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Roger Goodell visiting Qwest Field

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is taking in his first Bears' game since Super Bowl XLI. Of course, it didn't work out so well the last time he showed up to watch them.

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I remember the The Bears' last Super Bowl victory. They pounded the Patriots, that was over twenty years ago. Today, the Bears are recovering from a Super Bowl birth and loss to the Colts. Today's team is quite different than the one from the 85 season. They had a special player in Walter Payton. 'Sweetness' endured many tough seasons with his one and only NFL team. Even then, he was considered a smallish back, but still today, his legacy is iconic. He was a team player that didn't like celebrations(he handed the ball to teammates after scoring a TD). He went to the same college as his older brother Eddie did to play football for a small college down south(Jackson State Tigers). He is the second best running back in NFL history regarding lifetime accumulated rushing yardage. He is the best back in NFL history in terms total yards from scrimmage(21,803). His 77 games with 100 or more rushing yards is yet another record. He was league MVP in 77 and 85. The memories of watching his running style and powerful finishing runs won't be forgotten. His willingness to block for teammates even though of his status as an MVP made him a champion. He just wasn't willing to block, but made sure the other team knew he could. While none of us will actually see him run again, the ones' lucky enough to have seen his runs should remember his tenacity and gracefullness on and off the football field. There will never another 'Sweetness' again.

*SIGH* The Bears have given Chicago another stay in the inevitable execution of this team in 2007. Devon Hester played terrificly, and Rex played as well as Brian Griese in Philadelphia. Here we go. How about the defense? 34 points given up? A 2nd year QB looking like Elway some of the time. Did the Bears forget how to stop anyone? I want Ron Rivera back!!!!

Oh, and reading the blog posting by Anonymous 2007, I have to agree with him. The one thing I remember vividly about Mr. Payton is no matter how much he was hurting he also helped up the unfortunate lad who was attempting to destroy him. He also gave the football to an offensive lineman after the touchdowns to have him spike the ball 95% of the time. Have Ocho Cinco from Cincy do that. He is an idiot. And to think he went to college....

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