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Angelo finally to discuss season

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Jerry Angelo will address the Bears’ 7-9 season this morning at 10. It will be the first time the general manager has met with assembled media since Halloween as he became unavailable during the second half of the season after years of mingling in the press box on game days. Perhaps Angelo allowed coach Lovie Smith to be a single voice for the organization during the season.

Whatever the reason, Angelo’s voice will be the one that resonates in the offseason as the club prepares for free agency and the draft, where it holds the No. 14 pick. Smith has already let everyone know he would like his entire coaching staff to return, as well as the entire 53-man roster.

``We would like for all of our guys to come back,’’ Smith said in his wrap-up press conference to the season Monday afternoon.

It will be interesting to discover how Angelo feels about that given the club’s drop off on both sides of the ball, particularly on the defense where the club has invested heavily, not only with draft picks but money, in building a talented core.

Three things Angelo needs to answer:

1. Will the Bears make a run at any of their own free agents? LB Lance Briggs, WR Bernard Berrian, QB Rex Grossman, special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo and TE John Gilmore, among others, will be unrestricted free agents. Typically, the Bears have headed off their own free agents before this point by signing them to deals. Is it realistic any of these guys will return?

2. Are the Bears in the market for a quarterback other than Grossman? Cleveland has made it known it will entertain offers for its restricted free agent Derek Anderson. His play dropped off in December, a primary reason why the Browns failed to make the playoffs. Is he an intriguing prospect? If so, at what price?

3. When Smith says repeatedly down the stretch that the Bears are ``close’’ to being competitive again, can they still be in that position if they lose their own free agents?

Stay turned. There promises to be some interesting developments that will be worth following into the spring.


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I just can't see him saying much today....words like disappointed..injuries..

I want to hear him say he was wrong about his QB and his RB...apologize and verbalize just how much it cost us and what he plans to do about it....

I hope someone pushes the issue at JA's press conference

lol, I listened to it...

Benson not a franchise back?..strong words?......Do "feature" backs go out on 3rd down because they're too gutless/stupid to block...and can't make a cut in the open field if they catch a pass?

Do share..

thre was high expectations this year, yet,
underneath that, it meant that grossman would need to have
a decent year.
unfortunately, a lot of talk surrounds the defense as well,
but, i feel it was the offense getting off the field way to early
each game, each first qtr, producing nothing, really hurt the "D"
in the long haul of a game ... if you look at 1st minn. game, AP
had three long TD's. Game is a little different "if" you could take away just 3 plays. it will be hard to judge the bears until they develop some chemistry at QB, period, so, for JA, he needs to forget the hype, get a QB, and someone to teach, train, and direct that QB into a QB that CHITOWN needs; obviously, we just need a QB that can manage the game well, and have an accurate arm. Bears need to be a running team no doubt. So, it is not so blind what JA needs to do.

what did Angelo say today????????

When the Bears started the season, it was based on duplicating last years model. Dominate on defense, run the ball, manage the clock and play for field position. They had a shorter field to play on and took advantage of it last year. The model works IF everyone executes!

That was then....Once the injuries started, specifically on the defensive line this year, that is where the Bears dropped the ball. The cover-2 defense only works when the defensive line can pressure the quarterback. When the Bears couldn't do that, everything else was affected, but they made NO ADJUSTMENTS. The defense had to stay on the field longer and the Bears STILL TRIED to keep the same game plan as if the 'cover-2' defense was working.

I don't buy into the idea that they stick to the running game to move the chains, make first downs and REST THE DEFENSE. If you can't get a first down running the ball, then open it up and at least try for a BIG play. If you're going to go "three and out", what's the difference? If you fail at running for a first down repeatedly, at least by going 'verticle' with the passing game, you only need to succeed once out of three attempts instead of having to get stuffed at the line and then punt.

The Bears should draft, trade or sign via FA the offensive and defensive line needs. EVERYTHING starts there! If those two areas are taken care of first, that is going to be the quickest way of getting back to playoff caliber play. It will improve every other aspect of the game, without having to go out and overpay for skilled position players!

The 1st thing is signing Briggs, we need him back. He has developed into one of the NFL's best OLB. The bears should make him a priority. 2nd get rid of Benson lost our lose's with him. We have 3 other RB's that can produce AP, G. Wolfe and PJ Pope who is on IR. The defense is intact but injuries killed us this year. The defense was shot to pieces after the 1st half of the dallas game. 3rd inconsistencies at QB is a mess by itself. Give Orton the chance he deserves it 12-6 as starter move Grossman to backup and cut Griese. Finally draft a Wide receiver and start rebuilding the offensive line.

Well, everyone should be prepared to not see Briggs, Berrian, Ayanbedejo, and Gilmore in a Bears uniform. We got backups at those positions that will save us money. Jamar Williams played well the last game and with Urlacher you don't really need anyone else. Rashied Davis needs to be resigned and he can be our special teams specialist. Mark Bradley deserves a shot at WR and Hester can replace Berrian, Olsen and Clark takes care of our TE's. I like the Bears with Orton, the defense somehow is sparked up with Orton. He's not the most accurate guy, but he is improving. Grossman deserves another chance here, he hasn't played in that many NFL games yet in his career, but he looked good before his injury. Let them duke it out for the starting spot. Derek Anderson is not that great, he has Edwards and Winslow. McNabb sounds good but $$$, and we don't have time to breed a rookie QB. Lets stick with the same RB's next year. Everyone has to realize our Offensive line was the reason for the downfall. It's the same line that did good in '05 but now injuries and age have caught up. That is priority #1 in the upcoming draft. Adrian Peterson is a keeper, he has heart and makes an impact on special teams. Wolfe has some Hester like moves on those RB passes. A run blocking Offensive Guard shouldn't hurt. Priority #2, make a decision on Mike Brown, personally I would keep him, because like Grant Hill, when healthy they're very dependable. Or draft a run stopping saftey. Finally, compliment Tommie Harris with a big wide defensive tackle.

wow no wonder it took 20 something years to get back to a sb. I know fans are entitled to there opinion but some of you loud mouth arrogant chicago fans are stupid. Just reading your comments is no wonder why chicago never had a franchise qb. How much of the offensive whoas do you place on this aging offensive line. How I see it Rex never had a chance here in chicago. 3 coordinators in 4 yrs and never had any playmakers at wr aside from Marty Booker and they traded him. Oh yea how about a running game you need one of those too idiots. Please, give the guy some credit all he's been through with injuries and fans bashing him. Rex never had time to develop nore did he have a veteran to teach him. All you so call chicago fans want to do is hate the guy. We all see what Rex can do when he has blocking. The league saw it as well that's why he was player of the month in september and a candidate for mvp through the first 7 gms. Unbelievable, I could see cedric benson warranting that kind of scruntiny but trying to destroy a young talented qb is plain dumb. Let me know when did the NFL become a walk over league for young qbs. Matt Lienart example 1 rd 12 pick and he played in a pro system in college and he sucked badly. Not saying he can't play in this league but need time to develop. Rex unfortunately did not play in a pro scheme at UF and still is playing better than most of the qbs drafted his yr up till now. Not all but some of you chicago fans are ungrateful. I understand fans pay money to see there team win games. It's not unfair to take your frustration out on a young qb and some of the other young players due to your hatred for management. One other thing I like Orton but history shows me he never produces against big real competition when it matters. 2005 seasons success was an effective running game with great defense. Yea Orton was at the helm but did nothing to prove he could win a game for you. Throwing a 190 yds is not going to win your games in the NFl. The one throw I saw Orton make that summed up his ability was the 4th and 1 vs the viks he over threw a wide open jason mckie in the flats. Please this organization knows I know it and the real bear fans know it they better sign rex and briggs if they want to win games period.......

We need Mcnabb. He wants out of Phili and would be a welcome addition to Chicago. If New England can make these block buster deals, why can't we? It starts with getting Mcnabb to Chicago. I like Orton, but we need stability at this position not competition. We also need a running back. Cedric is a bust! We need a running back that can avg 1200 yds per season. We were very stupid to let Thomas Jones go for nothing. I love Benard, but if he becomes too expensive, there is Isac Bruce of the Rams. He is better than Benard and a proven veteran. The Defense will be ok. Apologize to Alex Brown for taken out as a starter. Make sure that saftey Brown is ready to play. If he would just stay healthy, man it's scary how good the bears could be. They are going to have to let Briggs go and develope McGowen. Keep your special teams intact!!! They are the ones that kept you alive in the games you won. Last of all get some young big men via the draft to help shore up the offensive line.

I think Rex and Orton will stay, cut Griese (lost cause) and keep Brown, deserves one more chance as the rest of they guys do. Let Briggs go, Williams can fill in just fine and save the money for the OL and a RB, I think the Bears are two solid lineman from bringing us back to the sb and at RB Turner or Fargas will do. In the Draft pick up a OL,WR,S,& LB. At safety i think Payne will fill in if brown goes out he has the closing speed and can hit but needs to improve on his approach angle. Let Berrian & Mohamad go too. At D Tackle we are good Harris,Adams,Toeaina,Davorcek oh and cut Walker.


Nice job calling out Angelo at the end of the press conference. This group at Halas Hall sure seems to have some thin skin.

I also heard Angelo talking about "household changes"....Is the A/C broken or are the windows shot at Halas Hall? Or was he referring to new flooring.

That guy has a way with words.

Thanks for the great job covering the Bears this year.

Jerseyboy, it's understandable you would comment on the Bears b/c New Jersey has no football team. Sorry kid.

Well I always thought Orton was a decent QB, but I think he needs the same opportunties Rex had. More than anything I think the Bears need play makers at WR. It would be a travesty of justice to pay Berrian a whole lot of money. I would try to resign Briggs, but I would go hard after RB Turner. If not then try to draft RB Stewart from Oregon. Move DE Anderson to LB maybe he could be a Demarcus Ware type. Keep Brown you can put a price on a good locker room. Give Bradley a chance, he has all the skills. Lastly trade Hillenmayor or anybody you can afford to trade for picks. Forget Anderson if the Browns are willing to listen to offers for thier starting QB just so they can start Quinn you need to be skeptical.

I too am disappointed with the Bears play this season. One can only speculate that Jerry Angelo is somewhat to blame for the Bears lackluster perfomance. But the Bears had other issues, like the Tank Johnson saga, the Lance Briggs story, and last but not least the Good Rex Bad Rex story. The Tank Johnson saga was taken care of, the Lance Briggs story should be over, if he does not want to play for the Bears, then dump him!! The Rex Grossman story should be over as well. I think the Rex story was over before it got started this season. Now, to Jerry Angelo I say get off your duff and get us some players. We do not need another young quarterback fresh out of college, at least for right now we don't. Get us a proven, seasoned veteran. Dump Briggs and let Urlacher start working with some new blood. Oh and by the way Jerry, I hear Donovan McNabb might be available soon, it might be worth looking into. I am not saying Donovan would be the answer, but good grief enough already, lets check out ALL options. To go to the Superbowl one year, and the toilet bowl the next year it just has to have Pappa Bear rolling is his grave. Come on Jerry and Lovie right the ship

What the Bears need to do before the 2008 season is what I said they should do before the 2006 and 2007 seasons. They didn't do what needed to be done because Teddy, Jerry, and Lovie don't know what they are doing and they rewarded all the loyal fans with one of the most pathetic campaigns in history. Get ready for more of the same.

what the bears need billed the o line , get a vetern Qb like mcnabb and draft aQb in the late picks like chad henne but the first pick i think we should draft a tackle or safety like kenny phillips where him and mike brown

The message to Angelo is this, fix the o-line by drafting the best tackle availiable at 14. Sign Faneca with the money you would have given Briggs (sorry Lance but I have two words for ya, Holman and Colvin. Neither had the same success after they left). Get someone who can fill in for Brown and eventually replace him because there is to big a dropoff when he isn't in the lineup. Bring in someone to be the every down running back and let Benson beat up opposing defenses in the fourth quarter when they are tired. Bring back Berrian and your fine at wide receiver. As for the quarterbak issue, others have said bring in someone else. McNabb is old and injury prone. Anderson is unproven, Chicago's stance has been show me once great but proove it again and you'll get paid. This team has two QB's that they have barely begun to develop. Cut Greise and focus on Orton and Rex. Both of whom have the playing experince of a second year starter. Peyton Manning wasn't great after his second year. In the past Chicago has tried to fix the problem by going and getting someone, usually past his prime and that has contributed to the QB carasel that has happend. You have two young guys on this team. Sign Rex to a two year deal with option years if you are skepical but let them compete against each other next year and continue to develop them. Each of these teams that have become consistantly great have all matured with their quartebacks. Wake up and realize that putting someone new in is not always the answer.

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