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Benson by the numbers

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The Sun-Times reported that Cedric Benson underwent successful surgery on his fractured left leg Thursday. The operation was performed by team physicians Armen Kelikian and Mark Bowen.

The injury comes at a bad time for Benson, who finished the season with 674 rushing yards. Had he gained 27 more yards—or less than three extra yards per game this season—he would have triggered a conditional roster bonus in his contract in the amount of $1.73 million. It’s lost money now for the running back.

Benson, the fourth pick in the 2005 draft, has earned substantially less money than has been previously reported. His contract has always been said to contain $16 million in guaranteed money, which is accurate, but Benson has yet to activate $3.46 million of that in the form of two $1.73 million bonuses that were considered to be easily attainable. They could be achieved in a myriad of ways with minimum performance levels and play-time figures. But running behind Thomas Jones for two seasons, and now out for the remainder of the year and facing a long rehabilitation, it could wind up being money he never realizes.

From a team standpoint, it should clear up a little salary-cap space moving forward. For Benson, it’s motivation to push him through rehabilitation with one bonus at $1.73 million hanging in the balance for 2008. While Benson has reaped a fortune at $13.8 million through this season, it doesn’t approach the misspent figures that have come out.

Just as quarterback Rex Grossman said recently ``I’ve probably missed the boat on the big one,’’ referring to a lucrative free-agent contract, Benson’s ship has passed also. He’s not going to come close to approaching the maximum value of his contract at $29.96 million.

That doesn't mean the opportunity will not exist for him to come back and be productive, and ultimately justify his riches. Remember, Jerry Angelo stands by his draft picks.

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Ced didn't have a good year, but -- and I love T Jones -- a lot of the media moguls and fans were saying that Thomas was soft, a bust, not committed, dumb, no leader, etc, when he played for AZ.

Cedric may not be the leader that TJones was/is, but he's not soft (go back to the Seattle playoff game and then tell me he's soft or has no heart)and he has showed (incl. the last two games) that he can play.....not yet shown he is a top-flight back. Don't give up on the Cedric and don't spend big dough or top picks on an RB. GET SOME NEW OLINE talent, and we'll be ok.

if anyone thinks that benson has the talent or heart to be among the elite backs in the nfl your are just as blind as angelo was when he drafted him #4 overall because he is lazy and not even close to being a team player just take a look at what he did his rookie season when he held out to get a 40 million dollar deal only to come in and show less talent then most third string runningbacks in this league.The reason we drafted benson was to be alot like marion barber from dallas a hard power runner that doesn't go down on first contact and gets stronger in the 2nd half but benson rarely breaks a tackle and as far as the second half goes he's usually relieved to go out of the game after a two yard run.I say we trade him away and hope that his value is still high enough to pull a decent talent or halfway decent draft pick outta him.

Off-season work priorities:
1. Go hard after San Diego's Turner at running back
2. After Turner signs, pursue Donovan or Derek Anderson
3. Sign Berrian
4. Let Briggs go if we have to make cap room
5. Then, look at safeties

If they can achieve number 1, the rest will fall in place.

I just read Greg's list of 5 things the Bears need to do to get back into the Roselle parity game. Add a couple of more.

6) Fire Lovie, eat his contract, and hire a firestorm, aka Glenn Kozlowski, or Mike Singletary, or Ron Rivera.

7) Give everyone who had season tickets at least a 20% refund for the sorry excuse of a team Jerry Angelo put on the field.

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