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Friday practice update

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DT Tommie Harris (left knee) was not suited up for practice at the start of the session Friday at Halas Hall. With the snow gone, the team moved back outside. It's still likely Harris will start Sunday.

From the Dept. of Redundancy Department, CB Nathan Vasher (groin) remained out.

The good news was WR Bernard Berrian (toe), FB Jason McKie (right foot) and CB Trumaine McBride (hip) were all suited up for practice.

More updates later in the afternoon.

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Brad, I saw your article which implied that Mike Shanahan is actually impressed with grossy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mike Shanahan has said that Brian Griese is the smartest player he's ever coached and one of the most accurate passers he's ever seen. Shanahan couldn't be happier that he's facing panty waist grossy on Sunday. On the other hand Griese would shred Denver's defense. Hopefully, we can dispose of grossy early Sunday, so that Brian Griese can once again save the day for our Bears.

Hey Brad,Why dose Lovie Keep playing his star tackle T.Harris when he's injured? Also Urlacher?They arent starting Vasher early certainly!SO are they just bluffing Harris and Urlachers injuries?I mean,they aren't going to the playoffs or anything. So why aren't they resting thier players?They need a good draft pick anyway.Centainly they would pick a good QB ha ha!Or maybe a good running back,thats even funnier!Boy i wonder if all those renavatoins to the everstanding Soldier's Field will ever pay off if the people at Hallas Hallcontinue to not pick good in the two most important off pos.

Hey one more thing .Why isnt Lovie Playing Ricky Manning Jr?Is he hurt too? He was awesome last year and hade alot of INt's.Why is he not in the starting cb Position?Yeah Why do they have McBride starting over Manning?Thats ridiculous even if he was slacking or somthing in practice.Last year he was great so i dont see his play declining bad enough to start a rookie who is nt good over him?

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