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Thursday practice update: Grossman with helmet on

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QB Rex Grossman had his helmet on and cleats and was doing stretching with the team prior to the outside workout Thursday afternoon at Halas Hall.

While that doesn't mean Grossman is going to do a lot today, maybe he'll hit his goal of dressing as the emergency quarterback for next week's season finale against New Orleans.

Defensive tackle Darwin Walker was also suited up and it looked like he would participate for the first time since banging up his left elbow at Washington Dec. 6. LB Rod Wilson (quad) also returned to practice.

Still missing:

KR Devin Hester (shin)
DE Mark Anderson (left knee)
CB Nathan Vasher (groin)
DT Tommie Harris (left knee)
LB Lance Briggs (hip)

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1 Comment

in 1968 having been recently married
and having to change my life style
i starttedwatching da bears
became a devoted fan
the 1st game was against the vikings
jack conncanon was qb
they were as a team lacking in talent lots a heart but
not many wins
so i just turned 65 and i am afraid that i have seen my last
bears winning season
they just cant seem to evauate talent especially on
the offensive line their

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