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Bears add P Pakulak

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The Bears must have liked what they saw in punter Glenn Pakulak the first time they had him in because he’s back.

The club signed him to a reserve/future contract on Tuesday.

Pakulak was in a group of a half-dozen punters that were worked out when the team signed Dirk Johnson as a temporary replacement for Brad Maynard on Sept. 16. Maynard had a balky groin, and the team chose Johnson while also taking a look at Pakulak, Scott Player and Danny Baugher.

Pakulak, a Kentucky product, has spent time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans. He has never appeared in a regular-season game. Pakulak punted for Amsterdam the last two seasons in NFL Europe.

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I still think Brad Maynard has a lot left in the tank, however I do realize Maynard is getting a little long in the tooth. On Dec 23rd vs Green Bay Maynard won special teams player of the week while making Green Bay punter Jon Ryan look a little cold. But it is important to bring in competition to make the team better. GO BEARS!

I to really like Brad Maynard, he is solid and reliable. But in this league competition is good especially solid competition like the Bears obviously saw in Glenn Pakulak. By the way just as a side note I have a 6 week old daughter who WILL be the first woman punter in the National Football League. She not only will be the first but she will also be a great punter!! GO BEARS!!

Tremendous! Finally the Bear brain trust figured it out. Glenn Pakulak is the remaining piece to what the Bears are missing. The novel Bear no offense approach to winning football is flourishing with Air Rexie and the gang. Yes, we need a new punter to bolster the Bear no offense because the prevailing game plan is that first downs are over rated anyway.

Sadly, it will take another year of suffering before the Lovie Angelo clown show will be over.

Good luck with that Bill! ;)

I wonder if there is a stat for average time elapsed before recording your first FIRST DOWN. It seems the Bears often go 8-10 minutes or longer into a game without a first down. Not good. I think at one point in the Superbowl the first down totals were Colts 16, Bears 4.

Great move...We really do need a back up to the only player, who can actually move the ball down the field in a hurry!

Great news...Super Bowl 09' here we come ???

Ever notice the look of bewilderment on lovie's face during a game.It's almost as if he's wondering "Where am i"or "What should i do now"UIs it any wonder the Bears don't seem to have a clue as to how to win a game. Until Lovie and all his inept buddy coaches are gone the Bears will be 2nd rate.

Jack... you are right, too bad.

THe list of what the Bears need is too long. THink of drafting a quarterback,well that means two years of,Where the heck do I throw the ball and to whom. Think of drafting a offensive lineman, sure they are all over the place, but would they perform.
Think of drafting a REAL running back, there are many, but would any of em not go down the first time they get hit. There are not any Walters around folks. I'm a Bear fan Since they played at Wrigley and saw SAyers go down on the rain soaked field against Frisco, sad days are ahead I'm afraid. It won't matter who's coaching.

Actually Sandor, the list is very short... a capable head coach. That's it!

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