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Archuleta tops chart from '07 for franchise/transition tenders

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PHOENIX—The NFLPA released the official 2008 franchise and transition tender amounts at its annual meeting Thursday afternoon.

The numbers are based on the top five and top 10 players at each position using salary-cap numbers from 2007. It’s no surprise that quarterbacks will again be highest with a franchise number of $10.73 million and a transition figure of $9.5 million.

The highest cap number for a safety in 2007? The Bears’ Adam Archuleta at $5.095 million. Tenth on the list was Mike Brown at $3,106,666. Archuleta’s base salary for 2008 is $730,000 as the bulk of his money has already come.

There were two other Bears in the top 10 at their position for these calculations:

Cornerback Charles Tillman was 10th at $5,372,666.

Linebacker Lance Briggs was sixth at $7.206 million.

It will cost the Bears $7.848 million to place the franchise tag on Bernard Berrian if general manager Jerry Angelo so desires. There were two receivers in the entire league with a higher cap figure in 2007—Dallas’ Terrell Owens and Indianapolis’ Marvin Harrison.

The numbers

Franchise Tag Numbers

QB - 10,730,000
RB - 6,538,000
WR - 7,848,000
TE - 4,522,000
P/K - 2,514,000
OL - 7,455,000

DE - 8,879,000
DT - 6,363,000
LB - 8,065,000
S - 4,396,000
CB - 9,465,000

Transition Tag Numbers

QB - 9,560,000
RB - 5,699,000
WR - 6,872,000
TE - 3,733,000
P/K - 2,245,000
OL - 6,895,000

DE - 7,679,000
DT - 5,654,000
LB - 7,335,000
S - 3,893,000
CB - 7,659,000

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Archuleta is absolute garbage. I wouldn't want him if he offered to play for free.

Archuleta was an experiment gone bad!!! Lets cut our loses and send him packing....

Agreed. There is no reason why the Bears should look to keep Archuletta. He is obviously beyond his prime and the whole year he struggled to keep up with people and to make any tackles. We need to release him and use the money left over for some solid college guys coming out like Zbikowski from Notre Dame. We tried him out to cover for Mike Brown, but its obvious that he cannot deliver. Let him go.

Giving away Thomas Jones to prop up his mistake on Cedric Benson and giving away Chris Harris for Archuleta? Two of Jerry Angelo's dumbest moves of his awful regime!

As much as I would say cut the article reads the bulk of his contract is gone...for 700,000...keep him...he might either A) avenge his honor and step up or B) at least produce on special teams

Hey I have an idea ....lets get rid of our best player THomas Jones....make Grossman our starter...........dont draft young Oline prospects..........give lotsa money to a safety that cant tackle or cover Robbie Gould on a slant.......give recievers almost 8 million that cant catch and weigh a buck seventy wet.....and while were at it let Lance make all the calls. Oh I forgot lets give Chico Rivera the boot for Bob....whats his name Baditch? Hey Lance whats for dinner?

I can't really be that hard on Jerry Angelo because last summer I too thought that Adam Archuleta would come in and be our Bob Sanders, well that didn't work out like I thought it would. With that being said the Bears need to get younger and more fundamentally sound as far as making tackles and playing the ball at the safety position. I like Daniel Manning at free safety he is said to be the best pure athlete on the defense, also he was third in tackles Manning just needs to make more plays on the ball and I think with time he will. As far as strong safety I liked how Kevin Payne looked early in the season before the injury. Payne also is not a bad athlete he was a former running back at Louisiana-Monroe and after being moved to safety was known as a big, athletic physical hitter in the box. I think if Manning and Payne are giving a chance they should be a good combo at safety. And yes I agree its time to part ways with Archuleta and maybe bring in a draft pick like Michigans Jamar Adams who led the U of Mich in pass breakups with 12 at his strong safety position Adams also brings nice size at 6-2 214lbs the Bears could nab him in the 3-4th rd GO BEARS.

You're right, those two moves against , such other obvious "blunders" as reaching in the draft to draft a cb who only started a handfull of games in 3 plus yrs. of college, what was that guy's name? Oh yeah that's right it's Devin Hester, soon to be the greatest returner in league history.

however i do agree that Archuletta needs to go. But can you trust Mike Brown anymore either? i mean in the last 4 seasons he's missed more games then any other player on the roster, what's the count at in just regular season games missed? 39 games missed vs. 25 played i think is pretty close right off the top of my head.

I too believe Archuletta has to go. The Bears need to revamp most of the offensive line.I Love Mike Brown but they need a pair of safeties who can play a whole season. Hopefully Manning and Payne can come back and stay healthy. Quarterback is a never ending problem for the bears.maybe they'll get a QB when then Cubs win a world series. These are all positions that need continuity to develop to reach the high caliber of performance it takes to win a Super Bowl. Then there is the runningback situation. For being so close it seems we're so far away. GO BEARS

Instead of all of this talk of how terrible Archuletta was, can we remember the fact that first and foremost, we should get rid of Lovie Howell Smith, Boob Babich, and Ron Turner... Start fresh from up top, Mr. Angelo. Idiots....

Football is fundamentals, but putting in proper time to be great is not, hopefully this upcoming season the players who want to be great will be working towards that goal, and the players who are not, managment has to get rid of them ASAP, DA BEARS!!!! 71654

yeah I actually liked Archuletta when we first got him and I had high expectations from him
so i too want him gone
he really brought down the defense more than anything
that was probably the biggest mistake of this season and then continually starting him oh god just make the pain of watching him stop!

Why do Chicago's fans and media fall for Angelo's bamboozling B.S.?

"Team Chemistry" is why locker room favorite Thomas Jones was given away for the legendary Dan Bazuin? The first time we have an above average running game, Angelo tries to prop up his burning of the #4 pick on Cedric Benson, by handing his pet Benson the job, and giving Thomas Jones away.

Angelo has bungled suceesive #4 picks in the draft with only two below average players (Grossman and Benson) to show for it.

Don't worry Bear's fans, after another open Angelo "competition" Benson and Grossman be handed their jobs back as the #32 starters in their respective positions in the league.

It is unbeleivable that 10 million Chicagoans were asleep at the wheel while someone whispered in Granny McCaskey's ear that Ted Phillips, Angelo and Lovie deserved long term extensions for last years "Super Flop".

Expect more years of awful offenses and bad personel decisions by the Lovie/Angelo tandem.

Angelo's record is a putrid 47-49 since 2002, yet he gets to pat himself on the back with the fan's money through 2013?

Time to dump your mistakes with Benson/Grossman and resign!

Way to go Angelo!

Adams from Michigan will need to be a 3rd round draft pick in a weak safty class of 2007. It might be best to look at free agents??? Use that pick on another OLT besides their #1 pick of Clady, Williams or Baker. The kid from Toledo, Gregco? a OLT would be a good choice.

"Hey I have an idea ....lets get rid of our best player THomas Jones....make Grossman our starter...........dont draft young Oline prospects..........give lotsa money to a safety that cant tackle or cover Robbie Gould on a slant.......give recievers almost 8 million that cant catch and weigh a buck seventy wet.....and while were at it let Lance make all the calls. Oh I forgot lets give Chico Rivera the boot for Bob....whats his name Baditch? Hey Lance whats for dinner?"

...Mariotti, is that you? Are you posting comments on this blog now?


Everybody keeps bashing Archuletta. Who brought him here? Jerry & Lovie. Anyone remember Mike Brown and Harris bungling away the Carolina game? Mike Brown can't play more than three games a season. Archuletta just got here. He didn't get to play under Rivera. He did a good job running the defense. Too good for his own good. He scared Lovie into fearing for his job. The defense was crappy all last season and that was not Archuletta's fault. Our below NFL standard head coach is the real problem. Consider this, maybe Archuletta was the only playing his position per the scheme and that left him holding the bag. Maybe the scheme was the problem to begin with. How do you cover up a bad scheme? Change your scheme at the same time you change a player and then say that changing the player fixed the problem... CYA.

Everybody keeps bashing Archuletta? Are you kidding? Not fitting a scheme is one thing, but not being able to tackle, cover alwways out of place is a horse of a different color.Even though Harris was slow last year he did a good job for the most part...better than Archuletta

Why are so many people calling for Lovie's job? It's funny how one season fans love him because the team is playing well, and the next people want him fired. Besides, he isn't the only person making personnel decisions. This sounds like the same old story about fans wanting a new coach when their team has a bad year. How about Tom Coughlin? The Giants fans were screaming for him to be fired, and he started out bad this season. Didn't end too badly did it? What the Bears need to do is get a LT in the 1st round like Sam Baker from USC, a RB in the 2nd round like Jonathan Stewart from Oregon or Felix Jones from Arkansas. The third round has to be a safety. The rest could be young lineman and receivers. The Bears won't take a QB in the first round. They may take one in the second though. The best option would be to spend the money for McNabb and draft a QB to learn under him or spend the time to develop Orton.

Given what I heard about Archuleta in St. Louis I too thought he'd be a good fit and that maybe just maybe Washington's scheme just didn't work out for him. But obviously no. The guy just missess tackles and lets too many guys get behind him. To his credit though, he was beaten up a lot this season. And, he got a couple of sacks in.

Everytime any Chicago team gets any sort of big name they are already washed up! We need to fill the gaps with players on these teams that beat us each year like Minnesota does. Good ol bears are trying to be too commercial and have franchise players and names at every position. We take second rate players that have half way decent seasons then they are projected to be pro bowlers.. We take more risk paying guys that are washed up and hurt then we do just paying someon for their services..The NFL is like dog years were what goin into the 4th season of rex and 3rd for mr. benson? You cant teach an old dog new tricks and if u can who has the patience? We downgraded this year and had injuries but DA BEARS fan base is so huge the owners dont have a care in the world of winning which is really lame..we shall see what the draft holds for us . If they dont spend all that 20 mill of the cap they should send everyone in Illinois a stimulus check so i can feel a little better about even getting tickets to a game! So yea you can pencil in Archuletta and the usual suspects...

First thing to do in 2008:get rid of Adam Archuletta, Fred Miller, going to have to let Briggs go even though it really hurts ,but hopefully Williams steps up. Tell Moose to take a pay cut, sign Berrian only for reasonable price, sign Grossman and Mike Brown to 1-year, incentive based contracts, and get a OT from either the draft or free agency and move Tait back to RT, and get Tommie Harris resigned before his price just is going up.

Team Needs

2008 Bears NFL Draft
1. Ryan Clady (OT) Boise State
Sam Baker (OT) USC
Matt Ryan (QB) Boston College (Probably won't be there)
Rachard Mendenhall (RB) Illinois (Not sure I the bears should draft a RB in the 1st round though: see Rashaan Salaam, Curtis Enis, potentially Cedric Benson)
Jeff Otah (OT) Pittsburgh
2. Felix Jones (RB) Arkansas (Would have started just about anywhere if not for McFadden)
Chad Henne (QB) Michigan
Joe Flacco (QB) Delaware
Joe Johnson (QB) San Diego
Any Quality OT
3. Mike Hart (RB) Michigan
Chris Johnson (RB) Eastern Carolina
Steve Slaton (RB) West Virginia
Any Quality OT or S

The Bears cover-2 scheme requires versatile, productive, big-play safeties. Archuleta is not one of those. He lacks open field tackling skills and doesn't seem to cover the deep half very well. Also, his field awareness and positioning appear to be less than ideal. Very few impact plays. A playmaker at the safety position would be one of the best augmentations to the defense, especially after losing Briggs.

Obviously, Lovie wanted Archuleta and decided to use some of his "political capital", earned after signing a contract extension, on pursuing one of his favorite people. Angelo should have known better, but decided to reward his coach. Here, we see the problem of having a coach involved in player/personnel decisions.

Safeties are relatively cheap, so let's draft one EARLY!

No... Pacman. The cover 2 uses 2 safeties that only handle half of the field each. A single safety scheme requires a better safety. However, the cover 2 requires better communication and coordination, sometimes both safeties don't stay deep. If this is inadequate then the scheme breaks down. If the scheme starts out as crap it won't work well. We've all heard it said about a corner that gets beat deep that "he expected help deep". Well maybe he wasn't supposed to have it on that play. That's the CBs fault, not the safety. If the CB keeps doing that and the coaches don't fix it then the coaches are at fault. Any persistent problem is the coachs' fault. They are supposed to recognize and fix problems. Not stare into the sky the whole game doing nothing (Lovie). Another thing, its best to have the coach involved in personnel decisions. The only thing is, the coach must know how to judge talent and be able to coach. If he can't do either (Lovie) then you have the problems we've had.

Welcome back BBB. Beating that dead horse still. Quick question: what does Lovie do that makes you happy at all? No blame on Archuleta for missing tackles? No matter what the scheme is no player should miss as many tackles as he did. Yeah, I'm sure Lovie was nervous that a guy who is only the inside linebacker coach of a team he applied for head coach was breathing down his neck. Please. He got passed over by a guy who was a two-timed failure as a head coach. Why isn't San Diego being questioned about that? Did it ever occur to you that he was doing more than underutilizing his best player and thus has no serious name recognition out there. Babich had a broke-back Urlacher and got more big plays out of him than Rivera did healthy. This is Babich's first year why isn't he given a pass for what went down? Because Chicagoans have a thick-headed tendency to recycle old players and make them Coaches, Managers and GMs and expect to strike oil like they did with Ditka and with Ozzie. Look at all our former players who were all those things and ask yourself how many succeeded. For every Ditka there is a Cartwright,Savard, Sutter and a Paxton who weren't so great. Sorry, but Chico is one of those Chicago failed experiments. With all those coaching vacancies why isn't Rivera applying for them now? Wasn't he the guy that applied for 75% of the openings the past two years? I guess they have better coffee in San Diego because he finally woke up and smelled it. I guess Turner should start worrying about Rivera too because after the way his inside LBs played the Pats he is a shoo in for a promotion. If you must bring in a Chicago retread I'd rather bring in Frazier over even a Mike Singletary . At least he isn't running around chasing very opening after a so-so season and he's actually well-traveled enough to be of some use to any team. And why isn't more people up in arms with the thought of paying Berrian 7 million dollars? No wonder Briggs wasn't too happy about making the same amount as what Berrian could be worth. Come on people cry about it because Berrian ain't even worth half of that!! Or even half of that half.

William I didn't read your post (waste of time) but I'm sure its full of incorrect statements and pointless drivel as usual. You should go back to the other blog so Roman can protect you from losing arguments to people that know what they're talking about.

Geoff... why do you think you hear all that? Most really don't know football and the media reports that angle disproportionately. I've been calling for Lovie to be fired since I saw how awful he really was in 2004. This isn't a coach training program. He was not and is still not ready to be a head coach in the NFL. All the people calling for Tom Coughlin to be fired were full of it. They were wrong all along. NYers are idiots anyway.

Regardless of what we need to do in the offseason their is 1 "Major" problem no body has addressed!!! Its just about a fact that teams would rather let us start from our 40 then to kick to Hester. If our offensive coordinator cannot come up with a plan to get us "only" a field goal he needs to be fired asap. Our personel could always improve but starting from the 40 over and over again and no have got to be kidding me. Yes aquire good players to help the cause but look at the root of the problem. I can conduct a strike with grossman @ qb, Benson @ rb and Urlacher @ ot and gain 40 yards. Its like a job, if your boss does not know how to guide the ship you will fail, forget what degrees or experience you will fail, Another example of proof is Hester. When he steps on the field during regular offense everybody on the defense knows we are going to try to force the ball to him. Use Hester as a decoy to draw the offense then get ball to the te, or a rb out of the backfield, or heck, do a freakin curl pattern to a receiver. Our offensive coordinator puts "all of our qb's in the worse possible situations and then we expect them to always get a first down on 3rd and 11..gimme a break..FIRE THE COORDINATOR!!!!!

BBB you don't make arguments. You just drone about things as if everything is a simple A To B and it's not most of the time. All your posts have ever stated was that YOU didn't like the way Lovie did things and acted like he was the root of ALL evil. In all the time that I've seen you post you have always blamed just him and that post where you put some blame on Angelo was the first ever. Tell us why Jerry hasn't done a good job. Just don't make it sound like you can push an "easy" button and things would be alright. And with the overall attitude of the team and the media they weren't that far off with being right about firing Coughlin. It's just that he was NOT the same person that he was during the 2006 season and that helped turn it around this year. I told you before that the age of coaches screaming at their players and grabbing them by the collar died with the dinosaurs. These players won't take feeling that they aren't respected. Our caoch can't treat Urlacher like he treats a no-name rookie and that's what Coughlin did for years. But this year he actually let his players put their two cents in and explain to him how to treat them like men. He didn't know how and once he did they were able to play better for him. Fact of the matter is that he's not the same man that Tiki Barber played for and hated. Maybe Barber wouldn't have had the attitude he had if Coughlin didn't him treated him like a rookie. As bad as it turned out for him it still doesn't eliminate the fact the he was THE MAN for the Giants for quite a few years. And as funny as it sound he did Eli a favor by becoming as an announcer or whatever he is and shining a not so noble light on him. Having Shockey not there to berate him and having Tiki defame him helped him to get over that hump just like sitting Rex helped him to see that things weren't going to be just handed to him. Also, don't think that I followed you to this blog. I've posted several times in the past and I will in the future. I'm sure if you bring a real argument Brad won't have to protect me.

Sorry William, not reading your posts. It’s on my list though, right after... eat a bug. I don't see that happening either. But feel free to continue misinterpreting what I say and creating invalid comments. Knock yourself out... really... knock yourself out.

EVeryone relax. We'll be back next year, no need to call for Lovie's job. The PLayers love him, and it'd be stupid to even THINK about firing him. We had a tough season, ridiculed with injuries, but we'll be back next year.

i agree with COUSIN tommy zbikowski would be a wonderful fit and just a great story for years to come. from first hand experience i know he is a hard fought kid and will give his blood, sweat and tears for his home-town team. besides being a relative, me as a chicago bears fan would love to see him replace an over-played, over-injured, and over-hyped mike brown anyday! CHUUURCH!!!


I'm not expecting you to read my posts. Believe that!! My opinion is good for me and if someone else doesn't agree with it so be it. Tommy you are the voice of reason. Knee-jerk reactions are usually reactions used by a jerk with worn out knees. And big beezy if your cousin is better than Mike Brown by all means have him sign and I'll root for him. That's if he's the real deal. Now if he sucks I'll be the first in line to boo him. If he's gonna be better bring him on. But as of right now no one has replaced him in results.

Everyone, take my advice. Don't read William's posts and don't respond to the ridiculous things he says. He's a waste of time. Maybe he will decide to spend his excessive blogging time with his family instead. That will be good for him and us. Everyone wins!

William R. Donald
why are you so inconsistent with your replies and comments?
in the best superbowl QBs post you completly bashed Rex and now your saying that he improved from going to the bench and now the blame goes to the coaches I agree with BBB in the fact that we shouldn't listen to you

Where was I inconsistent? I said that Rex and Eli were not comparable because Eli got better after Shockey and Barber weren't around and that he was MVP and that was it. I said that Rex did not improve AFTER the Super bowl. Where was the inconsistency? Show me where he got better AFTER the Super bowl? He didn't show that he wanted to be a pro football QB until AFTER he got benched. I didn't see enough of him after he got his starting position back to know that benching him stuck with him. All I know is his numbers improved drastically after the benching and WITH the same offense that was here to start the season. I never blamed the coaches anywhere for Rex's play. The one thing I ever said about Turner was that he got passes from me because I saw what he did for a lot of guys in 95 but maybe he's not trying hard enough now. If you want to not read my posts after that, fine by me. But don't hold your breath waiting to agree with BBB more than once a year unless you're willing to turn every blog into the Bash Lovie blog like he does all the time. Read all his blogs and you will see a pattern that is kind of redundant. The blog could be about anything and he turns it into his personal hatred of Lovie. He's like that guy who got dumped who always bring up whatshername because he's not over being hurt or rejected. And I'm curious that after all the replies I've made that only Rex's is the one you take offense at. Why do some people defend Rex no matter what he does good or bad? "Support our QB". How? Send him a care package? Knit him a sweater? You honestly think he's on this blog every now and then? He and just about all players are incredulous to these fan blogs. You love 'em and hate 'em too much for them to take this seriously. Do you think that when you rage against them on these blogs that they know what you said? Do you think that you gave any player,coach or owner any food for thought? Yours is a tiny voice in the corner of a large universe. And BBB as you can see clearly I don't post until after 10:00 PM because after work I spend time with my family. You blog at all hours so we all can see who has a life,right. Just so happens that after my family goes to sleep I tune in to some bone-headed fanatics who have all the answers while living obviously alone with their bone-headed thoughts.

im well aware that most likely no one that has anything to do with the NFL reads this, but thats not the reason I choose to defend Rex. And I'm not saying go out and die for him or anything, but how most people act is that they want him to do bad or something. It seems like after he has a bad game there are people who are like I told you he would do bad. and the reason I said that you were inconsistent with your comments is because from one of your posts here it appeared like you do see potential in Rex, but in another section you completly seemed to hate Rex.
and don't you think that Rex had good games before the superbowl
he showed many times that he can play well and it wasn't after getting benched only
I think that he played differently after getting benched, but what he really did was become more conservative
he wasn't losing games, but if we surrounded him with talent meaning better WRs and and O line he would be able to be more agressive
also whats the point of saying every game oh we lost rex is our QB?
don't you think there is a reason we never have good QBS? I'm not saying he shouldn't get ANY blame, but its ridiculous how Bears fans seem to give him all the blame for everything
and I dont know what BBB says all the time and I'm sure that he is wrong on many accounts, but I will say it is not all Lovie's fault and I won't blame him because I wanted him after we got to the superbowl

The only good thing about William is that he'll keep talking and prove himself wrong for you. It's a time saver.

If you never read my posts how do you know what I'm talking about? You guys are funny trying to tell everyone who they should listen to or ignore. Who made you omnipotent that anyone should listen to what you say? Funny how guys are always trying to tell the world how you're right and everyone else is wrong. Sorry but this is the land of the free and I'm free to write whatever I want. Just like you are free to skip my comments. You don't have to make some dramatic statement like I hurt you with mere words. I'm not completely sold on Rex that's all. Do I see potential, I did and sometimes I don't. I'm not in love with him like I wasn't in love with McMahon. That guy could have been great for us if he dedicated himself more. He'd come to training camp with a bigger gut than his linemen. He didn't dedicate himself until he was with his 5th or 6th team. Knowing the plays and being buddies with his Oline was his most important characteristic. People love him for shining well over a few games when in all actuality his career here was more brief than his high-lights. I'll talk about the good of Rex and I'll talk about his bad. I'm sorry but he just did not do well after the Super Bowl. If everyone wants to blame everything on the linemen and everyone but him then I think they are doing themselves a disservice because all those guys didn't get bad at the same time. I clearly see that Rex didn't dedicate himself like QBs who want to get better. After he sat he came in and took over the huddle. Everyone can see that. Only after watching Griese do it did he see that the leader does that. Guys used to come back to the huddle and he'd just call the play. All the while they were talking and he'd let them. What happened next most of the time: delay of game. Afterward he took over more. His passes were crisper and his INTs went way down-only 1 after the benching. Improvement? Something to hang your hat on? Maybe. Then he got hurt. It didn't erase the fact that he wasn't better to start the season. I don't want him to fail. I'd love to have a quality QB behind center but he was much better when he started the 2006 season. And up and down after that. Mainly down to start 2007 and getting up when he got hurt. That track record does not scream protect him for angry bloggers. And when you want to compare him to other QBS who were in the Super bowl he doesn't have the same moxie or respect that some of them get. He's better than Dilfer , plainly. There is more to him than we get to see. And opinions about him come from more than just the media and the fans. You never know what some of his teammates say about him off the record. Just like everyone wanted to replace Alex Brown because Mark Anderson got sacks in passing downs I wasn't sold on the idea. I felt that Alex was unsung and that Anderson would wilt playing all downs and that's just what happened. Did me feeling Anderson wasn't going to be great this year mean I thought he was a bad player? No. I just didn't see him starting over Alex and I was considered by some people as unknowing because I didn't see the big obvious. I love the 2006 Anderson and did not like the 2007 Anderson for the most part. One man's opinion.

Sometimes I read the first line. Once I start laughing I stop.

Usually I mention your name on my first line so I know exactly what you mean.

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