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Draft: Talented bunch of offensive tackles gets deeper

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Boise State's Ryan Clady announced on Tuesday he would forego his final season of eligibility to turn pro for the April draft.

Clady is viewed as a potential first-round pick, adding depth at a position the Bears have to address early after ignoring it in the draft for five years.

He becomes the sixth offensive tackle with credential to potentially be a first-round selection, meaning there will be some choices for Jerry Angelo at No. 14 should he opt for a tackle there.

Michigan's Jake Long is the cream of the crop. Vanderbilt's Chris Williams, Southern Cal's Sam Baker, Pitt's Jeff Otah and Nebraska's Carl Nicks could also warrant first-round grades.

Two intriguing junior prospects could add even more depth in Michael Oher of Ole Miss and Phil Loadholt of Oklahoma. Their status for the draft remains up in the air. The deadline for underclassmen to declare is Jan. 15.

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I still say DaBears can find starters at OT in the 2nd and 3rd rounds...

Stewart or Mendenhall in the first round...I honestly hope there isn't a run on RB's...cuz after these guys work out...oh boy

RexandCed had a lot to do with how our O line looked....the entire offense had chemistry the last two games...imagine that

The O line needs to be addressed, but let's get down to the real problem....RexandCed

Nobody is gonna beat Orton out...and we need another RB

It is plenty of quality offensive lineman available in free agency. The bears should take the best available player in the first round ie.. Felix Jones, Mendehall, K Philipps.

I understand that the Cardinals have declared Leinart to be the starter next year. Why don't da Bears trade for Kurt Warner to come in a start? He ended up in the NFL's top ten for QBs and seems to still have the fire and ability to play well and win. Any QB you draft will be a few years away from really being able to contribute. Warner would also fill that role of developing young QBs.


No more underachiever bums from Texas, puleeeeeeeeeze!

hey dan, vasher is from texas and his far from an underachieving bum

The Bears are sitting pretty with the 14th pick in the draft, hopefully they could pick up Clady and if they could get Andersen for the 2nd round pick and one next year they'd should have no problems picking up a good RB and solid O line, especially if they lose Briggs and Berrian which if I'm correct could give them as many as 5 picks in the 3rd round.

Two years ago Angelo drafted only defensive players and out of that came the most feared offensive player in football in Hester. Just think, if Angelo were to really concentrate on the offense, the Bears might be serious contenders. Don't hold your breath Chi-town!

after watching the bowl games i would really like the bears to try and sign michael turner from san diego, a scary talented running back, one or two of the best offensive lineman in free agency, then the best offensive tackle left at pick 14 when they draft. in the second round, and let me know if you think i am two high on this guy, i would really like them to take chad henne , the qb from michigan.

Da Bears need Owen Schmitt.

One suggestion I would love to see the Bears consider. Draft
Maualuga USC linebacker. Trade whoever you have to and get this
guy. I've watched him play four times, he's the fastest, smartest
most intense player in college.
The offensive line needs to be restocked. I don't care who you are at RB or QB, you're not going anywhere without a line. But
it's been proven time and again you can find good quality OL
later in the draft.
You can't lose if the other team can't score. Defense is still
the priority for the Bears identity. I don't care what their
record is, they aren't the Bears if they can't put a stout proud
defense on the field.
Let Berrian go. He gave up on patterns causing INT's. He doesn't know how to come back to the ball causing INT's. He's simply not
a disciplined reciever and doesn't deserve Number 1 reciever
contract money. He's a 2 at best.
What I saw this year was the team being close on the scoreboard,
but if you had watched the game you never really felt we were in
control or even confident the "D" was about to crank it up. I truly wonder if it is a deeper problem, like the coaching.

This was a confusing and confounding year. How can a team fall
apart this fast and so totally.
We shouldn't be to encouraged by these last two games. It's called
a losers run. After you beat someone racing and you shut down he
makes a run by you.

So let's re-ignite the "D" and get a running back and O line.
Is that too much to ask?

Angelo/the Bears have a complete inability to identify offensive talent, period. He hasn't drafted a single impact offensive player, you could say Hester, but noone knew he would be this good and he was drafted as a KR/CB, not a WR, which we still don't know if he can be. Whether its the scouting dept, Lovie or Angelo, I dont know, but the Bears have drafted horribly on offense for as long as I can remember and I don't see how that will change. It's been 5 years of Grossman being hurt and bad, and they still think he can compete for a job?! Are you serious!? Same thing with Benson, he doesn't break tackles and has had 4 injuries in 3 seasons, even if he was a stud, he can't stay healthy. Berrian is the best they have done and he is good as gone so they will have zero talent at the WR position outside of Hester who is NOT an every down wideout. They should just take the best O lineman on the board at 14 because its a less risky position to draft, but realistically, this team needs a major overhaul when it comes to talent evaluation. I will give Angelo credit for drafting a lot of outstanding defensive and ST players, but we don't have a top tier guy at any offensive skill position (maybe Olsen eventually, but not without someone to get him the ball).

I know we need a major overhaul on offense, but why is knowone talking about the offensive and defensive Coordinators?? If I have to watch Ron Turner call one more end around or screen pass to Hester. I mean my mom knew those plays were coming when he was on the field. He has no idea how to utlize the tight ends especially Olsen. Just as the 85' Bears looked after Ryan left is the same way our defense looked this year. I don't feel they were playing motivated all year and I know injuries had a part, but they looked awful against the run and no better against the pass. We need get someone with an offensive mind on this team, if we can't play D the same as we used to, we at least better be able to score. Lets not kid ourselves either, if you take Hester out of the picture we would have had 3 wins this year.

I think Kyle Orton has as good a chance of being a very good QB as any of the young guys out there. He is a good ball control QB and is well suited for the Bears WHEN THEY HAVE A RUNNING GAME. He doesn't make a lot of mistakes. I don't think another Chris Chandler (McNabb, Werner, etc.) who can give the Bears a couple of years is the answer.

You guy's are all messed up. It's CLEAR DA need Offensive linemen!
Look at the teams with good running backs opening holes trucks could drive through, DA had NO HOLES OPENED except to let sack men through to kill our QB's

Stop the nonsense about drafting a Lineman in the later rounds. Best players that I have seen in the Bowl games. All the USC Linebacker, the Running Back from East Carolina (Johnson), Sam Baker (Left Tackle) USC, Long (Michigan),Mendenhall and Schmidt.

I want Lineman that have a Nasty attitude who are going to fire of the ball.

I want Running Backs who can Catch, Block and who can Break Tackles. A Running Back who can do three of those is rare these days for the Bears to draft see Curtis Ennis, Benson and Saleem.

I also have a word of advice for Angelo. Do not draft people and sit them down for a year. This is not College! In the last 2 drafts how many Bears Draft Choices have been put on the so called IR for the year? This is crazy if you want these players to Sit and Learn then draft them as Free Agents and if they don't cut the mustard then cut there fannies.

Angelo! Please draft people who are going to contribute right away.

Omg yes, we so desperately need o-linemen. The reason this offense looked better in the final games was because Terrence Metcalf got replaced by John St. Clair.

I say we need to go in a different direction with a new offensive coordinator. Run turner's is not a consistant good play caller, and lacks creativity. He's too conservative to the point that the players feel restraint in that offense.

i agree with getting o lineman. if our o-line was at least decent this past season, we would have beaten the patriots in the super bowl. grossman can make big plays if he has time and protection. look how great tom brady has played all season. its because he had protection. in the super bowl he was rushed, sacked, and just plain pressured. he did not look like the same quarterback. am i the only one that thinks benson should be playing fullback instead of halfback? benson is not a running back! ron turner should definatly be replaced. is there another reason that adam archuletta is on the bears other than the fact that he used to play with lovie before?

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