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Monday should bring a few answers

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Some things are coming into focus as the season winds near an end.

Today, the Bears will put to rest the ugly 24-16 loss at Washington on Thursday. The team chose not to put the defeat behind itself with a post-mortem press conference on Friday and a chance to offer answers to some of the questions that arose.

Perhaps Lovie Smith will shed some light on player usage moving forward, such as who will play quarterback when the Bears travel to Minnesota next Monday night.

Brian Griese or Kyle Orton?

Then again, that might give the Vikings a little too much advance notice. Stay tuned later on today for more information.

As far as the schedule for 2008, that could go down to the final week of the season.

As usual, 14 opponents for next season are already determined with the Bears hosting New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Tennessee, and playing road games at Atlanta, Carolina, Houston and Indianapolis. The usual NFC North suspects account for the other six games.

Up in the air are two games determined on the Bears' finish. They are set to host the like finisher from the NFC East and travel to the like finisher from the NFC West. If the season ended today, it would mean a home date with Philadelphia and a trip to St. Louis.

A look at how it breaks down:

NFC North
Lions 6-7
Bears 5-8

NFC East
Redskins 6-7
Eagles 5-8

NFC West
49ers 3-10
Rams 3-10

The Bears could climb out of the cellar, but are running out of time as they lose a tiebreaker to Detroit.

The finish in the West will be interesting. The Rams close with home games against Green Bay and Pittsburgh before a road trip to Arizona. The Niners close with home games against Cincinnati and Tampa Bay before a trip to Cleveland. The way St. Louis and San Francisco have been playing, that could be six losses between the two of them.

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Can we please face the music. The Bears are getting older on both sides of the ball. Brian Urlacher may have two-three years left and that isn't even putting into consideration his back problems. Jerry Angelo shot the bed with trading away Thomas Jones. How much rebuilding can the Bears possibly do by next season? Even if we get a new quarterback their will be no one to block for him. A new running back will face the same problems. How about we swallow our pride and sign Lance Briggs. The Bears obviously need a safety because 48-year-old Ronnie Lott would be better back there than Archuleta. I am facing the music. I'm preparing for another era of average Bears football. Mediocraty seems to be enough for McCaskey and company.

I guess you could say this is a typical season after a team loses a superbowl.
The biggest concern I would have is the offensive line.
When was the last time you saw a horrible offense with a good offensive line? Great QB's, running backs and wide recievers get all the headlines but would be crap without an offensive line.
Sign Briggs, get some other safeties and linebackers in there.
Pray for less injuries.

"I guess you could say this is a typical season after a team loses a superbowl." -Tommy

Just like the Saints right?

The Chicago Bear owners are cheap and that is the bottom line. Whenever they shop for quarter backs its always someone who failed somewhere else or could be a second or third string quarter back with any NFL team. When was the last time you ever seen the Bears go after a quality quarter back. Trading away Thomas has doomed the offense before it even got off the ground this year. Why did they think Benson was the answer. He did good with the one two punch the Bears once had but Benson can't carry the load! Losing Ron River hurt the banged up defense. But to make matters worst the Bears should have been working to get a quality quarter back right after their Superbowl loss. What were the Bears thinking in regards to Rex, were they waiting for the fairy godmother to sprinkle some magic on him! He maybe good for a backup but thats about it. The Bears played games with Lance to the point that he probably doesn't want to be here. They have no run defense, and no blocking on the offensive line. Time and time again Chicago teams fail to build on success! Chicago is a big city with the ability to pay talented players. Why do the Bears seem to fail with the drafting of quality players? Why do the Bears draft subpar quarter backs and build them up? why are our receivers dropping balls or running poor routes? This season the Bears have been turning the ball over to the point that no matter what the defense does they burn out trying to keep the Bears in a game! It appears that I will be watching the Bears play below 500 for the next two years that is how bad the Bears team is, and the direction they are moving in!

Facing the music is the only choice the Bears and their fans have.
The Bears were so lucky to have made it to the Super Bowl last year it ain't funny. I thought this years team supposed to be better than last years. Lip service. For this season, the Bears were exposed for who they really organization with pockets of real talent but not enough as a team much less a championship team.
The Bears need to get over themselves and go back to the drawing board.

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