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ESPN stacks up the all-time Super Bowl QB's

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PHOENIX—The story has been out for a few days and it’s worth taking a look at it if you haven’t seen it. ranks the 82 starting quarterbacks in the history of the Super Bowl.

From San Francisco’s Joe Montana in Super Bowl XXIV at the very top of the list all the way down to New England’s Tony Eason in Super Bowl XX. The Bears got after him in such a way he was gone during the second quarter after completing none of his six passes and losing a fumble.

His counterpart, Jim McMahon, came in at No. 21 as he was the first quarterback in Super Bowl history to rush for two touchdowns.

Rex Grossman? He came in at No. 62, one slot below ex-Bear Chris Chandler for his losing effort in Super Bowl XXXIII with Atlanta. Grossman was 20-for-28 for only 165 yards with one touchdown and two picks, one of which the Colts’ Kelvin Hayden returned 56 yards for a touchdown.

So, according to this list, Grossman was right in the middle of where the Super Bowl losing quarterbacks were stacked up. Some better. Some much worse.

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62 is in the middle of 82? Strange definition of middle there. He's in the bottom quarter- top of it, but bottom quarter all the same. And thats probably a fair assessment. Don't worry, he'll have Eli to keep him company very soon.

Now maybe Boomer will shut the h@@l up. If Rex was rated higher than you, then you should be silent for the remaing years of your life. Got that Thiesman?

it said right in the middle of the superbowl LOSING QBs not all of the superbowl QBs and that way yes he is right in the middle of the mix

No one said he was right in the middle of the list, the author said he was right in the middle of the LOSING quarterbacks. The losing QBs make up the bottom half of the list and Grossman is in the middle of the bottom half.

Hey Justin/Sahrish...

Please tell me how your arguing that he wasn't or was in the middle or not of LOSING QB's, make any difference about Rex?


Well here's for hopeing Kyle Orton can finish higher. GO BEARS!

i will tell you 1st off it just is annoying when people complain something is wrong when it isn't
and also I know im quite alone on this, but I think Rex is a good QB and I do want him to stay with the Bears
if Rex had a good O line and a go to reciever he would have done much better this past season
and i know one thing I dont want kyle or Brian as my QB

I heard we're doing away with the QB position this year and Hester's just going to run the option every play.

Rex is a good QB, Brian is a good QB, and Kyle is a good QB. What makes a bad QB? Do interceptions make a bad QB? Peyton Manning threw six interceptions against the Chargers this season in one game. Threw some more crucial ones in the playoff game. Tom Brady threw three in the playoff game. How about making a miraculous 4th quarter comeback drive? Brian did so (see Green Bay, Philly and Minnesota) as did Rex (see Denver). How about making virtually no mistakes like Kyle did against Green Bay and New Orleans? Like I said, we have some great talent at the QB spot regardless of Mariotti's doomsday columns. It's just a matter of the coaches letting them compete for the top job rather than simply anointing one the starter.

What makes a terrible QB is an offensive coordinator who forgets he has to call plays to win, not to up his resume', so he can get a college head coaching job, and lose 11 games a year. Wait a minute! TURNER HAS ALREADY DONE THIS ONCE!!!!I agree with Sahrish on all counts. Rex should stay. Brian is a marginal #2 at best. Give Orton a shot starting from game one, and let him roll with it! And get Lovie Howell Smith the heck out of here along with Boobich!!!!! Bring in here Singletary or Rivera, and try some new blood at the coordinator positions!!!! Heck, tell Angelo he has me to Head Coach. I'll do it for 1/20th what Howell Smith is doing it for!!! I'll get my cousin Jeff, who was an All American at UW-Osh-Kosh to be the Defensive Coordinator, and my cousin Jim to be the Offensive Coordinator. He is a construction worker that has lived through hernia and back surgeries and still has the moxie to get up and work damn hard every day of the week.

He said in the middle of the losing quarterbacks (which would be approximately the lower 41) -- not in the middle of all the QBs. 62 would be roughly in the middle of those ranked 42-82.

I still cannot understand why Grossman threw that pass that was run back for a touchdown. What the #@%^ was that? That pass alone puts him at the bottom. And is this ranking really fair to Eason? I mean did he really have a chance? I think he was a little better than Grossman. How about this..How would Rex have done against the 85 bears? Yikes

Hey yeah I vote for that dudes family to coach the Bears, why not. I think there was a similar idea for the Cubs a couple of years ago, a different fan each day would get to manage the team.

Interesting thing to think about as we are subjected to the Super Bowl hype. In general people and media seem to agree that Eli Manning is a pretty decent QB. No one is questioning whether or not he should be the Giants starter, no one is calling him the worst QB to start a Super Bowl, as they were with Rex. In fact I'd say that the treatment of the two by the media and fans alike is so different that you can't even compare the two.

But what is interesting is when you look at the two of them in their Super Bowl seasons, they are essentially identical.

Both had regular season ratings of 73.9. Both had just over 3,000 yards. Both had 23 TDs and 20 INTs. Both had 6 games with 2 or more INTs. The biggest difference is that Rex had 7 games with a rating of 100 or higher. Eli had 2. Rex was in his first year as a starter. Eli his 4th. Rex's team won 13 games. Eli's won 10.

For those who want to argue that Rex's criticism came because of the way he played late in the season, consider the fact that from week 14 through the NFC Championship game Rex had 7 TDs and 4 INTs, 3 of which came in a meaningless half of football against the Pack in week 17. So, in meaningful games he had 7 TDs and 1 INT.

It's just funny to see the media annoint Eli as finally "arriving" and taking a player like Rex, who had the same season, and throwing him under the bus and calling him the worst QB to start a super bowl.

I would love to see the seasons Grossman would have after 4 years of starting in an offense with Shockey, Jacobs, an O-Line and a 6'5 reciever in Burress.

Just some food for thought as Bear fans run Grossman out of town.

All I can hope for is that the Bears realize that Grossman, with the right parts around him, can be a very good QB in this league for a long time. Fortunately for Rex, I imagine a lot of teams think the same way and hope the Bears are dumb enough to let him go in favor of the Mighty Kyle Orton.

Kudos to Brandon from his call on Grossman. I think Eli will not be in the league for more than 8 years. I may be wrong, but you talk about a deer in the headlights look? Whoa....

Hello all my fellow Bears Fan. i hate to say this but I think we need to keep Rex and here is Why. If we pay out the eyeballs for say McNabb ( draft picks and with his salary) he will do no better then Rex, with no Offense line and with Turner calling the shots. We need to revamp the whole offense, so here is my plan ( it wont happen, but it does make some sense) First sign Rex to a 2 year deal with playing bonuses. The Lions are looking for a running back and want to get rid of Shaun Rodgers, so we trade Benson for Rodgers, straight up. Can you imagine him and Harris on the same line, plus we get rid of our big mistake. I think then we go after Michael Turner, it will cost us, but he would be worth it. I think then we get some Line help, sign the guy from the Steelers, and then draft some help. Get rid of all are recievers. Moose drops to many balls, and Bernard is not worth the 7 million a year. The time is ticking with the Defense so this could be a quick fix. I think then we fire turner. I think this is Lovies last year.. He is another Dick Jaron but instead he got a long contract. Go BEARS

Grossman has the arm to start on Sunday. However your QB has to be the smartest, hardest working sob on the team. He has to be willing to make changes to improve. Grossman has not shown any of the above. Will he do it in future... maybe, Trent Difer did and won a Super Bowl. He makes the same mistakes over and over regarding bad throws, bad decisions, and the fumbles. Any moron can see he seperates his hands on the snaps that are fumbled. Any moron can see that he holds the ball in one hand prior to throwing, so that if hit the ball comes free. Maybe I can join that guys family and he would make me QB coach.

Why do people still believe in Rex? This guy makes TERRIBLE decisions. He did it early in his career and still does it. Every QB is going to make mistakes, but the good ones learn from them and it happens less often. On top of that he got hurt AGAIN this year. This guy has had one healthy season...why would we want to keep him?? If you wanna give Orton a shot fine, but he's Trent Dilfer, he'll win if we have a dominant defense, but won't put the team on his back when we are down. This team needs TONS of help, I don't see how they will turn it around anytime soon.

Ryan the reason people still believe in him is because that one season we went to the superbowl and i say that speaks for itself
also we have other problems on the team as well
IF he had a good O line and that go to reciever than he would be fine
if we have him consistant effort he would return the favor
Rex works hard and he does learn from his mistakes as we saw when he came back from being benched he wasn't making the same mistakes
and I know that he will keep trying to get better and better
plus you have to admitt he has the arm and he is extremly tough

Rex extremely tough? ..???..Arm? Yeah. That's not the problem. If he was a hard worker he wouldn't have had to overcome so many mistakes that he put behind him only after being benched. When we were in the middle of our Super bowl season what were our needs on offense? The only need was that Rex would not show his Bad Rex persona. Now a season removed we have to tear down the whole offense and build around him. That doesn't make sense. I think it is foolhardy to blame half a team when the main person that was going backwards was the guy who could least afford to get worse. Face it: Rex didn't know that if his doo-doo stunk that he could be benched. If you knew that you couldn't be benched how much harder would you work to make sure that you weren't benched? If I remember, Rex said that he got totally away from football during his off-season after the super bowl and that no one even talked about football around him. Where did he say that he was at Halas Hall day in and day out and all he thought about was football? Sound to me like a guy who think about his job only during work hours which to some players might consist of training camp and the final game of the year. If a team paid me all the millions that these guys are paid I think it is prudent to eat ,sleep and breath football. Maybe if he had better devotion to it he would've gotten better before the season and not after it was almost over. Blame everyone else on offense, and maybe even the ball boy, but when does Rex deserve any blame?

William R. Donald
1st off we wouldn't have to rebuild any offense if our coaches were smart enough to build around a QB to start off with
and I agree that Rex had many bad games last season and I know all the Bears needed was a solid preformance from him most games, but that was then when we had a good O line and RB well who was better than Benson at least
now that year was really Rex's 1st real year it was almost like a rookie year
this would have been the year for him to develope and become much better, but what do we do? we get rid of our RB and hope Benson will be good, we have a aging O line who cant block for their lives, recievers who either don't try anymore or just got worse, and a defense who had too many injuries and was NOT the defense that the Chicago Bears should have
now I'd like to see ANY QB play with that and do well let alone a QB who is still deveoping
and I am not saying Rex doesn't deserve any blame everyone does equally, but it is wrong and unfair to put all the blame on rex when we clearly have more problems
and what about all the people who wanted Griese when Rex played bad look at how he played not so great either and hes a vetran
and Rex does care about football, he cares a lot and I know he doesn't want to be on the bench, but the Bears didn't show competition ever and that was messed up to start with
and NOW we have them saying we want stability at the position yet competition how is that even possiable
and thats why I will always want Rex to remain our QB

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