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League confirms Bears to draft 14th in first round

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The NFL released the draft order for 2008.

It contains a complex tie at the top between Atlanta, Kansas City and Oakland for spots 3-5. Coin flips will be involved in deciding it.

To see the NFL's list:

Recent No. 14 picks made by the Bears include defensive linemen Tommie Harris and Michael Haynes. The 14th pick this last year was made by the New York Jets, who chose CB Darrelle Revis.

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Hey, I never thought I would be hapy that the Bears lost to the Lions twice! But because of that, they get to pick before the Lions. Had they split, the Lions would have picked first because they had a tougher schedule.

And why does Mariotti keep crying about the Bears drafting 14th instead of 9th? Anyone who's followed the draft knows that the likelihood of getting a better pkayer at 9 versus 14 isn't a likelihood at all. Fact is, 14 got the Bears Tommie Harris! And the 14th pick saves them a ton of money to take care of all the other needs. With all the Tackles in the draft, anyone they get at 14 won't be that far off of what Jake Long is expected to be. And boy I sure hope they pick up that back from Illinois with a second or third round pick if he's there.

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