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Lovie Smith to name starter in 10 minutes

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Lovie Smith will announce the Bears' starting quarterback for next Monday's game at Minnesota shortly.

The vibe in the locker room was that Kyle Orton will now get his chance after Rex Grossman was lost for the season with a knee injury at Washington, and the team was essentially eliminated from the playoff race.

Stay tuned for an update in 10 minutes.

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kyle orton should start but may not show what he is capble of acct. of the horrible offensive line play, he might just get killed back there. the off. line was bad last year, i could see it, rex had no time in the pocket at all. i blame lovie, who let the inmates run the assylum. during training camp. and covered up for brigg's obvious d.u.i. accident. that he managed to duck out of. fire the whole coaching staff for the number of off. and def. penalty's this year. i'm sick of their lame excuses. devin hester is not god, marriotti, he can't run a route correctly or catch the ball consistently, your wrong just like when you said greise should start over rex. he makes rookie decision's, and lost me with the 3 picks in the redzone, he'll be gone next year, rex will start, kyle is a good player too. get a line to protect them and they'll be fine.

Edgcomb...Griese will be gone next year, but, Kyle is a good player? And you are basing this off what?

There is a difference between blocking with a base 4 rushing the passer to blocking with 8 or 9 men coming to rattle a QB. The line did that last year and got old this year. The reason teams did that was because they didn't expect Rex to beat them and for the most part they were right. There is no secret that Guys in The NFL expected Rex to get a brain cramp when they rushed. Even now they were blitzing because Benson couldn't protect him. With 5 linemen, a TE and a FB teams are still sending 8 men on mostly every play. 8 beats 7,every time. Not only because they don't respect Rex but because the line is old. And to think that Lovie put them all on the line himself is not right on. The only guy who he really brought here was Babich and no one will give Babich any time to get the most out of his players when they are not injured. Babich won't get a honeymoon because he's not Rivera and no excuses because almost half of his starters and backups from game 1 is either hurt or playing injured. Lovie's knock should be that he lets guys do their job and when they fail he should take the fall. Final say is with Angelo no matter how hard you squeeze it. And Briggs getting away with a D.U.I.? You have to start with the legal standpoint. If the law can't prove that Briggs was driving drunk how will Lovie? Blind eye is one thing. But to come out and call someone a liar is another. He had no proof and just because someone else is willing to believe the worst doesn't mean that everyone should. Give Kyle the start only because so many of you are clamoring for that and it keeps the fanbase happy. He won't prove anything with all the distractions and messed up O. He's just another sacrificial lamb.

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