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Bears fill LB position with Lee

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Lovie Smith will not be conducting job interviews as the Senior Bowl next week.

Not for a linebackers coach, anyway.

The team moved quickly to fill the vacancy created last week by the resignation of Hardy Nickerson, promoting defensive assistant Lloyd Lee into the position.

Lee worked with the nickel backs last season and served as an assistant linebackers coach under Bob Babich in 2006. He was a quality control assistant for the two seasons prior to that.

The Senior Bowl is a gathering spot for most coaches in the country looking for jobs, and the action heats up in Mobile, Ala., next week. This won’t be an opening to discuss there.

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As far as Bears coaches they need a offensive coach, but that doesn't solve there QB-RB-Offensive line problems. The Bears need every draft pick to be a good one.

It is good to see a promotion from within with coach Lee. Let's see how well he does at his new LB coach position, GO BEARS!!

McCaskey needs to sell the team to someone capable of providing a winning direction and spirit. The team has floundered for 22 years: bad coaching choices, inconsistent draft choice quality, missed trade opportunities, management style stifling creativity,
horrible play calling, quarterbacking(?). Beat the Packers is not a respectable team mantra. Virginia please find another hobby.

Might be a good move. Does Lovie know this happened?

Virginia doesn't need to sell the team. Every team has 'floundered' over the same 22 year stretch so I guess all the owners should sell their teams.. Show me two teams that had a steller 22 years. The record books prove that the Colts and the Patriots were perenial losers for years so they aren't good candidates. Who is this shining example against which you hold the Bears?

We need help on the Oline sure #1. We also need an entirely new defensive philosophy. This hit and miss gambling scheme Lovie so adamantly believes in just doesn't cut it. I truly think the talent is there it's just not being used in the best way.

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