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No word yet on backup QB

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Brian Griese and Kyle Orton are both on the field warming up here more than two hours before kickoff.

The duo usually practices the lost art of drop kicking and that is the case again. Griese is usually a little more accurate, but he's yet to pull a Doug Flutie during a game.

Check back in a while for the inactive list when we'll find out who is backing up Rex Grossman.

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Welcome to the land of OZ. The last time the BEARS played they played a team that was just as BAD as they were, and yet when the BEARS won, Everyone was yelling and screaming about what CHAMPIONS they were. I was listening to 780am last week and the anouncer sounded like he was broadcasting a super bowl gae. Well, Well, Well, there was nothing but the sound of silence in the locker room after this week's game. And yet ,the player's said sometime later,that they would finish the season in the 500. It's about time we DRUG TEST the whole team. The BEARS wining anything for the rest of the season is like going to IROCK to find WMD. Hopeless, sorry, but utterly,HOPELESS.

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