy develop threw the rough spots and stick with him, that's how you get a diamond in the end. Otherwise well just bring in another young kid with potential and give him another short leash. If we stay loyal and focused directly on Rex and his development he will reward us in the end!

Everyone wants to put the blame on rex but if people were to open their eyes, they can see that the o-line are all old and can't keep up with defenders anymore. People even say it's the running game, which i agree with slightly. I think if we had a good o-line this past season there would be no doubt that we would be getting ready right now to watch the bears defend the nfc title. As far as the running game is concerned, benson is not!!!! a running back. Benson is a good fullback, he had pretty much a whole season to show the bears what he has, and angelo still wants to give him a chance to compete?

You people are NUTS!Mcnabb would be the best the bears EVER had.How about finally going into a season not worring about a quarterback.Every season same old song and dance. Great DEF no QB! You couldn't put all the QB's the last 20 years together and one as MCNABB SUPER 5.

If I were Dave Krieg, I'd be more focused on the fact that Shane Mathews 'fared' better than me,and not be so eager to be in the public's view.
I will recieve no advice from someone who 'dreamed' of being a Packer. Rex is our Quarterback.

Go after Anderson from CLE if you can get him, but that's not likely to happen... if you're going to be willing to trade the 1st and 3rd it would take to get him (once he's tagged), then you're better off trading up in the draft to get a franchise QB of the future. In the meantime, say goodbye to Grossman (he's proven he can't be trusted in the big games), go with Orton as your starter and keep Griese as a backup (Orton and Griese are both still under contract on the cheap). Why is this so complicated?

Dont sign McNabb or Rex!Kyle Orton should be the starter and they should drafr a qb in the later rd maybe 3rd.Dont give up are picks.

Shawman Brown, seriously this is the "Bears Blog". I think Al and Jesse have their own websites you can go to. Anywho, I'm all in favor of a QB competition. It would be nice to see Kyle Orton get the nod given that he has the stronger body and better mobility AND showed some nice skills in the final two games. He's like McMahon: Not the best QB, but a good, vocal leader.

McNabb has never stuck on me. He doesn't have great accuracy. He chokes when his team needs him the most. I would much rather work on the line and go with one of the guys we have. Even the great Romo fell apart when his line started letting the Giants in.

Donavan McNabb = Ben Wallace

Observer makes a good point. McNabb would only use the Bears to help pay for the new house he'd be building upon his return to Chicago and likely would not produce or care on the field, especially with such weak leadership as provided by Lovie. But getting Anderson would be an even bigger mistake. He had a good year only because he had some of the best targets in the game. If Dave Krieg played for the Browns this year, he would have had similar numbers. Anderson will be another PT Willis or Moses Moreno without excellent receivers.

shawman brown... ehhhh! (about 10 times)

ehhhh! = the loud noise game shows use when someone gives a wrong answer.

I agree with eddie g orton should get the knod all he has done is win he is calm in the pocket and doesn't make stupid plays we need a runnig back and definitely o-line (jake long) would be nice

In viewing the comments made it's still clear that in politicis and living conditions Chicago is just as polarized as the team we fielded this year. We were made to beleive that Cedric Benson had the heart and the talent to assume Thomas Jones role in the offense and that dispite how erratic his week to week performance Rex was the guy at QB. We drafted Leak who had won the BCS Championship but was not allocated a place on the Bears rouster. Now here we are depleted on the offensive line, without a running back of notable attribute and making suggestions that Donovan McNabb a native Chicagoan would be a polarizing figure. Let's admit that we all watch this game to see professionals perform at a higher level than we do in the parks and playgounds. I personally would have pulled Rex sooner based on the fumble exchanges from center, his pocket presence and his ability to consistently if at all read and take advantage of defensive blitzing. Why the stigmatizim over McNabb orfor that matter passing up Kurt Warner or going after Jeff Garcia before this season. I just like everyone else want to see the best players take the field in that Bear uniform. It's obvious to everyone now that just like the childhood fable of the kings new suit the Bears should be looking at all potential suitors for both QB and Running Back and it would be inane not to look at McNabb as the best possible fit for the hole we have consistently endured at quarterback. Yes fdefense wins games but the offense still has to provide points to give them something worthy of defending and I simply do not see that with Grossman and Griese.

I am a whiteman with a little cherokee in me. My comments were not meant to go on Jesse's or Sharpton's blog. I can't believe we have a quarterback situation here and you guys are saying don't bring in Mcnabb? Why not! All of the quarterbacks we have right now couldn't carry his jock strap. Lets stop looking at color and give the native a chance. That is all that I am saying. We need to be a united America Black and White and Mcnabb can be the glue to do that for this Bears team. And for people that equate Ben Wallace to Mcnabb... Be serious!!! Who are you crapin?

I think McNabb is a good QB but the fact of the matter is he is injury prone I think that is the only thing stopping him from being one of the elite QB's and yes Rex Grossman is also injury prone. The fact of the matter is to be a big time QB you have to last the season and McNabb nor Grossman can seem to do that, I have supported Grossman throught all the inconsistency's and injury's but I think it's time to see what Kyle Orton has got. Throught the final three games Orton was impressive. I think if you give him Michael Turner fix the o-line Orton could develope into a big time QB.

In agreeing with the person who called McNabb Ben Wallace, I only meant to suggest that the Bears would be getting a player in the decline of his career who is looking beyond his days as a player, and thus is less invested in the team's success. As far as none of the current QBs being at the same talent level, I am not sure I agree. Granted, Rex looked bad in the Superbowl, but I can easily think of one other QB who looked worse: McNabb. He gave possibly the worst performance I've ever seen by a QB in the Superbowl, especially in the final quarter. I think McNabb, who is no stranger to controversy, could come in and pull a 'Ben Wallace' and tear apart a team with already poor leadership. And let's face it, McNabb is going nowhere, despite any and all rumors. At this point, after watching in what was admittedly garbage time, I would prefer Kyle Orton as QB. He has a great arm and was able to step up into the pocket and evade sacks much better than Rex or Griese.
So, shawman brown, evidently I am "crapin" you. Whatever that means.

now that is a stupid idea
1. he doesn't wanna be here!
2. poor leadership
3. bad media handaling
4. injury prone
5. complains too much
6. bad superbowl preformance
7. not that great of a QB anyway
8. id rather have Rex

How in the hell can you people say that you would rather have a guy who cant throw to the right team. Can't take the exchange from center. Who is about as mobile as the Jordan statue at the UC and is hurt at the end of every year that he has been in the league compared to a player who went to 3 straight conference title games and then the superbowl. yes he has had a lot of injuries but how many of those have been caused by him trying to return to soon. If we got McNabb we would instantly become legit contenders. Rex Suxxxxxxxxxxx

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