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NFL comes down on Tillman, Briggs

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The NFL levied fines against cornerback Charles Tillman and linebacker Lance Briggs for plays in Monday's 20-13 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Tillman was fined $7,500 for unnecessary roughness. Although no penalty was called on the play, the league deemed that he brought down Vikings receiver Robert Ferguson with a horse collar tackle at the end of his 71-yard reception. It's insult to injury as that was the play that jump-started Minnesota's offense, setting up the Vikes' first touchdown.

Briggs was also fined $5,000 for roughing the passer. The NFL deemed that he unnecessarily struck Tavaris Jackson in the area of the head. Briggs was called for a penalty on the play.

The league has been cracking down in a big way on horse collar infractions. Dallas safety Roy Williams was suspended for the Cowboys' game with Carolina after he was caught making a horse collar tackle for the third time this season. It's ironic in the rule was created because of Williams' horse collar tackle that broke the leg of wide receiver Terrell Owens in 2004.

No word yet on whether or not either player plans to appeal the fines.

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At least they play with emotion. Lovie should take note, and try to show they same emotion on his boy Turner. As you can see even the Bears best are fed up with this never ending season of pain.

Emotion?? But no brains!! Plays like those show why the bears are now losers!!Go Packers,the Pack is back!!!!!!Leard to live with it!!!!

On the posting from Dick Jossart, he stated 'Lear(D) to live with it???!!!' This is why I HATE most Packer fans!!!! What is green, and has 32 teeth? Lambeau Field on a Sunday afternoon!!!! Let crybaby Briggs go. He is an idiot. Peanut Tillman is a good corner, but I would have never given him an extension as large as the pathetic Jerry Angelo did. Ron Rivera or Mike Singletary for head coach! Get rid of Lovie. He might coerce Jerry Angelo to draft Thurston Howell III in the first round!!!!!

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