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Briggs passes on Pro Bowl

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It could very well be Lance Briggs wore a Bears helmet for the final time on Dec. 30 against the New Orleans Saints.

The linebacker backed out of the Pro Bowl on Tuesday. He had an ailing groin muscle at the end of the regular season, although it was not believed to be serious and he played down the stretch. The league didn’t specify a reason for the decision, which led to Greg Ellis being named as the 13th Dallas Cowboy to the NFC roster. That is an NFL record.

Briggs, a three-time Pro Bowl selection, also backed out of the all-star game last February. The Bears will now be represented by two players—returner Devin Hester and special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo.

Briggs will be an unrestricted free agent beginning Feb. 29.

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He must make dinner for his family he has to feed.

Man Lance if you need money that bad take the family to Hawaii on a paid vacation by the NFL..

The pro bowl is retarded...who cares.

no way dallas should have 13 players in the pro bowl

way to go briggs give cowboys another selection they really need that

we got great talent besides briggs anyways. If he doesn't want to be a bear then let him go. He's useless to our system. Our big mistake was that we got rid of Thomas Jones last year for Benson who is no where near pro caliber status. Way to Go Angelo and crew.

Hey now, take it easy on Lance Romance. He needs to feed his family of countless children on 7+ million dollars. Hey can't seem to afford Trojans though......

I also agree with Dan, and I am a Cowboy fan. The Pro Bowl is an All Star game for the NFL. They should have a rule like MLB where at least 1 player from each team is recognized....

Who actually watch the pro bowl? The ones I've caught has nothing to do with football or at least the announcers don't act like it does. I respect the guy for not being exploited by the NFL who would blow him rasberry kisses if he hurt himself worse in a meaningless game. Plenty of guys opt out of it. Tommy Harris did and no one mentioned that. Briggs played for the BEARS and US until the last game which was about as meaningless to the standings as this game so why diss him now? He was hurt and could have sat out the season with 3 games to go and for whatever his reasons were he did what he was supposed to. Now with Urlacher recovering from "minor" surgery we'll find out soon enough how much our system can get over his loss.

Willaim, I am not just dissing him NOW. I have been dissing him since his crybaby attitude towards being labeled a franchise player! He is an over paid, crybaby. The $7,000,000+ money he recived as a Franchise tagged player was just the beginning of his big payday. He did not realize that, and kept on making illigetimate babies. He is an idiot. And I'd tell him that to his face.

Also any man that tells another man that he's an idiot to his face or even over the phone needs to be able to take a swift kick in his testys. What business is it of yours to tell someone that they are an idiot just because from a great distance they made you mad? Someone telling another man something ignorant like that is way more idiotic than the man is. You say that stuff with such bravado. Everyone is tough typing on keyboards.

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