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Lovie announces coaching staff to remain intact

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Lovie Smith announced at his season-ending press conference Monday that he expects his entire coaching staff to remain in tact for 2008.

He said after Sunday's win over the Saints that coordinators Ron Turner and Bob Babich would be back in the wake of a disappointing 7-9 season.

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I love Lovie because he is a "player's coach" and he is an upgrade from our recent coaches. The thing that upset me this year is that he did not take advantage of all the offensive weapons. From "Weapon X" to Wolfe (which if used correctly can challenge Reggie Bush) were all under used. He only used them to disguise our WHACK running game. This year he played way too conservative. How many times can you fake it to Hester and only produce 3 yards. Give HIM THE BALL for crying out loud. Yes, he draws attention, but only after you let him do what he does best. Mind you this year 95% of the league did not think he would do it again.

Turner's play calling was lowbrow. Up the middle... ok... up the middle to the left a little bit... ok... fake to Hester intended for Berrian... Punt. Thanks Brad! How about some imagination! We were toe to toe with San Diego, but they were able to throw some creativeness in the mix and score a touchdown. Maybe he should treat the whole season as if we aren't playoff bound like he did the last two games.

Note: To: Babich
Man-up! Cover 2 - Tampa 2 is getting blown up! If the scouts of other teams watch the Bears as much as I do they'll know that 8x out of ten when Urlacher comes close to the line before the snap he'll drop back in coverage. Don't be affraid to blitz him. He's a future H.O.F. (Sorry Chad).

Lastly, Yes, I know we may not of had all the best players for all the positions, but whatever happend to the art of coaching and designing. That's one thing I loved about Coach Jauron: He was not timid about doing whatever it took to score. Sadly he took over Wannstedt's team but if he had this years team Devin probably would be delivered to Canton, Ohio today because we would have seen enough and anymore would be unfathomable. But, he's the coach of the Bills and we have a "New Age" coach in Lovie Smith that will earn us another trip to the Super Bowl. I believe after this year Smith won't fail. Go Bears!!!

Why doesn't Mariotti have a spot for comments at the end of his articles??

I thought Orton and AP proved it was RexandCed this whole time...It's been obvious for a over a ~everyone else~ has all the proof they need...

Mark Anderson/our DT situation/ and the safety situation...wasn't Babich's fault

Jerry Angelo and the personnel boys have had a bad couple of years trying to make RexandCed work....and I'm glad they paid even more dearly for their garbage with MBradley and ABrown..

Funny how Jiggetts and Miller alluded to how the wrong guys on DaBears are making the, it's the 'big duh'..but I guess that's how ~everyone else~ finally 'gets it' (, that means 'figure it out')...

I reluctantly agree with Lovie. There is a price to be paid for instability - especially at the coordinator positions. IF our coordinators can learn from their mistakes it is much better to keep these known solid quantities than to punish them for their conservative tendencies. Lessons learned in my opinion:
1. Defense - Our team (as with most) plays forward lean defense better than backward lean. You gotta press recievers and blitz quarterbacks. MINIMIZE Prevent D.
2. Offense - You gotta prepare for replacements on our O-line. You gotta run all across the width of the field not just in the middle. Spread passes around. Don't get in a rut.
Lovie: You gotta emphasize adjustments MID-GAME - Preparation must include an EXPECTATION of the need to make adjustments in your plan...Other teams have good plans too.

Looking forward to next year. We Love ya, Lovie!

Dave & Diane Smith
Marshall, MN


hey, Lovie just likes to make it hard on himself. yeah, keep the same coordinators, Babich and Turner, keep the pressure on yourself Lovie.............and while you are up, keep three quarterbacks
for next season and make it harder on yourself. its seems that proving your ego is more important than winning some games for the Bears. after four seasons.............spring, summer, winter, and fall, there are no more seasons for Lovie with the Chicago Fans. go take the bus outta town with Wannie.

Might as well keep the same guys. Don't change anything. Don't do anything. Lovie will just screw up whatever he tries to do anyway. Better to do nothing. Just walk around saying the usual pointless things. If things go well, take all the credit. If things go poorly, talk about how good we'll be next year.

Where is "tact?" They're going to remain "in tact?" How'd they get reservations there this time of year, aren't they really busy for the holiday season in "tact?"

Just writing to say as a Green Bay Packer fan that Lovie Dovies press conference is music to our ears, Dont change a thing we will give the 2 games a year to you just to see the bears in the cellar.

If Lovie really intends to bring back these same coaches then please,


I'll even go out on a limb and say bring Turner back because quite simply our offense can't produce anything with the putrid amount of talent we have! Therefore, draft-(if anybody in the Bears organization could ever draft right that is!!!)-and sign some free-agents and give Turner another shot.

On the other hand, "Lovie's Guy" Babich MUST GO!!! This guy had talent - even with all of the inuries - and still produced a defense that could not stop anybody at anytime!!! I'd rather see John Shoop back running the defense instead of Babich again!!!

not only can't Lovie make adjustments midgame, he also can't make adjustments during the off season. what the heck is his problem? life is full of changes, except for Lovie. i agree with Steve,
let's change Lovie for Brian Billick.

Fire Lovie now. We've seen what he can do. Get a team to underachieve every season. Enough is enough. Does anyone really think he can lead the Bears to a championship? He had all he needed in 2005. He had that and all the luck in the world in 2006. He had all he needed in 2007. Failed each time. He sucks! Dump him!

Competition for QB??? If the last three games didn't give Orton a leg up on the other two stiffs, Rex must have pics of Lovie doing something he shouldn't have been doing. Get a real live NFL quality offensive coordinator not a college retread what worked against Purdue won't work against the pro Ron. Get a real live NFL legit 30 carries a game quality running back not a weak sister who cried like a little girl on draft day and has played like a paper doll ever since. Benson is just the next of a long line of failed RB's drafted by the Bears Salaam, Ennis, A-Train. And the term players coach is overused especially with Lovie Smith most of the "players coaches" are working the TV booth or a college job and not the sidelines of a NFL team maybe just maybe it's time for some coaching from the dark side and cut some of these guys in the spring instead of constantly making excuses for them both players and coaches. Pretty soon last year will be 5 years ago and the torch will be passed to others within the division if they don't make something happen and soon.

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