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Browns QB Anderson might not make it to market

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Not that the Bears were going to be a bidder for the services of Cleveland quarterback Derek Anderson anyway ... but it looks like the Browns are going to make a run at re-signing him longterm which would keep him off the market altogether.

Anderson will be a restricted free agent starting March 1, and the Browns are expected to tender him with the highest offer, which would give them the right of first refusal and first- and third-round draft picks as compensation should he sign elsewhere.

But word out of Cleveland is the Browns will look to get something done with Anderson, while also taking care of coach Romeo Crennel.

Anderson was hot for much of the season but performed poorly down the stretch when the Browns lost out on a playoff spot. It's a tough decision for Cleveland with first-round pick Brady Quinn waiting in the wings.

The Browns have already made it know they would listen to offers for Anderson, who threw 29 touchdowns and was named a Pro Bowl alternate.

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Yea, that's what any reasonable team would do. When a player, especially a QB, is showing the stuff you don't let them leave. The Browns don't know what they have with Brady Quinn yet (P.S. Anyone find it silly how Quinn is in two commercials (Subway and something else) w/o having done zilch in the NFL?). I heard a certain clown GM had a proven RB and a hard-hitting safety that he practically gave away and now his team is 7-9. Honestly though, Jones would not have done much better behind this O-line! Maybe catch a few more passes than CB and that's it.

I do not want Anderson! Please sign and draft OLine first and foremost. Stop this nonsense.

So we get Anderson who is going to run the ball and who is going to catch the ball?

I see Brad Biggs is still taking his stupid pills

Good I hope he does get signed. He is not that good, probably the most overrated qb in the league. The Browns focused on improving their O-Line last year which worked (HINT) and then it helped Anderson. Please start worrying about getting rid of HORRID Fred Miller and some other old linemen. I don't want Anderson or McNabb. We need to focus on a line and a RB before we starting drafting a bad quarterback (yes Rex/Kyle are better now than the top 3 college qbs that will be in the draft) or get one in Free Agency (McNabb is injury prone and has only maybe another good year and Anderson is an average quarterback). Focus on a line, RB and THEN get a quarterback to compete for the starting job.

I feel that if we draft a safety then Mike Brown will suddenly be Mr. Ironman and will never get injured again. Archuleta is a glorified special teams role-player and needs to have his contract re-negotiated in order to stay on the team as a third-stringer. It would be nice if he could gain some weight to play a little linebacker/blitzing safety but I doubt it with his back. Moose needs to wake up and smell the retirement home. Bradley and Hester need more time at WR and Olsen needs a much bigger role. O-Line is a priority but only if available. Remember Mark Columbo? We cant afford to waste a first-round pick on another flop (although he seems to be doing well with the Cowboys, typical Bears luck). Draft should go as follows:
Hard-hitting safety or physical WR
O Tackle
Hard Hitting safety or physical WR, whichever we didnt just get
D Tackle
Whatevers left, Angelo and Lovie do a good job of finding late talent no matter what position
Whatevers left

In free agency we HAVE to get a PROVEN running back in Fred Taylor, Michael Turner looks great on paper but has never consistently played a season of 20 carry games. Benson would get what he deserves, 5-10 carries a game and NO attention in the passing game. Trading for McNabb is stupid and the Browns would ask too much for Anderson so sports writers need to jump off those trains right now. I cant think of the name of the pro-bowl guard the steelers might give up to free agency but that would be nice. We need to say bye-bye to Fred Miller and fill in that hole at RT. This team is not terrible and isn't too far from a playoff run.

Bears offseason needs to comprise of re-signing Bernard Berrian, make a serious pitch at Lance, and try to either get Fred Taylor or Michael Turner to push Benson. Restructure Mike Brown's contract with a more incentive laden deal based on snaps played. Hopefully, Jake Long (LT) will be available when Bears pick so they can move John Tait to his natural position at right tackle. Sign Alan Faneca in the offseason and draft a young offensive guard, along with a safety,wide reciever, and running back in the first 4 rounds. Muhsin can come back at a lower fee to continue to groom Hester and Bradley. Bring Rex back and let him compete with Orton for starting qb position. Release Brian Griese,Darwin Walker,Fred Miller,Adam Archuleta, and honestly Ron Turner because he doesn't know how to utilize his assets. Bring in someone like myself that can create matchup problems with Olsen's speed and quickness, along with Devin elusiveness.

Its time the Bears stop giving jobs away and start making players compete for them. Get some serious players via free agency and the draft and have everyone in camp compete and actually hit for a change. In free agency I look for a good Offensive tackle like Jordan Gross or Max Starks if he's healthy. We also need to jump all over Michael Turner or Julius Jones. If Benson can't beat either of them out which he won't then he has to return to his role of 06. A backup battering ram which he isn't that bad at. We have several players on the bubble that might not make it to mini camp like Archuleta, Fred Miller, Darwin Walker, and Moose if he won't restructure. In the draft we have to look for a playmaking safety cause who knows whats gonna happen with Mike Brown. I'm not gonna waste my time guessing a draft order cause Angelo typically takes the best player available except last year where he reached on everyone except Olsen. I'd jump all over Andre Woodson if he is available at 14. He could be the future at the position. Orton deserves a shot at starting if he can win the job in camp. But the Bears had better be active in free agency or its gonna be a long road back to Glory for Lovie and Angelo.

Mattchew, I do not like Andre Woodson. System QB with a Weak arm and that goes the same for Dennis Dixon as well.Iwould rather have Matt Flynn then Andre Woodson. Hell I would even take the Quaterback from Georgia instead. Andre Woodson is a nice college quarterback at best.

Please do not Draft a QB in the 1st round whoever is this thinking should be locked away. The Bears have way too many holes.
Like I keep saying would you trust this Coaching staff to develop a Quarterback ? If you don't draft a lineman then draft a Running Back aznd Angelo please do not take the Charles kid from Texas! Also does anybody know if the Running Back who scored twice against Hawaii coming out?

I like Gross. I do not know much about Starks? I do not know how old he is? No more signings of 30 year old lineman.

Also word to Lovie Smith, Devin Hester will no way become a Number 1 Wide Receiver. Why do the Bears continue to play with people and turn them into things they are not. What happens if Hester catches one of those typical Bears 4 yard passes and gets laid out and can not comeback? You then take away field position because the Bears have nobody else who the opposition can fear kicking the ball to. ALSO Hester can not block worth a darn. You know already that I do not like the Moose but he is a decent run blocker for a WR.

GO AFTER BRADY QUINN! He is as good a QB prospect as there is in this year's draft, he played in a pro-style offense under Charlie Weis and Ty Willingham, he is a big, strong guy, has a year in the NFL watching under his belt, and could be ready to go right now. He could be our franchise quarterback. Offer Cleveland your first round pick and we get him and move on to running back.

Dear Mr. Angelo, (and cc Lovie for good measure)

The Bears shouldn't worry about drafting a quarterback in the first three rounds. If McNabb isn't availble, Resign Rex and have him and Orton compete while Greise observes. No upside to having him in the game. Also, consider giving Benson another shot as the starter (as crazy as it sounds), but try to sign someone else who could potentially start and help out the cause. No RB could produce with that blocking last season...

In the 1st round, get a physical / speedy playmaker who can move the chains. Draft a lineman in the 2nd and 4th round, and sign 1 more via free agency. (OVERHAUL!!)

Mike Brown should be the opening day starter, but make sure you acquire a player who can fill his shoes. Send Archuleta to Jupiter, and do your best to retain Briggs. And please hold on to Alex Brown.
Thank you!

Basically I agree with the rest of the folks here, 1st off Faneca would be a great pickup, followed by drafting Jake Long we need fresh blood on the O-line, as far as backs go if Rice from Rutgers goes pro let's do it. Now for Q-backs it may sound like a reach but can why pry Omar Jacobs away from the Steelers, he was pretty productive in college. Please do not re-sign Grossman, he's garbage but the Bears will do it annyway cause no one wants to admit they made a mistake. Lance can go, remember he replaced Colvin who was suppossed to be irreplaceable...we find parts to fit the system. Archuleta's horrible but then again we knew that. Mike Brown is through can we draft a safety please because after pre-season who knows how long Brown's going to hold up. Also can we hire Cam Camron to run our offense? Can we fire Benson, oh my God you can't even trade him in Madden!!!

To the McCaskeys and Jerry Angelo; if you want to keep Ron Turner, adopt him already. He was a terrible OC when he was here before and still did not show anything at Illinois. Lovie; The Rex experiment is over already. Even with a great O line he does not posess the skills to win a Super Bowl, give one away, yes, win one, no. Do something with that 1st draft pick, like trade it for Brady Quinn or moving up in the draft and pick a QB in the draft. Stay away from Anderson, system player who was about to get cut in pre-season. Try to sign Briggs but don't go overboard on the guy. Matter of fact same goes for Berrian, but at least get one of them. Put Benson on notice by bringing in another RB (unfortunatley, pretty sure its not going to end well with him i.e.BUST) Get the O line squared away. McNabb will likley cost us too much and in the end may not be around here long (especially if the O Line is not addresssed. But in the end all good football management types know it all begins with a franchize QB!!

Can we get back to the subject?LoL. QB? Do not sign Derrick Anderson.Miller time 24/7 is absolutly right.Re sign Rex at an incentive price and have him back up the real QB OUT OF THE BUNCH kLYE oRTON!He shows leadership on the field.I hope the bears will sign Faneca.Also get another LT through draft or free agentcy.

I'm liking the post that are out there! Let me throw this name out there:Wr Malcom Kelly of Oklahoma. 6-4 with good speed. He can move the chains!

But more than likely we will draft an OL(EVEN if we sign 1 or 2, we need to upgrade depth at the line and get some youth there) and Angelo will make inquires about Fred Taylor and Turner (who I much rather have) but I got a feeling he is going to go the convential route and sign someone lower tier (Julius Jones?) Hopefully Angelo will extend Tommie AND Devins Contracts this offseason and make an attempt to bring back at least 1 of the Berrian/BRIGGS unrestricted free agents. We aren't that far away, but we definetly have holes that needs to be filled...

but please, for the love of everything HOLY...LET GO OF ARCHULETTA!!! Way overpriced and doesn't have it anymore. I can only hope and pray that Mike Brown comes back (with a restructed incentive laiden deal) and plays a whole season. And while were at it, redo the contract (or let him go) Darwin Walker and Fred Miller, albeit Fred played with injuires all year and that is the reason for his horrible play. But if he doesn't redo his deal, i'd let him go too. Keep Moose (redo his as well) Bring back Rex with an incentive laiden deal as well, let go/trade Griese and I think we can bounce back next year...

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