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Briggs, Berrian all a part of big business

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Lance Briggs and Bernard Berrian are gunning for big pay days in free agency and the man leading them there is going to be awfully busy.

The Bears players are just two of 26 unrestricted free agents Drew Rosenhaus is scheduled to have come March 1. Pro Bowl Bears special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo is one of them. Ayanbadejo is angling to become the highest-paid special teams player in the league. That’s a lot of contracts to work through, but as Rosenhaus said Monday night in Minneapolis it’s a fluid situation with deals getting done from time to time. Don’t look for any pre-March 1 deals for those three with the Bears.

Briggs and Berrian could command the most attention of all his free-agent clients. Rosenhaus does represent Dallas running back Marion Barber, who will be a restricted free agent.


According to the Bears media guide, Rosenhaus was slated to have four UFA’s on the Bears. However, reserve linebacker Darrell McClover agreed to a one-year extension through 2008 in September, a deal that was never reported by the organization.

McClover received $75,000 to sign on through next year. He’s been used sparingly this season, appearing only once since Week 4. The team chose to look at rookie Nick Roach instead Monday night at Minnesota and he made a strong showing for himself on special teams.


With Briggs tweaking his groin muscle in the second half at Minnesota, it looks like Brian Urlacher has a comfortable handle on the team lead in tackles. Urlacher is currently up 11, 138-127, and would have to probably miss time to be passed. That’s provided Briggs is healthy. While it probably hasn’t been as consistent a year as Urlacher would like, his numbers aren’t shabby. He’s got five sacks and has been in on as many takeaways.

*** Ayanbadejo needs four more special teams tackles to tie the club record he shares with Cameron Worrell at 28.

*** Cornerback Charles Tillman was credited with 12 tackles Monday, 10 of them solos.

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Attention Hallas Hall!If you dont re-sign Briggs and Berrian you will have lost all our respect!We need to keep them so we can focus on the draft.O-lineman a DT and A saftey.Please Lovie talk some sense into the McCaskeys just once!!!Tell them to spend some money on just one or two good fre agents! Maybe a good guard or DT or even a saftey!

Get rid off Lance Briggs he is a disease who doesn't take care of his family. For someone who spent their summer blasting Chicago and the Chicago Bears it's mighty funny all of a sudden he feels he "wants to be here".

the problem with this poor year proformance is on the back of management. Poor choices and in who should be retained, and who should be traded, coupled with not developing a comprehensive offensive draft, and spending draft choice on defence with little if any ofensive inprovement. What the bears need is a total change of top management.

Let Briggs walk and focus on Berrian. Briggs will likley be a locker room distraction in the very near future with some "incident" or "involvement" in something less than desirable. Wonder if Lovie ever had the same talk with Lance that he did with Tank Johnson before he screwed up, again, and was launched? Bernard Berrian is a big play reciever that can be a mainstay in the Bears offense for years to come. Moose is on the downside in his career and may only have a couple of productive seasons left. Keep number 80 for the future as Devin Hester continues to develope and with Moose's help, they both will come along big time.

Now, go get a damn good QB by the name of McNabb in here and quit messing around with the merry-go-round that is the Bears QB situation.

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