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Countdown to the draft: 100 days

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Pitchers and catchers are less than a month away from reporting to spring training ... but more importantly the countdown to the NFL draft is at 100 days.

That gives you enough time for, what, a few dozen mock drafts to enjoy, study or just plain mock.

The bowl season the pro scouts are most interested in, the all-star games, is heating up. The East-West Shrine game will be played Saturday in Houston. Senior Bowl practices begin next week in Mobile, Ala., leading into the game Jan. 26. The Texas vs. The Nation game will be held Feb. 2 in El Paso.

Teams are beginning to refine their scouting, paring lists down and taking closer looks at players. The real information being sought is the medical evaluations which come out of the combine next month in Indianapolis.

100 days to go until the Miami Dolphins go on the clock with the No. 1 pick.

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The Bears have spent years on the defensive side of the ball, now it's time to stockpile large angry O-Linemen, find RB to compete to many to choose from why spend FA money on someone else. Lower college div.'s have good prospects at QB [Delaware] some DII linebackers could be great finds at safety. get creative

I agree. OL is the prime target. Since Jake Long will be long gone at 14, the Beloved should get the next OL on the list, which should be 'Boonk' Loadholt out of Oklahoma. Hopefully he will last to 14. I would even welcome a trade to lower in the first round and adding a second rounder and taking nothing but offensive linemen, with a safety thrown in for good measure.

A lot of draft experts have the drafting a QB in 1st round. I think that would be a big mistake. They do need to draft a QB, but I think they draft a QB with the idea that he would sit for at least one year and learn the system as well as what it takes to play the position in the NFL. For some reason I like idea of Ainge out of Ten. Maybe they can get him with one of their 3rd round picks. He is a big kid (6'-5") that is athletic and has gotten better each year at a big time program. Also, if the Bears don't seriously consider taking a LT in the 1st then I will be very dissappointed. The LT position is deep this year so take advantage of it. I know I would sleep better at night with Tait moved back over to RT and St. Clair at the swing tackle. Plus they could cut Miller and recoup even more cap room while getting younger.

O-line should have been a priority two years ago. Never should have drafted Benson.

It was Benson or Mike Williams(out of the league)

We didnt need O-Line 3 years ago.

I trust Angelo to do a good job of finding the right playeers. I am more concerned that our coaching staff does not have a clue how to best use them. Lovies choices for assistants has not been very good. The play calling on both sides of the ball has been terrible at times. The only assistant that has any abitity to adjust when things are not working is our special teams coach. Babich reminds me of Elmer Fudd and Turner resembles Goofy. Together they make a good cartoon. Without good coaching we are doomed next year regardless of what player we draft and get through free agency.

Go Bears

Sign a LT, draft a guard, and a new qb or rb

we need Michael Haynesworth,Michael Turner, And keep Mike brown! I like Garret wolfe.. he and hester can share the 3rd wide reciever position. Keep Berrian as a number 2wr he shouldnt be getting that big money yet and he shouldnt be franchised. We need to get some veteran o line players we don't need any more Columbos. Spend some cash and get a #1 wr thru the draft or just steal one. Orton is solid enough to be better than Derek Anderson with a good o-line...Draft a qb 4th or 5th round no pressure no franchise no qb beefing...dump grossman...why cant we ever even have a billy volek!!

We need O lineman. Big and mean and, even better, smelly. Also don't forget we need a safety, as Mike Brown should be getting injured by Sepy 28th

Da offenisive line is old and depleted. Pick up a couple of OL from FA and draft a couple for them to learn. Drafting a RB is a must. Cut ties with Benson. Keep Wolfe, he's swift. And QB?? Get him in the later rounds. A montana-like pick should be there.

the oline is a must... orton can be as strong as derek would you like to be orton? go what 9-1 as a rookie and then become third string behind two far as the eric ainge a chicagoian now living in nashville. i ahve been to several games to see him play the last few years...he aint worth a penny...he is a wanna be thug that cant read a defense for anything...a ton of his success has been from the yards after the catch the recievers got... keep orton...let him throw the ball down the field more

Conway... I guess you're responding to my post. Let me clear it up for you. Our OL was adequate 2 yrs ago. But they were aging fast and it was obvious they wouldn't hold up well much longer. Everyone says the OL is now inadequate and should be the top priority. That's because Lovie did not take action when it was needed, which was over the last two seasons. Bringing in good young talent then would have given us a stronger OL last season and even stronger next season. Your comment about Benson is too silly to respond to.

Bears first four draft picks should be Left Tackle, Running Back, Receiver, Guard. Need Safety and QB prospect (not a midget).

Let's not forget that the Bears need a playmaking wide receiver as well. I'm not sure if they will resign Berrian. But even if they do, Muhammed is over the hill. So unless the Bears can find a wide receiver to sign, they should look to the draft to fill this position. I agree though that O-line is critical as well.

Here is exactley what the Bears need to do:

Sign FAs:
- Michael "The Burner" Turner- perfect fit; a hard nose runner who will not demand an ungodly amount of money. Look how he ran over the number one run D in the league (Indianapolis) last weekend. He can finally show Benson just how worthless he really is, since Thomas Jones apparently din't convince him enough.

- Alan Faneca- Perfect compliment to work aside Olin Kreutz and to replace a much aging Reuban Brown. He is young, smart, and has all the tenascity you need from an O-lineman and just wants out of Pittsburgh. This would also free up Beekman to compete for Roberto Garza's job who showed too many vulnerabilties last year.

- Max Starks- Here is your youthful and already proven tackle evryone is calling for so much. He is young, huge and has tremdous upside. The Bears can replace him with Fred Miller's bloated salary and overated talent. He would also definatley benefit from working alongside his old teammate in Faneca.

The Draft (now that the O-line and RB positions are taken care of):
1st round- Pick the final (top three) QB available (probably Andre Woodsen). Let him groom and sit for a year while Rex and Kyle massage the Bears offense.

2nd round- Frank Okam (DT)- I cannot beleive the Bears management and coaching are completing ignoring the nose tackle position which is the main culpret in letting blockers bury our LBs, while allowing mediocre running to reach our secondary with ease. Does anyone remember the 2001 season (hint: Ted Washington)? We need a big, strong player like Okam to free up our playmakers (Urlacher, Harris, Brown, etc). On paper it may look like we have depth, but c'mon, who are we kidding? Dusty has been put on IR the last two years and has exactley 38 minutes of NFL time, and Anthony Adams/Darwin Walker are soft. I brightest hope at this position right now is a practice squad player, c'mon!!!!

Both 3rd round picks- need to pick the best SS and LB with these two picks. Briggs is gone and who are we kidding? Jamar Williams is NOT the answer! The weakside linebacker position (in Lovie's defense) is nothing like the strong side linebacker spot, which only requires a mediocre athlete such as Hunter. All fans (especially Bear's fans) know within the first few games if a linebacker has it, and unfortunately Jamar isn't it. Like the weakside linebacker postion, the strong saftey postion must be addressed with Mike Brown's injurys up in the air. I love Mike to death but we must draft another hard/smart hitter like him who can stay healthy. Trading away Chris Harris was a mistake and Kevin Payne is very raw and unproven. Archa...who, don't make me laugh.

4th round: Not a great WR, but a saftey net to who ever will be tossing the ball around Soldier Field. Perferably a Bobby Engram/Jeff Graham type WR.

5th-7th: the best available picks for OL, LB, and DB

Study this and then tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. If anyone has any way of sending this to the Bears management/coaching staff, please get this to them ASAP, before the already inflated heads get bigger. This will not only save Lovie's/Jerry's jobs, but will enable the Bears to build a real dynasty. Patriots? Who needs em!!!!!

Garret Wolfe won't last but another few seasons. Just way too small to play in the NFL - How many guys do you see at the pro level who are 5'7 177 lbs TB do you see in the NFL. No he is not freakishly great just a little guy who was able to run rings round everyone at NIU = way too small I know this kid ran crazy at NIU but look at his compention? Not much at all and certainly not the NFL. If this kids makes it another year with out being cut I will be surprise. Also should beef up the Ofensive Line. Cut Grossman lose as he is the worse QB untalented, cant take the ball from the snap half the time. Put Orton in until they can get a quality QB either via free agency or perhaps draft.

I think the big problem with the defense was injury's if the Bears could keep everyone on the field they could still have a good defense. I think Jamar Williams will be a good replacement for Lance Briggs. In the two starts Williams had this year he was impressive vs Green Bay on Oct 7th Williams led the Bears with 13 tackles. I think the offseason should be spent on the offense. First sign Turner the Burner then draft Jeff Otah or Sam Baker plug them in at Left tackle insert Josh Beekman at left guard move Tait to right tackle and the o-line will be younger, stronger, and better. And if you notice the better the running game the better Turners offense is and the better the QB play will be that and hopefully the defense staying healthy I think the Bears will be back on top of the NFC North GO BEARS.

Hey Dustin, look in the mirror to see someone with an inflated head. If you've lived through the 1970's you'd feel as I do about these Bears. They will be fine with a few adjustments in key areas. All I need is a competitive team that is fun to watch and plays hard nosed football. Benson is a bust, other than that there are no real major issues. Get a RB that can give a second and third effort on their runs and the offense with start to come around. Have a little more faith in the group that just took our team to the Super Bowl one year ago. A little grace is more that earned by this team. It's entertainment...that's all. Enjoy.

1st rd pick:Off Tackle Lt

2nd rd pick:Off Guard RG

3nd rd pick: RB or Saftey

4th rd pick: DT or LB

5th Thru 7th: backup!!!

If Andrew Woodson is available the Bears SHOULD draft him. The numbers this kid put up at Kentucky with limited weapons makes him a prized QB in the draft! He is big, has a strong arm, and the intangiables that will make him a great player as early as the 2008 season! Sign Faneca. Get a big reciever in the 3rd round. Let Moose go! Address the tackle position in later rounds. Grab Ray Rice to compete with Bendson and were back in the Super Bowl next year. Has anyone else been as SICK as I am at the Packers success?

Philip Loadholt at 14 overall???? Hopefully he'll *last* til 14???? Seriously? He has a better chance of being there for the Bears in the 2nd round than he does being picked in the top 13 overall.

How 'bout dem Cowboys! I hate Dallas most of all, just wanted to share that with everyone. I also hate SF, Oak. In our division I hate Minn the most. Having the Packers in the playoffs and winning is a good thing. It should be good motivation for Lovie's soft, underachieving Bearlets. Maybe next season we'll see a team worthy of being called the Bears. The players will have to do it on their own. Lovie can't coach for crap.

The Bears need to Resign Briggs (although I don't think this will happen)and Berrian, Then sign Alan Faneca..Draft the best OT at 14th...a ball hawking,hard hitting Saftey in the 2nd, Draft a QB to groom in the 3rd, and a sleeper type running back from a small school, my suggestion is Kevin Smith from UCF. I've had the opportunity to see this guy live on a couple of games, and on TV. This guy runs hard every play, and always seems to break one tackle on each carry. He has good hands coming out of the backfield, and does pretty well in pass protection. The Only question I have is in reguards to his speed, but he had alot of big runs, and I can't remember anyone catching him from behind. Finding a nice possession reciever in the later rounds would be great.

Just what has Orton done wrong not to get the starting QB job? Seems to me he has never let the team down and deserves a shot. Put him in and draft a good young QB in the latter rounds who can take over in time. Then put the draft picks into the O line, a new RB and SS.

Any nut that thinks Woodson is the QB of the future didn't watch many games. I am a Chicago transplant in Nashville and I saw Woodson and Ainge. I DON'T THINK SO!! these guys are not repeat are not NFL type QB's the real QB's will be there at round 3. OL and RB, the defense can be tailored to fit personnel if the coaches earn their pay. Let Briggs go they drafted two straight years for this(were you paying attention i.e. Okowo,Williams) they have talent and speed already. Year after year on defense now give offense infusion of youth and talent by drafting offense early and often. TACKLES AND GUARDS BIG AND BIGGER. There are a ton of running backs. DON'T BLOW IT JERRY!!

Dustin and Jo you two dimwits need help Faneca, Starks and Turner.Faneca and Starks are someone elses when do the Bears groom and train their own. The Bears are cheap they are not going to spend all that money. Do you really trust a team that drafts Gross-man, Columbo and Benson. All the daydreaming that you do Dustin you need a girlfriend or something you can fix this mess like the good teams do draft it, only Starks makes sense while you groom a high draft choice. Woodson and Ainge what a reach. Woodson stares down a reciever, Ainge is clueless like you. Draft to the strength of the draft don't try to be smarter than everyone else. There are OL and RB's everywhere (don't go back to Texas)even Angelo can find a good back: McFadden,Hart,Stewart,Mendenhall, Slaton,Jones etc.

ya know djssr some of these people are just having a fun passionate conversation about there so you might want to ease up on the insults. I realise that u do have have a clue but you could be talking to kids, so cmon keep it to sports not personal,so take your own advice and dont try to be smarter than everyone else ya know! GO BEARS

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