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Gridiron Greats gaining momentum

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Momentum for the Gridiron Greats fund is growing as the schedule inches closer to the Dec. 23 weekend when some players have pledged to donate game checks, or portions of their game checks to the organization that is dedicated to helping retired players in need of financial assistance.

Minnesota Vikings center Matt Birk announced at a press conference Tuesday his donation of $25,000, and Bears defensive tackle Darwin Walker has contacted the group for more information.

Kansas City’s Kyle Turley has spearheaded the effort to reach out to all active players and ask for their support. Brochures on the initiative have been circulating in the Bears locker room.

Stay tuned to see if Walker steps forward with a donation.

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I just read Jay Mariotti's column and I was sick. The amount of money that he is accusing Mike Ditka of mis-managing is a pittence to what the Players Union President Gene Upshaw has pocketed along with his other union pal/officials. Mariotti is playing right into the hands of those dispicable, greedy, jerks who earn $4,000,000.00 a year from money paid into the union by the poor shmos who are now crippled from the work they did to pay into the union. And who are given chump change (if they're lucky) when they try to claim the same benefits that Upshaw and his pals are enjoying. Why isn't someone investigating these crooks? Shame on you Jay. I thought you had more ......

Ditka has a Salsa out advertising for the Grid Iron Greats and I understand not a dime was donated. What is he trying to be Paul Newman.

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