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Time for second Bears game changed

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The NFL pulled the Bears-Seattle game on Nov. 18 out of prime time on Monday, and now the game the following week is on the move.

The league announced Tuesday that the start time for the Nov. 25 game vs. the Denver Broncos at Soldier Field will be 3:15 p.m. It was slated to be a noon start on CBS.

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at the rate they're going they should be lucky they're even allowed to appear on TV.

I can't think of many more pathetic offenses in the NFL.

kinda like Baltimore last night or the Philly offense without Westbrook.

extremely painful to watch. So it was Rex's fault, eh?

almost makes you wish for a return of John Shoop (though not quite!)

They should move all their remaining games to 12.00pm.
The Bears are lucky they are in a large market otherwise they would be blacked out some Sundays.
When you stink you don`t deserve to be on prime time.
Win a few games.

Well, I'm sure if Jay Mariotti had his take, he would somehow blame Rex and Urlacher for the Bears getting yanked from the prime slots. Anything wrong with the Bears, he still pins on Rex.

From the tone of bloggers, one wonders why Mariotti still has a job. I don't like him either, but accasionally he does say something intelligent, generally negative, but intelligent. I guess I have to agree that the Bears do not really deserve prime time at this stage. They are painful to watch at times. Griese's three end-zone interceptions were pitiful. I'm for giving Rex another shot or Orton. At least they're young enough to develop into consistent winners.Against Oakland they may be able to open up a legitimate offense and keep their suspect defense off the field long enough so that they might look good as well.

Babich should put Urlacher and Briggs into coverage and make Tillman and Archuleta blitz all game (Actually, Tillman would do pretty well on the blitz). I predict that before this season is over, Archuleta will have perfected the one-arm tackle.

To say I'm why I'm writing. Because I SAW Sid Luckman passing at Wrigley Field. I SAW George McAfee run At Wrigley Field. But At 80 Years and counting THIS years team needs to much help! There Not Busting any ones BUTTS. There NOT BLOCKING ANYONE!
How even slow poke Benson can get to the secondary and don't say run outside, He just hasn't the speed. Did you ever wonder what makes Makes a great half back ..well They Have to Swing ! look at that BLURRR from the Vikings. He Swings !

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