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League source: Urlacher left out of Pro Bowl

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UPDATED 2:45 P.M.:

Six-time Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Urlacher was not selected for the league’s all-star game this season, a source told the Sun-Times. Urlacher had been selected to the Pro Bowl each year inn his career with the exception of 2004 when he missed seven games because of injury.

Four Bears were selected to the game, with rosters to be announced by the league at the top of the hour. Outside linebacker Lance Briggs was chosen to his third Pro Bowl, as was defensive tackle Tommie Harris. Kick returner Devin Hester and special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo were picked to their second Pro Bowls.

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As much as I like Urlacher, Patrick Willis played better.

Perhaps there should be exceptions for the voting deadline given how Urlacher played on monday.

Given how poorly the Bears have played this year, they are fortunate to get 4 on the team. Briggs played like a beast this year, but the defense as a whole hasn't intimidated too many teams this year. Remember, this is a defense that gave up 53 to the reeling Detroit Lions in two games. The big surprise is the Packers only getting 3 in, but then there are no major standouts on that team other than Favre. They just played consistent ball this year.

Urlacher did not play like a pro bowler this year, and neither did Kreutz...I'm actually glad they didn't get the recognition just because of what they have done in the past. Perhaps this will light a fire under both of them going into 2008, and prove to the fans and the league that they are not what most (myself included) think they are...declining former all-stars.

I was sorry to see Urlacher left off the team. I thought he had a much better season than Briggs. I thought Briggs had quit playing about 5 games ago. He was only worried about staying healthy enough to hit the 75% mark of defensive plays. He now has his tag lifted because of the deal he worked out prior to the season. I thought Hunter had a better season than Briggs. I almost hope Da Bears are unable to sign him. I think Jamar Williams is ready to step in and the cap savings will go a long way to rebuild in the off season. Their payroll is aprox. 96 right now. If they let go of 8 players they would have 33.25 million available to land free agents and bump up the Tommie Harris' of the team. Cut Briggs,Miller, Archuleta, Muhammad,Metcalf,Ruben Brown,Manning Jr. and Gilmore. Steelers Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca is a free agent who makes 4.2 this yr. ( although he is 30 ). This years Draft will feature 5-6 1st round offensive tackles, the biggest haul in at least 10 yrs. Between free agency and the draft ( should have a top 12 pick ) and maybe a couple of internal moves ( Berrian ) I have faith in Jerry Angelo. Go Bears!!!

People are so stupid when they say Urlacher is having the worst season in his career but if you look at the cold hard facts he is having one of the best years of his career. Urlacher right now has 133 total tackles this year and is on pace for 152 total tackles which would be 3rd most in his career in that category. He has 5 sacks and on pace for about 5.5 this year which would tie 3rd in his career for sacks. He has 3 interceptions so far which is tied for most interceptions he has had in his career. And also has 8 pass blocks this year and is on pace for 9 which is 3 more then his 6 blocked pass best set in 2002. I honestly think he should have won defensive player of the year this year and without a doubt make it to the pro bowl with no problem. And also no body likes the Bears there should have been 7 pro bowlers on the Bears at least this year, Charles Tillman who had 3 int and 4 forced fumbles, Robbie Gould who is way better then Nick Folk and more proven and on top of that had an 84.8% field goal completion with 28 field goals which is better then Folk's 84.6% completion with 22 field goals, Brian Urlacher who I already talked about why he should have made it, Adewale Ogunleye who I think should have either been runner up for defensive player of the year or been the defensive player of the year for he has 9 sacks so far on pace for 10, 6 forced fumbles so far on pace for about 7, and 2 blocked passes, and the pro bowlers who made it already Briggs, Ayanbedejo, Harris, and Hester.

I want to smoke whatever Ryan is of Urlachers best years? Def Player of the Year? Give me a break. Tackles is an inflated stat...INTs do not define a players season and neither do sacks. Urlacher has consistently been ineffective in the middle this season, as evident by teams continuing to have no name RBs rush for over 100 yards on this D....You really think Urlacher of 2005 would have allowed Adrian Peterson to rush for 220 yards in one game? Not that it's all of his fault, but good some tape from previous years and when compared to this year there is a noticeable difference in Urlacher. You can't just look at stats, Fantasy Football Boy.

I agree completely with Brandon.They did not deserve the pro bowl and maybe should have been benched to give younger players a chance. Urlacher's one good game does not make up for the many, many times he just blew coverage, missed tackles and was out of position.

It was clear who the best players on the D were this year. And they are NOT named Urlacher.(Although I still think he is the best LB on the team). Briggs DESERVED to go to the Probowl. And Bears fans need to realize that letting him go is NOT a good idea. Jamar Williams has shown nothing close to thinking that he his ready to step up. I don't know why people are so big on him! He hasn't shown anything.

Re-sign Briggs(now a THREE time Pro-Bowler)


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