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Grossman knee sprain not serious

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UPDATED AT 3:20 P.M.: As far as knee injuries go, it’s about the best news possible for Rex Grossman.

Sources close to the player said Friday afternoon that the Bears quarterback suffered a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee and will not require surgery. While an MRI was being performed to confirm the original prognosis, the belief is that it is an injury he can recover from in three to four weeks.

That means the 2007 season has come to an end for Grossman, but that he will be healthy as he heads into an offseason of some uncertainty. Grossman will be an unrestricted free agent starting March 1, and the Bears are expected to decide well in advance of that time whether or not to pursue bringing him back on a contract that would no doubt be incentive laden.

The former first-round draft pick was knocked out in the first quarter of Thursday night’s loss to the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field in Landover, Md., when defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin toppled him from behind, bending his left knee as he went down. Grossman walked off the field on his own power and then limped to the locker room. Later, Washington lost its quarterback Jason Campbell to a dislocated left knee cap when he was hit by Mark Anderson.

Brian Griese replaced Grossman and rallied the Bears in the second half before they fell 24-16, dropping to 5-8 and out of the NFC playoff race.

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I hope Angelo is smart enough to realize that the problems with this teams offense is the offensive line. I'm not so sure that we give up on Grossman or Benson. Grossman has proven that when given time he can pick apart a defense and he has an arm that maybe two quarterbacks in this years draft have. It would be cheaper for the Bears to resign Grossman to an incentive laden 2-3 year contract and draft an offensive lineman and maybe obtain one through free agency . That course would be much cheaper than drafting a mid first round QB and having to payout a huge signing bonus without knowing what you will get from him. We know what we have in Grossman as long as he has time in the pocket. Angelo needs to go out and get some offensive lineman and some help at the safety position. With a healthy Tommie Harris, Vasher, Dvorecek they could rebound as long as Angelo is smart.

P.S. Mariotti's column today is a joke, Grossman is one of two QB'S we've had in over twenty years to have a better than .500 winning pct.

Dwalk, I agree 100%. And yea, Mariotti is making the whole QB situation way too dramatic while ignoring how the O-line is the root of all our issues on offense.

The Bears need a QB that can move and hit a moving target at the same time.
Be at least 6`3-6`5 and can run with the Football.
But build a QL to protect and Run Block.

During off season the Bears has a huge challenge to try find new pieces to the puzzle.

Go Bears!!!

you will never win with Rex and touting him as the cheapest option for the Bears next year makes no sense at all. the league is thin with talent with too many teams, if the Bears/Halas don't spend some money for next year then the record will be worse. time to move Rex on and flee from his bad performances. Jay Mariotti is unfortunately, spot-on concerning good/bad Rex. Sixteen to twenty points per game is not going to win it, even against the many weak NFL teams.

Also the receivers need to make the catches that are right in there hands. way to many dropped balls that Grossman through this year before and after Griese. seems to me that when they have to dive for he ball they come up with it, but on the wide open easy catch balls they drop them all the time. Grossman can do a lot of good for the team. he can throw a deep ball like some of the great quarterbacks and on target. And get devin involved more in the receiving game. no more of the rush from behind the quarterback, he loses yards. throw him a 20 yards pass and whatch him fly

that's just it, you said it, he can throw deep, but, please notice, he can't throw short or to his left across the field short or throw the medium pass to his right. those balls are intercepted. the defense knows where Rex falls short and that is because he is one dimensional, he can throw long, providing it is early and he is not tired, but late in the game, he has no short passing game because he never did have a short passing games, and hence, he has no two-minute offense either. sticke with him and you will never with 16 to 20 points a game.

The Bears Needs are huge!They need O-Line help,But,i do think Cedric Benson is a bust!!!!They possibly should sign Grossman unless they can get a proven good Qb in the draft or they can swing a trade for either derrick anderson or donovan mc nabb.They should go after darren mc fadden but thier draft pick wont be that high so...go after two good O-Linman and maybe a late RB or saftey.In free agentcy they should get a Qb and maybe a saftey ot DT.

i fail to see how Rex has shown that he is a team leader, a necessary trait of a NFL quarterback.
whether he can ever rally a Bear team to come from behind and win a game is now in doubt.

Sign Rex! Who ever said he can not throw a short pass is a fool. The only problem Rex has had this year is dropped passes (doesn't trust his receivers), terrible O-line (no time to pass), and terrible fans (he shouldn't have been pulled, the entire O-line should have). We should look to pick up Long in the draft, that would give some protection to Grossman's blind side. Utilize our weapons (Wolfe looks like a prime warrick Dunn, and Hester looks like well Hester when given the ball). Also, we need to give Orton some playing time so he can become the number 2 (heck maybe the number 1 depending on his play), because GRIESE STINKS. As for Jay Mariotti, he might want to look at the other problems before he blames Grossman. We saw what pulling Rex did for us (took us out of the playoffs).

Whoever said he can throw the long ball must have missed the games he played. He has 1 completion in 4 attempts in throws over 40 yards in 7 games. Not exactly Mr. Accurate. Plus only 4 attempts? I guess that huge arm is paying off. Throw in his countless fumbles and hurting the team at the wrong time and it is time to go.
Also funny how nobody talks about his pocket awareness because he has none. He always trys that stupid spin move and ends up running into the DE or fumbles. He is too scared or stupid to step up in the pocket.
Rex's fans want to blame everybody else for his lousy stats or they will cherry pick 1 good stat and hold that up while ignoring his 70.9 rating and 31 TDS to go along with 33 Ints. He has fumbles 7 times in 32 games and I don't see ANY improvement in his game since he's been back. He will always be ranked in the bottom of the league like he has been his whole career. This is not who I want QB'ing the Bears.

too many leaks in the Rex balloon for you to patch now. he might get to play in the Macy Parade but his NFL days are over. I'd take Vinny Testaverde over Rex any day next season as Rex and Cade and the other Bear arena/sandlot quarterbacks sit down with the Madden 08 gamesets.

Yeah, Rex can throw short, and he can really throw short-short, otherwise known as fumbles.

I used to look forward to reading Mariotti's columns. But lately its as though he has mad cow disease. The front line started to fall apart last season. I watched Grossman get blind-sided and kept wondering where the heck was the O-line. Yeah he had fear in his eyes in the Super Bowl, he finally realized that there was no one there to protect him. The O-line was non-exsistant. I'm not saying he's on the par with Brady and Manning, but he's not as bad as his O-line makes him look. And as for his receivers, e-gads, how many dropped passes do you need to see before you realize these guys are bums,so that when he finally did get some protection here and there, his receivers would drop stuff that was delivered right to them. As for Hester being utilized more, please, the guy still can't get his routes right and his body right to catch a ball not coming to him straight on, as in a kick. And lets remember, he had some great blocking in front of him that let him score.

yeah, you are right Bubba, it is always the fault of someone else when talking about Rex, the slowest, shortest, small-handed QB in the league who has more fumbles than Butterfinger Bars and has played with a QB rating in the range of Zero. Calling his fellow players "bums" is just one more mistake of Rex, the self-absorbed QB who gets blindsided because he is busy watching and excusing himself from all fault.

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