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Orton the starter; plenty missing at practice

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Any suspense remaining in the Bears’ quarterback situation ended when Kyle Orton appeared at the podium Wednesday afternoon in the press conference for the starting quarterback.

``I thought I played well in stretches and I thought there was a stretch where I didn’t play so well,’’ Orton said. ``So I tried to correct all the stuff I did wrong and get back at it this week and work hard and hopefully play a lot better game this week.’’

There were plenty of missing bodies at the practice. Cornerback Nathan Vasher was not spotted at the start of practice. Defensive end Mark Anderson, returner Devin Hester, quarterback Rex Grossman and linebacker Rod Wilson were sitting out.

It also appeared that defensive tackles Tommie Harris and Darwin Walker were not going to participate. Ditto Lance Briggs, who was injured late in the game at Minnesota.

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HEY LOVIE,WHy dont you sit all the starters for the last two games so we can get a better draft pick? Everyone knows the McCaskeys arent going to spend any money in free agentcy.They will hope they get a good draft so they dont have to pay anyone.So Please lovie lose the next two so we chicago fans can atleast hope for something goodin the draft.By the way you better re=sign Briggs to a deal and try to sign Berrian too. Get rid of moose hes not good anymore.

Sure let's lose on purpose...not! You play the game to win even if you're not heading to the playoffs this year. As our NFC North friends in Green Bay have shown, you can use the end of a losing season to build momentum into the next.

You don't play to lose. When every player has put out his best effort, there are no losers. Slackers and play-it-safers lose in spite of the final score.

I wonder if Lovie is actually calling the shots or one of the worst GM's in football is making them play Orton.

I just don't understand why they are giving up on Brian Griese. I know he had a lot of interception, however some were from receivers running the wrong routes, some were forcing things when the game was about to go out of reach and maybe he was a little rusty after not playing for 2 years. But this guy is a quality QB that we haven't had in a long time. How soon we forget the game winning drives against Philadelphia and Green Bay. He has the highest quarterback rating of anyone who played QB for the Bears, ever. His career completion percentage and yard per attempt are higher then Donovan McNabb, Jim McMahon and even Brett Favre. We have waited so long to get a guy like this and then we don't even give him a fair shot. What am I missing?

Guys i dont care about momentum or best effort i care about winning and when all of your star player are injured and its the end of the season sit them all even if its a toenail! Also if it means getting a better draft pick/"s to win a superbowl next year loose loose loose! Point Blank.

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