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Bears eyeing CFL running back?

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Could the Bears be looking to the north for the first person to provide competition general manager Jerry Angelo has promised for running back Cedric Benson?

The Metro News of Toronto reports that the Bears and New York Jets have offered contracts to running back Joe Smith, of the British Columbia Lions of the CFL. Smith set a Lions’ franchise record with 1,510 yards this past season, scoring 18 touchdowns. In two seasons with BC, he’s totaled 2,397 yards with 27 scores and a 5.4-yard per carry average.

Smith originally was an undrafted free agent from Louisiana Tech who hooked up with Jacksonville. The 27-year-old has also spent time with Tampa Bay and Tennessee before finding a niche in the CFL. Smith, 6-1, 224 pounds also played in NFL Europe for the Rhein Fire.

Angelo said in his end-of-season press conference Thursday that he still believed Benson could be a feature back, but that competition was in the works for the former No. 4 overall pick. One would think that would mean more than Smith, but the Bears have always been diligent in scouting all ranks. Two-time Pro Bowl special teams performer Brendon Ayanbadejo played in the CFL. Wide receiver Rashied Davis was originally an Arena League standout.

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A running back will do no good without a good off line!!!!The first thing they should be looking at is QB and at least two good Off Lineman!!

Hey Jerry wanna concentrate on a good QB first then O-line.Then maybe a RB.Where dose hallas hall come up with these bumbleing bafoons anyway?

Jerry is an idiot.There is a reason this guy is in the cfl and has been on three NFL Teams.It means he is a little better then cedric'the Brick'Benson. We need a running back like Stephen Jackson from the Rams. What about Garret Wolfe or the running back from Deleware.Look, right now we need 2 lineman and a Gosh darn quarterback!!!!! A 6'4 or 6'5 quarterback. You know someone who can see over the line and have the winning personality as Brett Farvre and a cannon like John Elway.I guess Angelo likes fishing from the bottom of the barrel! Until he stops the bears will never be right. Sincerely, Papa Bear Halas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe he's eyeing a CFL RB because he's planning on using cap space/draft picks on a QB & Offensive Line? Just a thought.

Maybe they can trade benson for him, cause benson belongs in the cfl

Unless the o-line is addressed no sense in looking at QB,RB or WR.The o-line needs a infusion of youth, the incumbants are over the hill even the former pro-bowl center is on the down side. QB's of quality will not come here with no line or backs.

I agree with most of you that we need an O-line first, but it's not like we're going to break the bank. It doesn't matter what order we fix the team. All that matters is where we are on kickoff of game 1. We'll probably draft linemen, and by then this guy might not be available. Though I doubt he's much of anything.

Time for a new GM with fresh ideas. Anyone who thinks Cedric the Entertainer is just as good as T. Jones needs to move on! Better that Benson went to the Nyets, where his pathetic output would not even be noticed in Noo Yawk.

This is as 'good' as it gets with Cedric the Wreck. If some other team, any team, wants him, let him go! Another WASTED DRAFT PICK; the latest in a long sorry line of duds. Time to think outside the box and MOVE DOWN in the next draft, and stop being suckered by high-priced primadonnas who can;'t measue up in the NOT FOR LONG league.

Bring in Michael Turner from San Diego. He wants to start and can, but won't behind Tomlinson. Then bring in Faneca and a tackle. Bears will be 10-6 next year if they do this; and any QB will look better.

o.k. wow a offensive line is needed I agree. At least some people recognize this as a issue. Angelo was brought in because of his nack for drafting good players in lower rounds. The guy can pick out talent when he sees it. however, this is what I see happening. Berrian is released as a free agent. His value just as a WR is going to hike his value up big time for renegotiation. Lance Briggs pretty much showed us the reason why we need to resign him long term. Briggs will get a contract with the bears. If he wasn't Angelo wouldn't be looking CFL for a RB. Don't tell me Briggs wouldn't be good trade bait for somebody else. Gross will see a short term 1 or 2 year contract. Cheap contract, maybe good/decent sign on bonus and what he gets paid is based on his performance. so he's working for those incentives. I think I covered the most important issues of free agents. Ayanbedjego... honestly. I have no idea if they'll resign him or not. Hester will get a new contract this year as well before he wants too much after next year. who knows what he could do with another 16weeks of games.

So on Draft day First round 14th pick I believe we get. Don't be surprised to see a WR. It's not a bad choice for the bears. We lose berrian and we get a fresh face for that spot. 2nd round Griese or Orton is trade bait for a second pick in this round or 3rd round. This is the OLINE draft time. pure and simple. Noone is worth tradining down in the first round(to the bears) so pick up a guy we could use.

Drafting a wr in the first rd is silly.They need to draft a takle or gaurd in the first rd.Other than that, trade to get another first rd pick or sign and trade berrian for someone good or get another good off lineman in sec rd.sign a decent Qb and then a Rb.

First of all who ever does the teams operations need to get what we need to be a good team stop being so cheap we have talent which is going to be a problem if we dont act QB we have no depth McNabb,cullpepper theres options out there you hav to go get them RB jones should hav never left for benson were going nowhere with him peterson can make a difference WR,TE are good so what is the problem in the bears house everybody wants there team to do good the bears office dont want to get better they want us to get laughed at another 25yrs make the changes

A WR would be silly? They won't draft a QB and they will not draft a RB. You are completely fooling yourself. Our key worry this year will be offensive line. maybe a DT too. Our O line unless we can get a good tackle in the first round to protect grossmans backside wasting a first round pick on a OL is foolish. Let berrian go and pick up a WR we can run a single back split TE set with clark and olsen all year. no matter how threatening that can be. It obivous QB and RB is out of the question for this years draft. unless by 14th pick somehow mcfadden is still around, but i doubt it.

I believe that this team NEEDS help in 1.O-line 2.SAFETY 3. Either WR/RB if that comes to it. The first two needs is obvious, even when they went to the Superbowl last year they desperately needed to add depth in both the O-line and Safety positions. If they use the 14th pick, which I believe they will uset it on either the stout o-lineman from Boston College, Gosder Cherilus, or the safety freak from Miami Kenny Phillips. Both of these picks would be a wise choice. However, if they landed either Steve Slanton or Desean Jackson that would rest a lot of concerns from Bear Nation. Now for the free agents it is pretty simple... offer whatever Lance Briggs wants, franchise tag Berrian and tell him that if he fixes all of the problems he had this past year then he'll get an extension, sign Rex to an iffy 1 year INCENTIVE contract and tell him that there WILL BE a QB race between him and Orton, and finally...GIVE HESTER THE KEY TO THE CITY!!!!

Bear Down!

I think the Bears to go after Michael Turner as a free agent RB to compete with Benson and whoever else they bring in. Also, if you are looking at free agency for a QB, hopefully we look at trading for Sage Rosenfels, who proved to be more than competent in Houston with the Texans, or McNabb (which is a long shot at best), along with Orton getting a chance tio compete since he and griese are signed for at least the mext 2 or 3 years anyways. I do beleive we should resign Berrian and then draft a big WR with our 1st round pick. Muhammed is old and the our other receivers are #2 receivers at best. Berrian is your fastest receiver and rookies are starting to contribute faster (see Bowe from KC).

I agree with everybody about the o- line, but i hope the bears can keep berrian and hopefully get another rb, but they need depth on defense. If Briggs is gone then they depth at lb, and mike brown who knows if he can last one year without being hurt, i hope they can address these needs. go bears go.

The only way the bears will braft a rb is if ray rice falls to 14. Other than that here is our dream draft:

Round 1. Ryan clady LT Boise State
Round 2. Mario Manningham WR Michigan
Round 3. Chad Henne QB Michigan
It is possible to land all these players though i think a manningham wont be around in the second round. with the second pick in the 3rd we should trade up to ensure we get him. Clady and Manningham will start day 1. And Henne is an excellent prospect for QB. I challenge anyone to come up with a better first 3 rounds.

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