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Miller to have tuneup on right ankle

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Right tackle Fred Miller battled with a partially torn MCL in his right knee during the middle of the season, but had even bigger problems with a right ankle issue that forced him out of Giants game on Dec. 2. Miller is not one to miss games. It was just the second he had missed since 1998, when he started 15 games for the St. Louis Rams.

He said he will undergo arthroscopic surgery on the ankle, probably next week.

Miller is just one of a handful of players who will have offseason tuneups. Defensive tackle Tommie Harris will have his left knee cleaned up. It’s unknown if linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer will require a minor procedure on the nagging shoulder injury that plagued him down the stretch.

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Fred Miller is a human turnstyle. Who cares and please Sun Times stop this Quaterback Crap. We need a freakin Running Back!!!!!!!

Time to show the o-line the same revolving door they gave to opposing D-Linemen. Need at least 2 new starters next year. Lets see what Angelo can do. Maybe while he's at it he can wake Lovie out of his slumber of content since his big fat contract extension.

Hey,Paul, we not only share the same first name, but also the same perspective. I love the "turnstyle" comment. A couple of linemen who could actually open holes would definitely also help. Cedric needs a reality check. Maybe Lovie should make him read his statistics for this year.How did he do so well in college?

Paul everybody keeps talking about the QB and RB positions, but nobody will succeed at those positions without an O-line. I'd get the best left tackle in the draft and move Tait back to right to start. But we need at least one guard too. Washington was knocking Metcalf on his back so quickly that the quarterback couldn't get out of the way. Forget linemen or backers, the Viking safetys were going right through Garza. Why didn't they use the last two throw away games to see what Beekman or Reed had?

Lastly, why is everybody in such a hurry to get rid of big Ruben? Did you notice how it really went from bad to worse when he went down? We only have so many draft choices.

That's good Miller's getting healthy. He'll need a good ankle to help him on his way out of Halas Hall. I really think Benson can be something special with a better O-line. Yeah he fell over a few times and dropped a bunch of passes, but does anyone feel that maybe his concentration was distorted because he knew he would get swamped on running plays by the other team? I mean, there was NO good blocking this whole season and CB would consistently get all the criticsm. We all saw that once in open space, he could really fly. Unfortunately, once he was getting hot, the coaches held him back. Anywho, I'd like to see what he could do next year. And yea, get some good O-linemen.

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