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Urlacher chats it up with Seattle media

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The Bears’ trip to Seattle for Sunday’s game could be an opportunity for Brian Urlacher to catch up with his extended family. While stories of his upbringing in Lovington, N.M., abound, the middle linebacker was born in Pasco, Wash., about a 3 1/2-hour drive from Seattle.

Urlacher participated in a conference call with Seahawks media on Wednesday. A look:

(On this season…) “We’re turning it around a little bit, we played a little better last week. It’s not as bad as it seems I guess.”

(On how many people are coming to watch him…) “I really don’t know, I haven’t got that many phone calls. I talked to a couple of my uncles and my cousins, beyond that I’m not sure. Sometimes they come out here now and watch us play at Soldier Field so maybe it’s getting old, I don’t know, maybe it’s too long of a trip.”

(On this season so far…) “We haven’t played as well, we haven’t been as consistent, we’re the same team for the most part, we have lost a couple guys, but it’s the same team not playing as well.”

(On his back…) “I’m good. I’m fine, when Sunday rolls around I feel pretty good. I’ve talked to my trainers and our staff around here and there’s really no way around it. It’s just the way it is right now and it’s really not that bad, I don’t understand what the big fuss is about it around here.”

(On being the NFC Champions and trying to repeat…) “I don’t know, I know we have a bull’s eye on our chest right now, everybody seems to get up and play better for us. We’re a good team we should be playing better, we should be more consistent than we are right now, and get back to where we were last year, and luckily for us we do have seven games left and there’s still a chance, we have to play a lot better, we can get to the playoffs.”

(On the QB situation in Chicago…) “Yeah, it’s been a huge topic around here for pretty much my whole career with the revolving door we’ve had. Now we have two guys that have done a pretty good job for us, whoever plays plays, as a defensive guy we need to go out there and worry about our defense. We have enough to worry about on our side of the ball without worrying about the offense. As a defense we can’t worry about that. Like I said, we have enough to worry about with the way we’re playing on defense and the inconsistencies we have on our side of the ball so we’re not going to worry about what happens on offense. They pretty much have taken care of their side of the ball all year long. We’ve just been focusing on defense. It’s hard to win games like that.”

(On Devin Hester…) “He’s amazing, he’s the most explosive player in the NFL when he has the balls in hands. He doesn’t touch it very often but when he does he makes stuff happen with it. Last week Oakland did a good job of covering him, but you kick it to him enough times he’s going to make you pay. That’s all there is to it. He’s unreal, he changes the whole game for us, especially in the kicking game, I’m not sure what Seattle’s going to do this week, but I know Oakland kicked it to him last week. I think Devin (Hester) was setting everybody else up because he didn’t have very many big returns last week, I think he wants people to keep giving him opportunities so he was setting them up with that game.”

(On if he would kick to Devin Hester…) “I would kick it out of bounds every time, I would give the team the ball on the 40 or I would kick it out bounds. It’s not worth it to have, special teams are huge in this league, if you can get that as a kind of momentum thing, it’s huge.”

(On the Seahawks…) “They’re throwing all over the place, I think that’s just right now. They haven’t been able to run it very well, (Mike) Holmgren’s not dumb, he’s not going to keep trying to pound and not getting and yards, so he’s doing what his quarterback does best, and that’s throw the ball. They have a lot of good receivers, their offensive line protects well, so why not throw it.”

(On the Seahawks run struggles…) “I don’t know, we’re the same way, we’ve had a hard time running it too, but haven’t abandoned it yet, we’re still trying to do it. That’s just the way it goes, some years you run it good, some years you don’t. (LaDainian) Tomlinson had all those years last year and this year he doesn’t have as many, that’s just the way it goes some years I guess. I’m not sure exactly why.”

(On preparing for a passing team…) “Well we got get ready for the pass, that’s what that tells me. If they line up in I-backs and try to run it we’ll try to stop it, but if they’re going to throw it I guess we should try and defend the pass.”

(On Bobby Engram…) “Bobby (Engram) is a great player, he’s a good guy, good player, he was here, I think, my rookie year, got hurt. I think two weeks ago against Cleveland he had 13 catches, he catches everything, he’s shaky, he gets open, he finds the soft spots in the zone, and he beats his man with man coverage. What more do you want from a guy, he’s an old guy obviously but he gets the job done.”

(On the Bears-Seahawks playoff game last year…) “We won. That’s all that matters to me. We got over the hump, the first couple years of my career we never won a playoff game at home after the bye, so that was nice to get over that hump.”

(On playing the Seahawks again…) “It’s not like a division game, but they were here to play us last year, I think the last time we played them, my fourth year we came up to Seattle and played them. We know them a little bit, it’s not like a division game, like I said, but we have and idea of what they want to do.”

(On preparing for Maurice Morris…) “Personally, and I think as a defense, we do the same thing every week. We try to stop the run number one, it doesn’t matter who the running back is, we have to stop it, that’s all there is to it. If the guy wasn’t in this league he wouldn’t be a good player, guys are here for a reason, whether it’s (Maurice) Morris or (Shaun) Alexander, they’re here for a reason, so they’re just as good as anybody else.”

(On the Bears defense…) “There hasn’t been that much of change except we haven’t played as well, that’s about it. We haven’t gotten takeaways, that’s number one, I think that’s the biggest drop off from last year, we have more sacks but the takeaways haven’t been there. We haven’t had the picks and the caused fumbles, all that good stuff, so that’s the biggest thing, the biggest drop-off. Consistency is a big one, we stopped the run early pretty well, then the couple games there we gave up quite a few rushing yards. We’re capable of doing it. It’s just a matter of doing it. It doesn’t make it tougher but it’s a little frustrating because, especially me, I haven’t been as consistent as I want to be nor has our whole defense. You say it’s easy to fix. Well, then fix it. We just can’t do it for some reason.”

(On playing without Mike Brown…) “Mike Brown’s awesome. I said it this year. He’s the best defensive player I’ve ever played with. The guy, shoot, the first game he was out there he had a pick, recovered fumble, he had a couple of great hits, and then he gets hurt. It’s tough to replace him but we’ve had to do it the last few years. I wouldn’t say replace him. We’ve had guys fill in for him because you’re not going to replace a guy like Mike Brown. In my opinion, he’s one of a kind. His leadership we miss and especially his play making ability.”

(On potential fishing plans…) “Oh man, not this trip. My little bro was going to go up there and go fishing there on the Columbia but I don’t think he’s going to make it now because they moved the game. Thank goodness they moved the game up for us. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of night games especially when they’re six hours away from Chicago.”

(On the Seahawks’ linebackers…) “Lofa (Tatupu), (Julian) Peterson, and is it Kevin Bentley now playing? Shoot, they’re good players. You have Peterson getting all the sacks. Lofa’s as solid as you get in the middle. I know he has a couple Pro Bowls under his belt and I think Kevin (Bentley), probably hasn’t had a chance to play as much but he’s athletic and he runs to the football so they’re good. I feel like we have the best in the league. I have to say that and I really feel that way. We’re the best in the league as a group but they’re pretty good themselves.”

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