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Wednesday practice update

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Mark Bradley's no longer sitting No. 5 on the depth chart.

He was running with the first team during portions of the beginning of Wednesday's practice at Halas Hall with WR Bernard Berrian sidelined with his right toe injury.

LT John Tait did stetching with the team and then started some rehab work on the side.

Also missing practice were DT Tommie Harris, CB's Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher and DT Darwin Walker.

More following practice.

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Never understood how Mark Bradley fell to number 5 on the depth chart. Yes, he has had some injury issues, but when healthy has made plays and has the ability to stretch the defense. If I recall, he was a 2nd round pick. I wouldn't think that the Bears would drop him so quickly. Giving him more time might light a fire under Moose and Berrian as well.

Lou, Sadly this guy is not the answer, he's not getting open believe it or not, he's a serious downgrade from Berrian.

I remember Bradley being a real speedster. I was disappointed that he didn't get more time after his injury recovery. Berrian is good and fast, but the dropped balls are inexcusable. I blame his dropping balls and Moose not getting open because of poor routes for Grossman's difficulties. Except for those two, Rex would probably still be starting.

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