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Agent doesn't see Bears in mix for CFL star

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The agent for Canadian Football League running back Joe Smith said the Bears are not one of the teams in the mix for his services.

“To be honest, no,” Harold Lewis told the Sun-Times Saturday morning when asked if the Bears had extended a contract offer to Smith, who has set records with the British Columbia Lions. “We don’t have an offer from the Bears. We have a lot of interest from a lot of teams around the league. There are about four or five teams interested in signing Joe.

“We’re going to make a move with somebody. We don’t know who yet. We’ve gotten quite bit of interest from a few East Coast teams, and some teams that are going through coaching changes, but I have not had dialogue with the Bears.”

The Metro News of Toronto reported that the Bears and New York Jets had offered contracts to Smith, who has a window that extends into next month to get out of his contract and return to the NFL. He set a Lions’ franchise record with 1,510 yards this past season, scoring 18 touchdowns.

Smith, 6-1, 224 pounds, originally was an undrafted free agent from Louisiana Tech who spent nearly a full season on Jacksonville’s practice squad. The 27-year-old has also spent time with Tampa Bay and Tennessee before landing in the CFL.

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While somewhat talented, Smith is a major prima dona (he spends a lot of time on his hair) and does not appear to be very liked by his teammates. Incidentally, 5.4 yards a carry in the CFL is good, but a lot of other had similar numbers including Jarrett Payton (5.2). I don't see either of these guys being the answer to the Bears' backfield woes.

Smith is a wash out - why do you think he has been with 2-3 NFL teams and now plays in the CFL. Those numbers are great in Pop Warner football which is what the CFL really is. The big issue with the Bears is Jerry Angelo who is the worse GM in the NFL. Look at what this non judge of talent has doen since taking over the 2001 Bears who were 13-3. When the Bears owners wake up and kick this no nothing bozo out of town and get a real NFL GM - until then this team will struggle. Same with Garrett Wolf - good at NIU 2nd rate conference He will never make it in the pros as faster bigger defense backs will eat him a live. He might have been able to run away from the poor 2nd rate competition that he ran over at NIU but the NFL will eat him alive. Fire Angelo draft a decent QB - use 2nd 3rd rounds to beef up the old O line - cut Lazy Benson - Terrible Grossman who is the worse QB to ever play pro football. That would be a start toward improving the Bears.

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