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Free-agent competition for Berrian thins out

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Bernard Berrian’s competition on the open market just got thinner.

Dallas Cowboys WR Patrick Crayton took a below-market deal to remain with the team, something his agent Frederick Lyles admitted in telling reporters Thursday night: ``He could have easily secured more money on the open market. But his family is here. His wife and child and mother and siblings, they all live in Dallas. He was more concerned about not uprooting his family.’’

Berrian doesn’t have family tying him to Chicago and he could become the marquee receiver on the open market come March 1 after Randy Moss, who could re-sign with New England.

Crayton reportedly received a $6 million signing bonus on a $14 million, four-year extension. The No. 2 behind Terrell Owens has 48 catches for 689 yards and seven touchdowns, and some considered him a better possibility on the open market than Berrian. Berrian is the Bears’ leading receiver with 67 receptions for 920 yards and four touchdowns. While Crayton is considered a more physical, complete receiver, Berrian has better speed and is a vertical threat. He is expected to play his final game for the Bears Sunday vs. New Orleans at Soldier Field.

Berrian turned down a contract extension by the Bears in June that had $7.5 million guaranteed. While Crayton will no longer compete with Berrian for free-agent dollars, suitors will point to the contract Crayton received and say he is a No. 2 wideout and tell Berrian he is in the same class. Still, without many other quality receivers available it may not effect Berrian’s drive for a big pay day.

Two agents expressed surprised at the contract Crayton received, agreeing with Lyles that he could have received much more after March 1 on the open market.

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Let Berrian go. He cant catch. Bradley and Davis. Speed with hands; hands with guts. Olson, Clark and Gilmore should be used like the Redskins hey day with the 3 TE sets.

If Berrian doesn't want to play here anymore, he won't.
(With the QB situation up in the air, maybe that doesn't inspire
confidence in the organization.)
If I was a WR, a chief concern would be: does this team have someone who can get me the ball?
Let's see how quickly his agent starts making calls.
If it's on Monday, he wants out.
If it's after the Pro Bowl, he might want to stay.

How come we never hear of Hass the wide receiver that tore up training camp and caught everything thrown his way ?? He never even got a chance !!Why Not ?? He'd be better than almost all the receivers we keep hearing about on the Bears --including dropsy Berrian--

you guys are crazy! we need to keep this guy because he is are only good deep threat. hester can go vertical easier but everytime he is in the game they know he is going deep.

We need Donovan Mcnabb here right now. If he isn't going to be with the eagles, drop grossman, greise and keep the kid you have now. Donovan needs to be here and you will see how rejuvenated this offense can get!!

Yo Norm..Berrian is not our only deep threat. Bradley has just as much speed and has better hands.They need to bring in Mike Hass.the guy has flypaper for hands

Berrian is a quality reciever but isn't worth what his agent and some players are telling him.I hope we can find a way to keep him with the team but that doesn't mean giving him the world either.

Our starting WR's next year should be Bradley and Hester with Davis running out of the slot...

Draft Jonathan Stewart...start him at RB with AP (do not forget AP)....Kyle is our QB....get the O line shored on....

Oh, and please.. don't forget to cut Benson....and let Rex go....Kurt Kittner can run the scout team for crying out loud...and he knows the offense if... God Forbid...we have to play our 3rd stringer

back up QB's should be "veterans"...not projects

Why does this seem so hard for Halas Hall to figure out?....RexandCed maybe? Stand by your mistakes?

Kudos for drafting Kyle...but shame on DaBears just the same...freaking RexandCed...what a waste

ABrown..Kyle..AP..Wolfe..Hester..Bradley...don't say I didn't tell ya....In week freaking 4

I also said DaBears would be 6-10 or 7-9 at best with JA's choices...look it up

John Greco...Mike McGlynn...etc...there are a lot of more than good OT's in this draft...there's two for ya in the second/third round that can play right now....Tony Hills and King Dunlap could be steals in the later rounds (Barry Richardson/Carl Nicks), but who am I to say, right?

Max Starks is an UFA....

I'd give my right one to go to the Senior Bowl, East-West Shrine and the combine...finding talent, character, and deciphering intangibles isn't all that hard if ya know what to look for...your "film" only goes so far...anyway...

Orton grossly outplayed Favre last week...LOL..if Rex cut his throwing hand in the first quarter last week like Kyle did...can you imagine the gayness on the sidelines watching Rex get "treatment"...

Nice to see a QB stand in the pocket and deliver lasers into the short to intermediate middle of the field....and with Greg Olsen? fuhgetaboudit

Man up...Kyle is our go fix your damn team

If I confused anyone...I live 7 miles from Halas Hall

Have a great weekend, Brad...thanks for the updates throughout the year..

Happy New Year, everyone

We have to stop drafting duds from Texas. Stan Thomas, Cedric the Entertainer, et al.
Rex is capable, if he has a line in front of him, which he does not, at present. Tom Brady couldn't win with the Bears line protecting him! QB is not the major sticking point. We have really missed Thomas Jones' production and attitude. Benson is a bust; after he basically quit on the team in the SB, I really didn't see any reason to bring him back this year; time to jettison Let him finish his so-called career with Houston Texans, etc.

We need to really dump Turner and his predictable playcalling. Neither he, nor his underchieving brother, Norv, are NFL material.

Mike Singeltary would be a perfect fit as defensive coordinator, altho he wants to be a head coach.

Anyone who saw the Bears losses realizes we would have had a winning record, had we played 60 minutes each week, not 57-58, only to be burned by cheap TDs due to defensive lapses. We are not that far away from being competitive once again.

Marcus is that a joke!.....Kyle Orton certainly is not a starter, devin is too shot to state out wide he can only play slot,bradley is like wise a chump.. We cant afford to waste a first rounder on a back this year in a draft filled with quaterback talent.. Ryan, Brohm, or hell even Brennan we need something. start rex at first and groom the rookie..The only thing you have is that Cedric Benson was our worse pick since Curtis Enis

I agree with Dan. Orton is a backup at best. Berrian is key to the off season. Bradly is injured too often and Haas is unproven. Hester doesn't have the hands yet to be a dependable every down receiver. No QB could have succeeded with this OL. I could have told you that after the 6th game of 2006. Good Rex comes out when there is protection, and bad Rex when it brakes down. Keep him and get him some protection. Use first pick on a QB if a good one is available, then focus on OL and Safety. As far as Benson is concerned, you got me. This guy was just a waste. Let's hope Angelo can swallow his pride again and admit it.

Turner has to go. No imagination and the entire coaching staff doesn't know how to develop players. I think Lovie is a great guy, but if he didn't sign for another four years, I would have turned over the head coaching to Ron Rivera.

Berrian is not the primary duty of the Bears this off-season.

#1) Inject youth into the Offensive Line! I don't care who is at QB, RB or WR. 3.4 YPC is not on Benson, it's on the O-line. Far worse RBs have gotten more yards in a season than Benson or AP
#2) Bring in another RB from free agency who has speed and football smarts with the ability to pass-block (a Kevin Faulk style player would be ideal)
#3) Safeties. You can't rely on Mike Brown to stay healthy; you have to have alternatives. Next season cannot be a Daniel Manning/Chris Harris year like the Bears' superbowl appearance.

I refuse to believe Kyle Orton is a quality solution. He lacks the potential to sprout into a better passer. That was the entire reasoning for staying with Rex: potential. I won't try and defend Rex as a successful 1st round QB, but there's now way Orton is the solution. 5.43 Yards Per Attempt. Kyle Orton. That's the telling number. He can't throw a pass in between the numbers and won't be able to throw longer than 12 yards down the sideline. If you want the Bears offense to be continually constricted, fine. Kyle Orton will not give you the offensive opportunities to try and make a run at a championship. Rex did.

At QB, I drop Griese, offer Rex a backup's contract and attempt to sign a free agent QB or seek a trade.

Guys to potentially go after:
1)Chad Pennington
2)Sage Rosenfels
3)Todd Collins
4)Kerry Collins
5)Damon Huard

None of these guys can move their're not going to find a QB in free agency who can move his feet most likely, which makes the O-line that much more important

Grossman is the best quarterback on the Bears roster. Revamp the OL, bring in a "Thomas Jones" style runner with attitude and juke ability, find two book end safeties, put AB back on d-line with MA rotating, keep Lance Briggs while moving Urlacher to outside LB. Draft d-line interiors and we're good to go.

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