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Picking up the pieces

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There will be plenty of elements from Sunday's bewildering 34-31 loss to Minnesota to dissect from just about every angle. Players should be released from meetings starting in about an hour, and Lovie Smith will address the situation at 3 p.m.

There were a few things that looked pretty good. The Bears got somewhat creative running the ball, going outside with Cedric Benson to stay away from the run-stuffing combo inside of Pat Williams and Kevin Williams. But don't listen to analysts who tell you he did well, averaging 5.1 yards per carry in the first half. A first half does not make an entire game. Benson finished with another underwhelming average of 3.7. That doesn't cut it.

Brian Griese can throw the ball downfield, we found that much out. But things really didn't click until there was less than four minutes to play and the Bears trailed by 14.

TE Greg Olsen looked good again. He needs to become a key component in the game plan every week. More Olsen needs to be preached as much as more Hester.

A couple key questions, in no particular order:

1. What in the world happened with the run defense?

2. Exactly why did the Bears choose to put the ball in the hands of the man who beat them all day, Adrian Peterson, with the late kickoff?

3. Why was SS Adam Archuleta benched at halftime, introducing yet another change to the secondary? The group has literally been made over almost on a weekly basis.

4. Are turnovers becoming an issue for Griese?

5. Were any halftime adjustments made?

6. Can Hester play defense too?

7. Is it too late for this team to rebound in 2007?

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Lovie needs to start admitting mistakes instead of making excuses, he is beginning to sound like Rex did after a bad game. The Bears were outplayed and definitely outcoached in this one. Maybe they miss Riveria more than Lovie realized. The defense has not regained the "fire" for an entire game that they had last year. You see sparks, but sparks don't burn stuff down - fires do. The Bears need to look for a running back that can play the game and not backhandedly run down his line. True the holes aren't opening as good as they should but good running backs find a way. Great running backs make a way, and Ced is neither right now.

Check out Mike Mulligan's article today about some assistant coaches from last year that got fired.

That`s right Blame the Coaches,The bears got beat by a 55yd FG set up by the best RB at this time of the season.
Something is broke they don `t fix it quick we are looking at a higher draft pick.
Urlacher is hurt as is the whole first string.
Hester can`t Play every position or every down.
You ask them to pass to him and they did results TD.
You whined about Bob Griese could not throw,threw TD to Berrian and
to Hester345yds.Load up on that GROSSman lovers.

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