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Thursday practice update Part II

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DT Darwin Walker had limited participation in practice and KR Devin Hester and LB Rod Wilson had full participation.

While QB Rex Grossman was in uniform, he didn't do anything.

DL Tommie Harris and Mark Anderson, LB Lance Briggs and CB Nathan Vasher remained out.

We'll get a look at the breakdown of who is probable and questionable on Friday afternoon.

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Sit all the injured starters! Let most of the second team play and get exp and evaluate them for next season ,cause da bears are gonna need to spend some cash.As we all know that wont happen either.Can you say Fucodome?

the pack will dominate the bears. after further know the rest.

With Brian Griese, you know the Bears have a good chance of beating the Packs. With Orton, you know he can drink Favre under the table anyday!

The bears wil lose close again, we ain't winning with orton unless the 2005 defense and o-line showup. Unlike most chicago fans and media I don't think were finshed winning. Next year,we need to make strong saftey,rt, and lg our #1 priorities in that order. 2nd tier needs rb,wr,and qb because if we don't trade for Mcnabb,I'd like to see more from D.Anderson before we bring him to our offense and claim him a savoir. He would have to learn a new offense, and he won't have the skilled position players he has in cleveland. So maybe draft one who can sit for 2-3 years an learn, then take over. If we get a good strong saftey that will remedy the problems on D if lance briggs is resigned. A rt, and lg will solidify our line maybe Cedric can find a hole, and our qb's will have more time to throw.

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