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Bears need to make room for Rideau

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The Bears will need to create an opening on their 53-man roster today as the team is expected to sign WR Brandon Rideau to a contract.

Rideau had inside position for a roster spot during training camp and preseason before a serious right ankle injury suffered in the third exhibition game at Indianapolis sidelined him. He ended up being waived after reaching an injury settlement with the club. He’s an intriguing prospect who spent most of last season on the practice squad. Rideau is 6-3, 200 pounds, and can run well. The Bears really don’t have someone like that on the roster currently.

Best guess on a move to open a space for Rideau would be for CB Nathan Vasher to go to injured reserve. Coach Lovie Smith made an unsolicited comment on Wednesday that Vasher had not responded as the team hoped he would following the Minnesota game. He went the entire way against the Vikings after missing 10 games with a partially torn groin muscle. If Vasher’s not going to suit up Sunday, and it doesn’t sound like it, he can go to IR and make space for Rideau.

Now, the team has two practice squad spots that are open after TE Fontel Mines was promoted to take Mark Anderson’s roster spot. Two players will likely be brought in as the Bears plan for the offseason.

For more on this, see Thursday's edition of the Sun-Times.

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The Bears need to revamp their entire WR situation.
Step #1 let Berrian go, like Ben gordon of the Bulls he is not a good as he thinks he is, and he wants way too much money.
Step #2 demote or dump Muhamed. He should be no more than a third/slot reciever.
Step #3 make Devin Hester the #1 full time receiver, work on it all off-season.
Step #4 elimanate Rasheed Davis from the rotation, he is a below average stiff.
Step #5 find/develop/sign a tall/speed receiver who can hold onto the ball to start opposite Hester. Would like to see Mark Bradley get a full time shot, don't know if he is the guy and can stay healthy, but I like him better than what we start now.

We need guys who can get open, catch the ball, and make a defense adjust to them so that the running game has a chance.

My first comment ever--Needs to be approved by who? Comment--Bad management is turning a successful operation to a disaster. Could the long delay in giving Lovie Smith a new contract indicate a possible problem with him in somebody's mind.

I like what BigWay has mentioned. But you gotta remember the defense. Defense wins championships, not an offense. Look over the years. Pretty Peyton had his up and coming defense last year. The Bears did as well, before 'I am an idiot' Briggs and his crew decided it was within their right to claim the NFC championship before game 1 of the 2007 season. He should concentrate on shagging another lady who wants a child and money rather than football. He is much more consistant at that.

Only step #5 made minimal sense. BIG WAY is NUTS in a big way. Berrian is a top receiver, as good as they come. Mus has seen his better days but still is the go to guy on quick drops and slant routes. He's the big guy that can get you the extra 2-3 yards after the reception. I agree that Mark Bradley is a great receiver. I was shouting this at the fans convention this last season - was the only fan to have a #16 Bradley jersey on. Rasheed Davis has really come to light on special teams and I think should stay there. I know everyone was excited to see what Devin could do on offense as a speed receiver, but has struggled all year to make receptions as a WR. I think as a result of him trying to play split positions, he has lost a little something on special teams returns. If we're not gonna use Hester as an occasional long reception guy, put him back where he shines and not confuse his body. I love them all and know this season has been difficult but I think what we've lost is getting back to basics, let the WR run, the linebackers hit, special teams be special, and let Orton QB. What we really need is to revamp our offensive line. I know we have several 12yr veterans, but I've watched them make more mistakes, miss blocks, and obtain more penalties this year than ever! Without a line to hold the defense, no quarterback can look very good. I think Rex has been hit one to many times and is playing scared. I think Kyle has the best potential for the future for the Bears and should be left in as QB.

The Bear's WR situation definitely warrants tweaking, but is not, IMHO, a major priority. I personally think that the O-line needs the most attention (He Jerry Angelo . . . Ryan Clady, OT Boise State. . . )

Like BigWay, I agree that Berrian is a legend in his own mind. The Bears should let him test the market, and go elsewhere if he gets a better offer.

Muhsin Muhammad's best years are clearly behind him. If he stays, it should be at a lower price. Renegotiate his last two years because he still provides veteran leadership.

I think it's a mistake to place much faith that Hester will ever be a wide receiver, let alone a #1 WR. The coachers at Miami struggle with finding him a position in college. There's a reason for this . . . .

You can probably find an upgrade for Rasheed Davis -- Mike Haas perhaps. And I hate to say it, but Mark Bradley will never overcome whatever preconceptions the Bears coaching stafff have of him. Like Justin Gage and Bobby Wade, he will likely blossom elsewhere.

If Angelo & Co, choose to clean house, then they ought to take a nice long look at taking Limas Sweed of Texas with their first pick. He's a big (6'4", 210) fast (sub 4.4 speed) playmaker capable of stepping into the #1 slot from the start.

To make the Bears a better team offensive wise, they need to put new meat on that offensive line. And add a running back that can pack a punch when would be tacklers try to lay him down. The problem is not at the quarterback position. It's clock management, and this current team's offense does not have it because there is no protection for the quarterback, and there aren't enough holes open for their running backs.

I do not think Hallas Hall will pay Berrian's salary.He wont be around.DO NOT use hester at wr tooo much it will limit his return power and make him tierd or injured.With hester they need to run a 3 or 4 wr set with all of them on one side and everyone block for hester.Bradley needs to be put in as #2 rec.If still ok to play and hes signed keep him.Sign another Wr free agent.Use draft for two good Of lineman a saftey and DT.keep orton let go grossman and griese.Court and sign D McNabb or another good Qb.Gotta keep Ced the bust or trade him??

The Bears need a guard, a tackle, a RB, and at least two new wideouts. Muhammed makes way too much for the team to keep him. Berrian is decent, but he will not be cost effective when free agency hits - someone will overpay for him. The Bears really need receivers who can catch the ball. The QBs are not established well enough to overcome all the drops they suffered this season. Mike Haas, and another WR who specializes in making the hard catches should be the priority, not speed guys. Use Hester and Bradley as your speed options, and concentrate on fixing the OL and getting a RB who can move the chains.

You can gamble that Orton or Grossman will improve with a better line, WRs who can catch, and a RB who can keep teams honest. Benson might be a better performer with those additions, too.

And please, don't draft and trade for so many DB's that we end up giving them away for next to nothing - or nothing - when the cut downs come.

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