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Hester fined for facemask infraction

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Devin Hester took the offensive as a wide receiver in the season finale, and it's going to cost him.

The league announced Friday that Hester was fined $5,000 for unnecessary roughness stemming from the facemask penalty he was called for at the end of the first quarter. In trying to elude New Orleans Saints cornerback Jason Craft, Hester went to stiff arm him and instead got ahold of the facemask. A 15-yard penalty was called.

That was small compared to what the league delivered to Saints left tackle Jammal Brown. He was fined $25,000 for making impermissable contact with an official following a scrum in the first quarter after Bears linebacker Lance Briggs crunched receiver Marques Colston, resulting in an incomplete pass.

Brown threw a punch in the melee, but wasn't called for a penalty. Apparently, the league deemed he made contact at some point, resulting in the large fine.

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My Gawd. The Bears are dead, yet we are still talking about "Ifs and buts" like they are candy and nuts, as Dandy Don Merideth once said in a St. Louis Cardinal thrashing of the Dallas Cowboys in 1970. Jerry, and oh, Lovie Howell Smith... GET A QUARTERBACK, DO NOT PUT UNDO PRESSURE ON HIM BY STARTING HIM THE FIRST COUPLE OF YEARS AFTER YOU DRAFT HIM, AND LET HIM LEARN. BUT, FOR GOD'S SAKE, NOT BY GRIESE OR GROSSMAN!!! The Bear's brass and coaching staff are a bunch of fools if they think they are on the right path. At this rate, this staff and GM will never see the Super Bowl again, unless they too, buy over priced tickets...

You are a perfect example of a Bears supporter. You just want to see a team go out and perform well and win some games. Who doesn't? However Quarterback wasn't our problem this year. It was proven when Griese took Grossmans spot and when Orton play the last three games this season. All results were similar. Our running game wasnt as strong as recent years. Yet, once again it wasn't a big problem. Our problem this year and not to many people want to admit it. Our offensive line is OLD. They're are aged. This year just showed us how old they are getting. Defensively.. well it's pretty obvious to see that injuries hurt us ever since week 1 when we lost dusty dvorocek and mike brown. a couple weeks later down goes vasher for what might as well should've been a season ending groin strain. injuries all over and urlacher is beginning to show age. We all heard about his back issues this year, but still managed to get 5 sacks and 4 interceptions this season. Anyways, don't get off saying that a quarterback is our #1 issue because it isnt. Did anyone notice when grossman was playing we get a running game going and our playing calling decided to go passing all of a sudden? I say Ron Turner and his lacking ability to reconize momentum should be a good enough reason to fire him and bring in a OC that can coach that position well.

I've been saying that the line is old for two seasons now. They didn't block in 2006 like they did in 2005, let alone this season. Everytime I read Ruben Browns age somewhere it stays the same, but I think the guy has to be 37 years old. Fred Miller is what, 36? Even the best lineman(Kruetz) has been there longenough to have been drafted by the all mustache no brain coach, Dave Wanndstedt(Did I spell that right?). With over $20 millino in cap room this year they should make some changes up front. If there is one area that Chicago will overpay for it's the line. I think you'll see a good crop of free agents this year too.

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