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Thursday practice update

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Brian Griese was wearing his helmet at the start of Thursday's practice, a good sign he will be participating in at least portions of the workout.

CB Nathan Vasher, who has missed the last six games, was also stretching as if he was going to participate.

RT Fred Miller, LB Hunter Hillenmeyer and DT Darwin Walker also returned to practice.

It appeared that DT Tommie Harris (left knee) was absent again.

UPDATE: As we reported, Harris was the only player to miss practice.

Griese, Hillenmeyer, Miller, Vasher and Walker all participated on a limited basis according to the injury report just released. Safety Brandon McGowan (right elbow) als participated in the workout on a limited basis.

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Maybe they're just afraid that he might hit his head.

You do realize Lovie has named Rex the starting the QB for this Sunday, regardless of Greise's health status? I could go along with it if it was his throwing arm, but isn't his left shoulder (non-throwing arm) that is injured?

The Bears' are silly.

Silly enough to beat the Seahawks.

I got news for everyone, Griese took a dive and couldn't wait to use injury as an excuse to get out of the game. Lovie was pulling him at halftime anyway. With 3 points on the board he was going to be bench for Rex at halftime. That is why Rex got 40% of the snaps. Griese found a way, just like the slim ball he is to make people feel sorry for him, like he lost his job due to injury. He is playing all of you like fools. Just ask the people in Denver.

Posted by: Joe B | November 16, 2007 10:30 AM

So what's your excuse for dumb comments? You fell out of the arm-chair and still recovering from a concussion from Monday morning QB'ing?

-- Brad, I understand if you don't post this...

Joe B.Why you have to call the man a slim ball? You are SLIM!!!

Talk Sports don`t resort to calling nasty names,otherwise you become
what you call the next person.

Go Bears!!!!!

Is a "slim" ball the same as a "slime" ball, only thinner???

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