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Briggs: "It's just business and I've got to provide for my family"

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Lance Briggs has been laying low in Chicago since the season ended and his headed to Arizona, where he recently purchased a home, next week. His arrival will coincide with Super Bowl week in Phoenix. Briggs visited with Andrew Siciliano and Krystal Fernandez on FOX GameTime Live Tuesday evening.

Here are some highlights from he radio interview:

Siciliano: You're going back to Arizona next week, you'll run into all of your friends. They're going to ask you, where are you going to be next year. What are you going to tell them?

Briggs: I'm going to tell them I don't know right now. I don't know, I can't say, but wherever it is, I'm going to be happy.

Siciliano: Brian Urlacher said that he doesn't think you'll wear the No. 55 for the Bears again. Did you hear him say that and do you believe him?

Briggs: I know exactly why he said it. I think that comes from the fact that the organization, the Chicago Bears, aren't for putting up that large amount of money. Especially for two guys at the same position. From what I know the price is going to be up there.

Siciliano: Is it good business to pay two linebackers that kind of money?

Briggs: It is when you want to build a championship. You know, you've got two guys that have proven themselves and have proven that they play well together. You have special cases. For here in Chicago, me and Brian have been playing next to each other and have been playing well. If there's one thing that you want to keep, is keep that core.

Siciliano: From a public relations standpoint, can the Bears stand to pay you more than No. 54, the face of the franchise?

Briggs: Hey, why not pay me this year? Pay Brian next year or pay Brian next year and pay me next year. It doesn't matter what order, as long as it gets done.

: Do you want to come back?

Briggs: I do. I do, if the situation is right. You know, if it's a fair deal. If it's a fair deal, I'd come back, yeah. I've come to love Chicago, I love the city. I love the people. I love my teammates. It's just business and I've got to provide for my family. You never know when that last day of football is.”

For the record, with Briggs earning $7.206 million through the franchise tag this past season, the Bears committed 13.35 percent of the salary cap to starting linebackers Briggs, Urlacher and Hunter Hillenmeyer. That percentage could be lowered with a longterm contract depending on how the deal was structured, but probably not by a lot as the three-time Pro Bowler is seeking big bucks. Free agency opens in 36 days on Feb. 29.

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Briggs is a success due to the system and to playing next to Urlacher. He can be replaced for far less money.

provide for his family. ha! he's already done that. what bs. he's looking to provide for his ego.

I don't know about anyone else but I'm offended when athletes (I'm talking about the multi-million dollar varieties) say that they need to provide for their family like they are on the verge of losing their house or that he's having trouble putting food on the table. Give me a break. What exactly is he providing? 3 summer homes, 14 jet skis, an olympic size swimming pool, and a NASA trip to outer space. That is offensive to everyone who struggles to make a living.

Briggs is making the first big mistake, listining to that agent of his. Everything he has to say is about money. He made 7.1 mill last year for a team that won 7 games. Urlacher is the key, and Briggs will not get the money he thinks he will. Let him go and sign some OL. The guy is good, but does he change games. Just look at sacks and INT's, Briggs has very few of either.


See Ya Lance. You can take the money and run. The Bears will be fine without you and your high price tag. By the way, be sure to take Urlacher out to eat before you speed out of town. You owe everything to him. You have above average talent tackling people 6-7 byards beyond the line of scrimmage, average talent blitzing, and below average talent covering anyone in pass coverage. Like all you other overpaid athletes, you are not teaching your kids how to do nothing more than be a "me" person with no loyalty. Your not teaching them that hard work and loyalty are the two most important aspects to success as a person. You are teaching them that money, material things, and living off your parent's success is more important. Thanks for your good years as Bear and marginal success in your advetures-in-getting-off-blocks-for-the-first-time in another team's defense. We don't want ya anymore if money is your main motive!

Let Briggs go! The Bears need Offensive Linemen, bigtime, Jamar Williams is an up and comer who is hungry to prove himself and capable of taking over Briggs's spot for next season.

We can afford to lose Briggs. He mostly speaks about his own interests anyway. I do believe he is one of the better linebackers in the league, but he is replaceable.

The O-Line is in desperate need of an upgrade --- Spend the money wisely and get a dominant O-lineman! Without a stronger O-line, the Bears will have another 7 win season next year.

I think the Bears will be fine without Lance Briggs and I think Jamar Williams will be a good replacement for Briggs. In the two starts Williams got this season he looked good and the defense didn't miss a beat without Briggs. Heck on Oct 7th vs Green Bay Williams led the Bears in tackles with 13. And in the final contest vs the Saints Williams was all over the field, and the Bears won both games by the way. Don't get me wrong I like Lance Briggs he is one of the most sure tacklers I've ever seen but I don't think it will be a big loss. One thing that got me kind of pissed off was Briggs making the Pro Bowl over Brian Urlacher I think they both deserved to go but Urlacher more so. Here's my point Urlacher had more tackles, 5 sacks vs Briggs 2, 5 ints vs Briggs ZERO! And I'm sick of all these media types cutting Urlacher down and saying he is over rated because if you think the defense was bad imagine it without Urlacher. I think Brian Urlacher is hands down the best middle linebacker in the game and he makes the players around him look better than they really are, remember Holdman and Colvin.

I dont get the Lance Briggs hate. Why is it his problem some people have to live on bologna, he is a world class athlete working in a billion dollar industry. He should get as much as he could, the owners make billions off of his talent and production. And he does need to feed his family, but I guess we have to have a consesus on how much that should cost. wtf?! Get that money Lance.

It is a sad irony that Briggs would use the "gots to feeds my faminy" line at a time when he barely chooses to acknowledge his family at all.


"Briggs is a success due to the system and to playing next to Urlacher."

You mean Brian -didn't make the pro bowl- Urlacher? Briggs is better because of him?

"He can be replaced for far less money."

With who? Who can get in the backfield like Briggs? Not even Urlacher was playing at Lance's level this year.

Don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out of town..............see ya !

Well I also have no problem with Briggs getting as much as he can. He has earned that right with his play. Sports is a billion dollar industry and football players careers are cut short so often, then why shouldn't they get as much as they can? Maybe he shouldn't use terms like "feed my family" cause that is not right considering how most people struggle. Don't forget that there are a lot of Bears making very good money right now and most are not performing up to Briggs caliber.

Lets be honest and see the NFL as what it truly is "a business" and if your a player you want your part first and foremost, and you should always get what you deserve. All this loyalty crap, is just fed to middle class america so we dont get up and truly ask what we deserve, if you have a talent then take advantage of it and get paid as much as you we forget that we live in a capitalist society...capitalism=competition= the best get paid the most!!!!! So hell yeah I hate Briggs for taking the money (because I am a Bears fan and I want to see him in a Bears uniform) but I would do the same thing if I was in his shoes.

I don't think feeding his family is the issue, its the $$$$$. But when you look at performance he's earned it! I see a lot of posts hating on Lance,which I think is wrong. Put any of us on this blog in his shoes and we'll be asking to get paid too,any play could be your last play,salary not guaranteed,you can be cut at any time and not get all the cash you signed for...come on people look at everything before you rag on Lance....Lance I hope you come back, but if you don't thanks for the good years, Farve interceptions, and hard hits.......

I think that Lance is doing the right thing in trying to get his. All of American, mid and lower class people will never see that kind of money, and this guy left college with the dream that every american dreams of make the money, now you tell him to stay for money that is below his value. Please Bears fan, when you go to work, would you take minimum wage to do the jobs that your qallified to do. Lance work hard to be the best and he should be paid as one of the best.

Yikes! I can give you $7.206 million reasons why Briggs should be gone. Provide for his family? At $7.206 million dollars for ONE YEAR, I could provide for my family for 25+ years. Buh Bye, Lancey!!!

Lance got all he deserved this season. What did the Bears get for their money? NOT MUCH !!! I could do the job playing next to Brian.

So what's going to happen when/if Jamar Williams makes the Pro Bowl for consecutive seasons and wants to be paid among the top linebackers, and the Bears let him go, like they did with Wilbur Marshall, Roosevelt Colvin, and, presumably, Lance Briggs? Will we all call Williams greedy and excoriate him?

Why do we always blame the star players for seeking just a small fraction of revenue the team generates in a billion dollar industry, and not the frugal/cheap owners? They generate the revenue for the team, and just ask for their worth in return. Why can't people put aside their personal biases and understand the athletes' perspective? I would like to be in an industry that paid me millions, but I'm not. Still, I understand that athletes are, and I'm not jealous of them. If we were in their place, we would do the same as them. Anyone who says differently is lying.

Its a business yes. If you want to get paid it is what it is. But if you want to win? Than take a little less, whats the difference between 6 mil compared to 5 mil a year? If you only care about get as much as you can fine, good for you. But I respect those players who take just a little less because they want to sign more guys so they can win. Look at the Pats I hate to say it. Your gonna make millions no matter what. Thats why people hate on Lance. We want a winner!!! And being 7-9 doesn't really make people want to run out and pay you guys top dollar.

Look I really don't care briggs is a great player give him what he wants but at the same time the O line really needs the help and our qb orton is our guy ex rex he's done nothing so with that being said mgmt knows what to do they just won't do it and yes we will have another losing season if they dont fix it.

If it wasnt for a cap I would say sign him, it isnt my money. But you know the Redskins will make sure he gets overpaid. The only free agent the Bears should keep is Brendon Ayanbadejo.

Kick rocks, Lance. That providing for your family crap is such BS. Ya, you could get hurt and end your career. I make $80,000 a year and it would still take me over 100 years to make what you made in your career so far. A lot of people get hurt and end their careers at my work, too. I don't have a problem with you taking every dollar you can get your hands on but athletes that say they need millions of dollars to feed their kids or provide for their families is insulting. Tell it like it is....Lamborghinis cost a lot of money. Legal counsel costs a lot of money, too...especially when you flee the scene of an accident. Stop crashing Lamborghinis!

Let's see, Briggs only made the Pro Bowl because of the system and Urlacher? Forget the fact that his PEERS voted him to the Pro Bowl. Urlacher is a great player but he does not make Lance Briggs the player he is, if ANYTHING he made Urlacher look decent because Urlacher didn't have the mobility this year because of his back! All you fans are talking smack like a Pro Bowl player can be easily replaced are jealous and must not know football very well. Briggs is one the top TWO outside linebackers in the NFC (the other being Julian Petersen in my book) and you just don't replace that overnight.

Jamaar Williams? If he is so good then why can't he take slow Hillameyer"s place? Hunter is slow, not a very good blitzer or tackler, he IS the weak link of the backing core. Know why, because Williams isn't that good. If Williams was that good they would have traded Lance last season if they had that much confidence he could perform up to Briggs's level. If you say let him go because the money can be used else where because the Bears have so many holes, that is a credible argument that no one can find fault with. All the posts saying to get rid of him are personal based and not football based from what I can tell.

Finally, for the guy that stated he could do the job if he "played next to Brian", my response is you could if you were 6'2, 240 lbs and ran a legitimate 4.55 in the forty. Until then, stop hating!

Blasts from the past:

Oh my gosh! We can't lose Colvin!
Oh my gosh! we can't let Holdman go!

Bye bye Lancey....hello Jamar. Either we've been really good at drafting weak-side LBs, or the brass is right, our defense is made for a WSLB to flourish in. Provide for your family somewhere else!

LANCE GET THAT MONEY!!! All you haters in here are funny. Please, last time I checked Briggs was producing more than Urlacher when it mattered. Matter of fact where was Urlacher on 3 and 1 last yr when Shawn Alexander ran the ball and was stop by Lance. Where was he on the biggest play of the season? That stop by Briggs allowed the Bears to score the winning field goal. How quick the haters forget. Urlacher did not make Briggs and yea maybe he is a product of this system but so is Brian Urlacher. If you ask me Urlacher's soft play this season killed us. Urlacher always had a problem getting off blocks. I've never seen someone so big chest grab all day. Briggs maybe undersized but he plays big and makes big plays when the bears team needs him the most. This organization better wake up real quick because finding a replacement for Briggs will be hard, more hard than they think. Haters just rememer Urlacher is getting old and relies on Briggs to cover his mistakes more than Briggs relies on him. Especially on cut back runs when you always see Briggs filling the hole not Urlacher take notice. Then again you so call chicago fans are idiots you never watch the real players just Bernard Berrian lol a joke. This organization is cheap and that's why they will never win a SB again. How can you blame Briggs for not wanting to get paid. The guy has produce it's plain and simple. Why is there a problem paying Briggs good money? Why not pay this black man that's producing and on his way to a 3rd consecutive pro bowl. Funny thing is this kinda remind me of the Lovie situation they did not want to pay him either. Can we say the owners have a problem paying coaches or certain position players of color money. Besides the running back--- go figure that one. Please Urlacher the face of this organization ha that's why they were talking about moving him out the middle. I like Urlacher but he looked like $#@% this yr and age is a factor. Angelo don't be stupid sign Briggs today immediately!! NO Briggs I guarantee no SB. Like he said why mess up your core and if Urlacher was a team player he'd want Briggs back and take a pay cut. That's why the Patriots have 3 SB and going on there 4th. Urlacher will cost this team because of his selfishness remember that you haters.

Let me just say, the only reason why Lance is a pro bowl linebacker is because he played alongside with Brian Urlacher. Let him go and play for some team like Kansas City, or the New York Jets to see how great he really can really play. As far as providing for his family? he and Latrell Sprewell must have been great friends after he used the same line of being insulted for being payed ten million dollers per year and needing to feed his family. Where does he live in an Ark?

Trade Urlacher for draft pricks or a proven left tackle (or WR), or both if you can...Sign Briggs and put him in the middle. Hunter, Briggs and Jamar are your new LB core. And instead of getting nothing in return for losing Briggs, we get a lot in return for Urlacher.
Face it, Briggs is younger, quicker and better than Urlacher right now...why lose him (for nothing) and keep the aging, declining MLB? Not only would Briggs, Hunter and Jamar be a better trio than Urlacher, Hunter and Jamar, but we would also get talent to fill other holes in exchange for Urlacher. Why not? Why not entertain this offer? I know most fans will be up in arms, "Ah, you can't trade uralcher, he's the face of the franchise, he's our hero, he's been around longer, he's MY GUY." Fact is Urlacher is on the down slope...Briggs is in his prime...Give me the better LB, and Briggs right now and forever will be the better LB of the two.
The Bears cannot afford to lose Briggs for nothing...they either need to sign him and keep the LB core together, or if it really is a matter of only being able to keep him or #54...Keep Briggs and get a return on Urlacher that will help the football team.

I used to be on the "Briggs is who he is because of playing next to Urlacher." No longer is that the case...Briggs seperated himself this year as a legit stud at LB.

Briggs is going to be asking for a lot but noone can sit there and say they wouldn't be doing the same thing right now if they were in his position. Why wouldn't you want to get as much money as you can? I wish the Bears (McCaskeys) would stop being cheap and maybe try to build something here and keep good players. We should've kept Thomas this past year but no let's be as cheap as possible and only keep Benson and we all saw how that worked. We need Briggs...Williams is a not a replacement for him.

we got rid of thomas jones because him and benson were beefing and they wanted to franchise a stiff that doesnt even like to play football. And Briggs is lame he is looking to retire early!No one should be paying this guy big money he has already been talking about that last day of football for a while. If your that good you don't have to keep saying it and your talent should be recognized and then rewarded. I say let him go and get a 2 year deal with another team and see how good he is without a great d line and urlacher right next to him. Pay a qb, perenial oliner, standout wide reciever!We need to make a few moves to win now this isnt baseball or basketball where you can build a team gradually. You have to expect the unexpected and win now

Trade Briggs, Benson, and the 1st Round draft pick to Baltimore for Kyle Boller, Ray Lewis, and Willis Magahee. You can then move Urlacher to the outside replacing Briggs; Ray Ray can move right into the MLB hole replacing #54; And the Bears could solve their QB (wink) and RB problem as well as Briggs' departure with this move.

Or would the Bears consider a straight up swap of Qb's Boller for Orton? I'd suggest any trade scenario! Just get Boller out of Baltimore and Benson out of Chicago and make sure Briggs is playing for either one of the two teams next year!

Please pass onto the McCaskeys and Bears management.

Defensive Statistics Tackles Miscellaneous Interceptions
Brian Urlacher 123 93 30 5.0 2.5 0 0 12 5 101 20.2 85 1
Lance Briggs 103 84 19 2.0 12.5 2 0 3 0 0 0.0 0 0

The stats don't lie... Urlacher is better so shut up about the, "Lance Briggs was better all season, so pay him" talk. Even with a bad back and various injuries, he still outplayed the younger Briggs. A hurt Urlacher is better than a healthy Briggs. Give me something else, and don't pay a punk who makes it know he wants to get paid. He just needs to buy a new Lamborghini, that's all. Family to Briggs is the same thing as teammates apparently. He doesn't care about either... See you on another teams punk!!!

Of course has to feed his family. It's probably growing day by day. He's trying to be the Shawn Kemp of the NFL. It takes a lot of money to feed multiple babies and babies momma's.

The 33 million dollar extension the bears offered Lance wasn't enough? Lance continues to prove he is a dumb clown. Organizations build championship teams not by spending a TON of money on a couple of players. They spread it around and fill needs. Players with class and an ACTUAL will to win make concessions with their salary so the team can stay under the cap and sign people who will help make a difference. I've read about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady restructuring their contracts to sign a difference maker. Brian Urlacher offered to do it also.

Hey Lance sacrifice, team work, chemistry and great competitiveness builds championships, not one or two high priced mercenaries. So go get your money and know this, YOU WILL NOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP WITH THE CURRENT ATTITUDE YOU HAVE!

buh bye Clown.

There are some pretty ignorant comments on here about Lance 'getting his' and get as much as he can, blah, blah, blah. Some guy even ripped on the poor guy who is unemployed and ACTUALLY IS trying to feed his family.

First of all, the money all belongs to God anyway. We just get to use it for a while. Next, you can't take a penny of it with you when you leave this world. Also, we're not talking about the difference between making $10 and $20 an hour or even $50k to $100k a year. We're talking about millions and millions of dollars in a very short period of time to play a kids game.

Finally, I don't think anyone who makes $100k a year can cry poor. $7.2M is $100k a year for 72 years. Think about it!

I like Lance, but his comments are insulting to me, and I make more than MY share.

did Briggs change games? yes. Is he worth more than Urlacher? no. Is he one of the best OLB in the game? yes. Will he get paid this year, yes but not by Chicago, likely. Lets spend the money on Faneca to help the line and sign Berrian for less than the franchise number. If he asks for more, lets see what Bradley can do as a primary target.

First of all, everyone is entiteled to make as much $$$ as they can while they are on this earth. DO NOT criticize someone for saying they need to provide for their family simply because they make more $$$ than you do. the more you have, the further it goes. Your family does not end with your own children; your kids have kids,and so on and so forth. It is blasphemous to think that anyone here would not be thrilled to be able to provide for future generations of family.

Second, Briggs is not simply a product of the system and Urlacher. There is a clear difference when watching guys like Colvin and Holdman compared to Briggs. The key is to watch games when Urlacher has been injured, I guarantee you will change your tune about his skill set.

the Bears should part ways with Briggs. It's best for both. Briggs gets paid in a big way and, most likely, will be running a Defense of his own. the Bears save coin they desperately need for OL, QB, WR and depth at DT and DB. Jamar Williams is waiting in the wings and is primed for success. HE may be one of those Colvin types; not quite Briggs, but with Urlacher next to him, no doubt a force to be reckoned with.


Please like I said where was urlacher last yr in the playoff game against seattle. Where was Urlacher on 3 and 1 when it mattered on the biggest play of the yr. Yea he was in limbo while Briggs smacked Shawn Alexander for no gain and forced them to punt. Oh yea didn't we kick the winning field goal after that stop. Like I thought Urlacher is over-rated to a degree especially when it comes to his play vs his own peers on the team. In particular Lance Briggs whose now going to his 3rd consecutive pro bowl. You Urlacher fans are horrible most of you are fat and out of shape wearing his jersey # 54. Everyone blames the d line but I've seen Urlacher miss plenty of tackles this yr and get ran through while trying to arm tackle lol please. Minnesota game where was Urlacher I saw Briggs stick Adrian Peterson for a lost but Urlacher was off grabbing jerseys again. WHAT HIS EXCUSE WHEN BRIGGS PLAYED ON THE SAME DEFENSE AND OUT PLAYED HIM. Urlacher's 5 ints and 5 sacks was a joke and did not mean $#@% because we were out of the playoffs already. I've never seen such a big linebacker play so soft. Why doesn't Urlacher have any crushing hits. I see Briggs smacking any and everyone and he's half Urlacher size. 7 million you guys seem to forget about taxes, health insurance, charities, and living. YOU SEE THE TROUBLE THE RETIRED PLAYERS ARE HAVING WITH THE NFL. INSURANCE ITSELF IS A LOT OF MONEY. THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE IN THIS COUNTRY. WHEN LANCE IS DONE PLAYING WHO KNOWS WHAT KIND OF PHYSICALLY AND MENTAL HEALTH HE IS GOING TO BE IN. YOU CAN'T DEPEND ON THIS LEAGUE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. AND MEDICAL CARE IS SO EXPENSIVE EVEN FOR SURGERY OVER 100,000 EASY. SO STOP HATING ON LANCE--------GET THAT MONEY BRIGGS. PAY THAT MAN HE DESERVES AND YOU KNOW MORONS KNOW IT. SO I GUESS YOU GUYS THINK THEY SHOULD GO AHEAD AND OFFER URLACHER ANOTHER CONTRACT AFTER THIS ONE JUST TO KEEP HIM IN TOWN RIGHT. IF URLACHER IS SO GOOD THEN WHY IS LANCE GOING TO THE PRO BOWL AND HE'S NOT.

Hey apparently 7.2 million isnt enough to feed your family just ask the women who is getting no help from Briggs to raise their child. What makes Urlacher great is he makes everyone play better. Tell me how free agency worked out for Colvin and Holdman. When they were in Chicago they looked like pro bowlers too. Hmmm I wonder why?

Let him go. All Bear fans need to sever any emotional tie ( I know I had one!) with Briggs immediatly. While he is a VERY GOOD player he is not worth A cap NUMBER of anything over $5.5 Million. Tha money can be used on the o-line or the Safety position. Hopefully the Packers or the Vikings will be the idiots that overpay him only to see his medicrocy without number 54 playing next to him!!!!

For all of you "so called" die hard Bears fans who are calling for the release of Briggs, just keep in mind that "the face of our defense" a.k.a."Urlacher" has been dealing with back problems. It just may be a great idea to hang on to Briggs after all. I've loved the Bears for as long as I can remember, lets get real, Briggs does play a heck of a roll on that "D", one in which can't actually be replaced as easily as some of you seem to think. What that defense is like when it's healthy doesn't happen over night!

I don't know! keep him or not, we need a player who can run the football, throw the football, tackle, play QB, and catch the ball. then we can play him all the position we suck at. hmm who can do those guys?

making money, "providing for your family", being recognized as the best in your field and being compensated for's what life is all a regular person's job, they tend to make more as they get older because they prove themselves to be worth the increase in pay...not necessarily so in the nfl...first round draft picks make more this year than the guy the previous year BEFORE they have proven themselves...the later draft picks have to prove themselves and so ARE doing what most people do: ask to be paid for what they are worth...but their measuring stick is not the regular world...they want what more than what the guy who didn't have to prove himself makes (first round pick)...the thing that irks people most is the level of cash that is being talked about...that's where the problem most people have with athletes...the athletes try to defend their demands for more money by saying they are just like a regular person who is "just trying to feed my family" tip: who isn't?...the only difference is the dollar level and because of that, imho, the athletes should simply shut up and not try to act like "joe 9-5" would be far better to just keep quiet and do their jobs, jobs they have been able to get because of their talent and be grateful for the money they make...yea, that's it...shut up and be grateful...oh yea, and control your can get more groceries into a minivan than a lambroghini...but of course, you can expand your "family" faster with the hot car!

I see the they did not post my last comment I made about this situation. I guess it was to raw for the blog monitors. I can not believe people are saying Jamar Williams can replace Briggs are you serious. First, in this league it's about staying healthy and producing. I assuming you guys watched Jamar Williams play this yr. Take a look at the injury report this guy only played special teams and was banged up quite often. What makes you guys believe Jamar Williams can play a 16 game/playoffs seaon and stay healthy. Did you see him the Dallas game after Briggs left with a inj. This guy looked slow and clueless. Please do not comparte Jamar Williams who can barely stay inj free from special teams to a proven, stay healthy Lance Briggs. the same bullet the Bears bit last yr will be the same one they bit this yr if they don't sign Briggs. Thomas Jones they felt compelled to let him go because of money issues. I can see why they would let him go especially if you were going to sign Lance Briggs. However, the money they chose not to use on TJ will now be allocated right back into the RB position. Hopefully, we don't get Michael Turner his running style will not fit our offense and his price tag is not worth it. This is why I don't understand you morons who would pay money to Michael Turner a unproven, backup RB so much money but don't think Briggs is worth it. Furthermore, with Adrian Peterson still on the roster you can always find a 3rd rd elusive, power RB that played in a pro system. Hence saving even more money to sign Briggs. It's all about doing your homework people and if they Bears do theres we should be able to save lost of money. If they Bears sign Briggs it will have been the right decision to let TJ go. Regardless of how TJ played this yr with the Jets he looked great when he was playing in Chicago so stop dissing TJ you haters.

ALL you guys are forgeting what its all about.THE MONEY.We should be paying our U.S. Troops more and our policemen more and our firemen more NOT our football players!Why is this country for screwedup that were argueing and fueding over money when our economy,health,enviroment and MONEY is all worthless!!!!!

Of course any of us would take the money Briggs will be offered by another team. That's in his self interest. Having said that, I always support teams ahead of players. Why? That's in my self interest. The players are replaceable; the team is mine for keeps. When their careers are over and they're spending all their time on golf courses without a care in the world, I'll still be a working stiff and I'll still be a Bears fan. The only continuity in the life of a fan is the team. Players come and go.

I think Briggs should go out and get the best deal he can. Why not? The Bears have other holes that are larger than L.B.. We need to pick up a Q.B. to compete with REX, and a R.B. to do the same with Benson.

Lance Briggs is a very instinctive, aggressive, and fundamentally sound LB. He played at a Pro Bowl level the last 3 seasons, and was rewarded with a trip to Hawaii the last 2 years. But as evidenced by Indy, you can keep changing out the WLB position in this defense and keep right on plugging. We have drafted Jamar Williams and Mike Okwo precisely for that purpose, and it is time to let them step up. Briggs deserves a good deal from whoever gives it to him, but he will not warrant the same kinds of deals that Adalius Thomas, Julian Peterson, and other LBs have gotten on the free agent market. He is not very effective on the blitz, and gets stoned a lot of the time by running backs. Sacks are what matters, and he doesn't get enough of them to get the big money. It is sad to say that tackling, playing coverage, and playing LB like it is supposed to be played is undervalued in the marketplace, but that is the reality of the NFL. Lots of guys can tackle, but not lots of guys can get to the QB consistently. I say use the money to go after Alan Faneca, and rebuild the offensive line. Once Briggs, Berrian, and any other money-hungry guys are out of town, we can get back to what we need to do, and that is making this team a contender again.

Lets try and separate Briggs and Urlacher. Different positions OK boys. Both are top 3 in the League at thier respective LB spots. I want Briggs to stay period, but I dont own this BUSINESS. If he stops the Bears from upgrading other spots because of Cap issues then let him go. Now Jamar Williams can play that spot and in a year be just as good as BRIGGS. Really I think ayanbadejo and Okwo should get in the mix also. This is a system defense and it takes time to learn your keys and learn to be in the right place in the right time.

For you people on this board who said where was Urlacher in these short situations, HE IS THE ONE TAKING ON THE MAJORITY OF THE BLOCKS SO BRIGGS CAN MAKE THOSE PLAYS. BELIEVE ME THE OFFENSE WANTS TO MAKE SURE THAT URLACHER GETS BLOCKED FIRST. Every "D" has keys and slots that u r responsible for.

If he stays I will be ecstatic, if he goes so what it happens every year and teams just adjust.

keep briggs!!!

If the Bears' organization feels that Briggs is worth keeping, get it done. The question is, what does LANCE BRIGGS really want? We all know he wants the big bucks, and I don't blame him. I think the Bears have more serious issues here than Briggs. We still need a quarterback, OL, and DL help ,especially at D-Tackle to help Tommie Harris. We also need a real running back. I say, let Briggs go if he doesn't want to stay. PLEASE get rid of that bum Cedric Benson! And let Grossman go. As die-hard and life-long Bears fan, I don't want anybody on the team that doesn't want to be here. That being said, Management, get your act together as well and pay these guys for their work, not their potential!

"It's just business and I've got to provide for my family"

Yeah, whatever Briggs. You sang that same tune last year too and then right after you signed for the franchise tag, you immediately went out and purchased a $750,000 car. "...provide for my family"? Pfft.

Joe has a good point about Briggs almost never getting to the QB - he is a pure stop-the-run LB which is valuable but will be interesting to see what the market pays for someone like that. I'm sure someone (hello Dan Snyder) will give him crazy money.

Its pretty obvious that Drew Rosenhaus is speaking through Lance Briggs. Good thing we have a solid back with Jamar Williams.

Hey not a cub fan it's obvious you are not a football fan the only way to trade Briggs is to sign him first and why would we take someone elses failed QB and a MLB who has one foot in retirement. That shows you have no clue. Brandon has no clue either you donot trade a strength and dilute your defense for nothing your proposal is groundless and senseless just watch the games you have no clue. There is no real problem wise F/A signings, a good draft and some open team competition won't solve. Briggs can go, being realistic teams have a certain amount to spend in different areas OL has been overlooked for three years. No upper round choices that made a difference it's time. Quit hating on Briggs it's the American way money talks b.s. walks.

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