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Smith refuses to commit to Orton

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The players who give the Bears the best chance to win Sunday against the Green Bay Packers will start. That’s the message Lovie Smith drove home about a half-dozen times during his press conference that just wrapped up at Halas Hall.

Smith was non-commital about Kyle Orton making it to start No. 2, making you realize they’re at least considering having the QB turnstile click yet again. Smith was clearly upset with the way the offense played against the Vikings.

Offensive coordinator Ron Turner seemed certain following the game that Orton would play vs. the Packers as the Bears go for a sweep in the season series.

We’ll see. Check back later for more details.

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It's good to hear Smith being non-committal to any player.

I am glad to hear that from Lovie too. Unfortunately, any of the three Bears quarterbacks would not have a good outcome due to our aged offensive line that cannot protect any of them. I still think we should trade for a seasoned quarterback and a running back in the offseason and focus on drafting a couple of offensive linemen, one defensive linemen and a safety. Angelo should do what he can to re-sign Berrian and Briggs at his earliest opportunity. Unfortunately, the Bears organization is notoriously cheap which makes it hard for us to keep the good players. Why is it that Chicago has all the cheap team owners? (well, I should change that as at least the Cubs are still spending..).

You know, it is impossible to evaluate any quarterback behind this offensive line and with the lack of weapons on offense. Yes, Berrian and Olsen are weapons, but are plagued by drops or bad play calling. It is undisputed that when Tom Brady or Peyton Manning get a lot of pressure, thay stink. An interesting stat on ESPN the other day showed that Rothlisberger is the best QB in the league under pressure (based on QB rating when hit or about to be hit) and Tom Brady is one of the do you like them apples. So let's take it easy on our QBs, especially Rex, who made something out of nothing when he was in there.

At least living in CA, I don't have to constantly watch my team disappear in front of me because of poor personel decisions,(Ian Scott, Alphonso Boone, Chris Harris, & Thomas Jones sure would look could in aBear uniform right now!) poor play selection (Turner needs to go back to San Jose and coach junior high) and poor citizenship (knock up anyone this week Briggs?)

Wait until next year fellow Bear fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I dont think you have watched much football. Brady and Manning know how to handle pressure, control the pocket and get rid of the ball smartly. They dont wait until they are hit. Grossman doesnt handle any pressure well, he doesnt have QB poise or judgement.

If you watched last nite, the line gave Orton time to pass. The run blocking wasnt good but the protection was. Brady or Manning would have carved up that weak Minnesota secondary. Bears have "no weapons"? What about Berian, Olsen and Hester?

But yeah, you're right, "Rex" is great, Manning and Brady "stink".

sorry that last comment was for Cocobear not Penny.

Well said Cocobear except replace Rex with Brian. Brian Griese is the one who single-handedly beat the Packers and The Eagles and he almost beat the Vikings at Soldier Field. Our whole season would have been different if Griese had called all of his own plays. Unfortunately, management took exception to Brian's volunteer work and basically sunk that ship.

Good luck to Brian Griese finding a new team to play for--there are about 10 teams in the NFL in need of a good, experienced qb just like Griese. He'll easily be the choice over Rex. Only in Chicago is that not the truth.

OK you guys have a good point about Rex but,It is Ron Turner,And Lovie Smith and the Bears GM that are to blame!!Lovie got rid of Ron Rivera for Bob "the puppet Babich.Ron Turner in my opinion is a horrible Off Co.And why did'nt ANYONE at Hallas Hall see how old the Off line was?!!Plus the bears are in for another horrible season if they as u guys said trade for a QB and running back and draft O-lineman,like three at least!!!

its sad to say but our team is a bad team!! first we need to address the rb spot because it has been shown that you do not need a superstar qb if u have a legitamite rb. trent dilfer mike tomzak, steve fuller, hostetler, the list goes on. once we have someone that forces the 8th and 9th man up that opens the field up.the line can be addressed thru the draft moveing tait over is a start in the right direction. javier

I was wondering if Orton was making any improvement whiel on the
sideline and at practice over the last two years, and from what I could see the answer is NO! People will say he has not played and is rusty. Well so was the quaterback for the Redskins that craved up our defence, and he did not have the luxury of working with the first team all week. There are dozens of QBs that could play as well as that or better than what we saw,that are out of a job. After two or three years in the NFL your as good as your going to get, and from what I seen why not give someone else a shot.

If the Bears don't panic they will be back next year. Keep Rex and Ced. Upgrade the o line with dominant run blockers like Alan Fanaca from the Steelers. (It will never happen the Bears won't spend the money) If you add road graders Ced can run between the tackles and Rex can throw play action bombs like he did the year before. Save money by keeping Rex and Ced. Spend the money on quality o line free agents, a good defensive tackle and safties and we will be back on top.

It would be great if Brian Griese played for the 2008 Bears, but the stooges that run the Bears likely have soured this smart, capable and experienced quarterback on playing in Chicago. There's a highlight film running for a LCD TV company:Griese to Hester for a 90 yard bomb TD....the guy can play when there's support around him.

Why is it that a world class city like Chicago has a football team run like a small market town?

'why does our world class city have a football team run like a small market town?' Because the mccaskeys own it, and mccaskey is irish for "mediocre".


Wow..Hand it to Lovie Smith for making the claim that the Bears are close....coming back stronger than ever. Didn't you make a similar claim last year after getting your Butts kicked in the Super Bowl last year?..Like... we'll be back next year to finish the job.
Lovie, your optimism is admirable but unfortunately rings of wounded pride not about really focusing on what truly needs to be done to turn the Bears into a true championship caliber team like the 85 team was.
Do you have a solid running game? No
Do you really have an excellent quarter back with backups to get the job done? No
Is your offensive line able to protect your quarterback consistently? No
Is your defense as effective as last or past seasons? No
Do you really have solid receivers that can catch and hang on to the ball? No
Can your safeties stop big plays like they've done in the past? No
Can Devin Hester block? No
Lovie, you know that the 85 team except for Hester had all that and more & unless you turn the majority of those items above into yes's you and your team won't ever be close no matter how optimistic and positive you are.

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