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It's Grossman

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Based on performance, injury or both Rex Grossman looks to be the Bears’ starting quarterback for Sunday’s game at Seattle.

The Bears (4-5) will look to climb to .500 for the first time since Week 2 with the former first-round pick at the helm based on the fact that he was with the first team during the beginning of Wednesday’s practice and Brian Griese was sidelined, recovering from a bruised left non-throwing shoulder.

Grossman led the Bears back to a 17-6 victory over the hapless Oakland Raiders last Sunday when he hit Bernard Berrian for a 59-yard touchdown with less than four minutes to play. Griese was knocked out of the game in the second quarter after being sacked by Raiders linebacker Kirk Morrison and having his left shoulder driven in to the turf.

The coaching staff and sources close to Griese have described the injury as minor, and you’d think with it being the non-throwing shoulder that it would not be a significant impediment to him playing. But he was out, and the expectation has been that Grossman would be promoted whether Griese was healthy or not.

Grossman is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent following the season and there’s no question general manager Jerry Angelo would like a final stretch of games to evaluate him. The change to Grossman will mark the 32nd change in starting quarterbacks in the last 133 regular-season games for the Bears. It marks the ninth change Lovie Smith has made in 58 regular-season games. Grossman defeated the Seahawks twice last season, including the postseason.

Following the stretching period, Grossman began running plays with the first team offense when the media was ushered out of practice with the exception of Tribune Co. employee Carlos Zambrano.

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The Bears offensive this year has been just that....OFFENSIVE! Ron Turner lacks creativity, and cannot adjust either during a game,during the week between games, or for that matter, during the off-season. Case in point; the underutilization of Devin Hester or Greg Olsen this year, is just one example of the stand-pat strategy that permeates week after week from the Bears offense. Sometimes a coach can become too comfortable in their own system,and they lose their edge. Turner needs to coach with a sense of urgency, or this team will remain mediocre at best.

Couldn't agree with you more.
Turner need to mix it up. We all know teams will be sending in the fleet when Rex is in the pocket, therefore set audibles for screen packages against them for starters. Must work in Hester and Olsen, Hester who is a proven playmaker and Olsen who creats mismatches all over the field. Set up Hester is some reverses, fake reverses, slants, wide receiver screens. Get him the ball! If you set up these type plays Rex can get the ball out of his hands quick and the worry of downfield interceptions are minimized. Common Turner be deversified!!

What Turner does remains to be seen,but, to borrow one of Hitman's words, the offense has been "pedestrian." Opening up the passing game with some long bombs, hitting Hester or Olsen on some good screens or tricky ends-arounds,or letting a halfback pass would at least make the offense more interesting, even if they did not work. Such an approach might even help the pathetic running game. Wouldn't it be pleasant to see a sixty or seventy yard run from scrimmage?

Strap yourself down Sunday this will be a weird ride.
Turner and Grossman together AGAIN....How sweet.

Any way you look at it, this is our super bowl. If we lose we have no chance of going anywhere. If we win we still have hope for the wild card. The sense of urgency is right now. I hope they play with that type of emotion Sunday. I'm excited, can't lie I'm nervous as heck for Rex but we'll see what happens.

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