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Lovie names Rex starter; Griese says he hasn't heard a thing

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Bears coach Lovie Smith announced following practice that Rex Grossman would be the starting quarterback for Sunday's game at Seattle.

Brian Griese, who sat out with a sprained AC joint in his non-throwing left shoulder, said he was not aware if a decision had been made.

You'd think the team that changes quarterbacks more than anyone else could get a change made seamlessly.

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Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith's continual stubborness in believing that "REX the Savior" is the best chance the Bears have of making the playoffs, all the while jerking poor Brian Griese around like he is a red headed step child, is like believing that Cedric Benson is going to elevate his rushing average for the season to over 2.5 yards a carry.........NOT A friggin' CHANCE! It's unfortunate that we the Fans have come to realize we now have two First round draft busts starting key positions on our offense.....I only wish that Lovie Smith and G.M Angelo could come to the same realization. Bring on Donovan McNabb, or another 1st round draft selection, or a trade for Derek Anderson, whatever it takes, but please spare us the misery of starting QB GROSSMAN......GROSSMAN stated it perfectly himself "I'll play football like it's recess time".......Too bad the Bears are paying him more than what a kid on recess receives for playing football, and that's nothing........

proves that Lovie says what Bear mgt. wants to hear. this is the most foolish of damaging moves that can be made at this time. the season will be over. We fans don't like what we see.

What did you expect Lovie to say?Angelo/Lovie has been waiting with
panting breath for this man to get hurt so they could stick
Grossman back in there.
They`ll see the kid has lern nothing,nothing,nothing.
Did he grow a inch,mabe the fingers,foot movement?
Crown his butt sunday.
Who cares nobody know whats going on anymore.
Greg Olsen didn`t play last week and he is not injured.
I don`t know what to expect from this team now.
Ron Turner may have answers if you can find him.

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