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Nothing botherin' Urlacher

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Brian Urlacher's press conferences have generated enough interest recently that we'll just put it all out there for you to digest for yourself.

A look at the full Q&A from today at Halas Hall:

Q: You've played the Lions before is there a certain way to attack them based off the previous game?

A: Get pressure on the quarterback, No. 1, I think.

Q: Do you still have a bad taste in your mouth after what happened in the fourth quarter of that previous meeting?

A: Yes.

Q: Have guys talked about that this week, what happened in the fourth quarter?

A: Yes.

Q: What happened?

A: They made plays.

Q: Is it big to get guys back who didn't play in the first game?

A: Peanut and Lance? It’s always good to have our normal guys in there.

Q: What would it mean to reach .500 before the bye week?

A: I think it will be good for us, especially going into a bye week to be basically back to where we started the season at.

Q: It seems like something has been eating at you the last few weeks. Anything specific? Your comments seem to be very clipped.

A: No.

Q: Why the short answers?

A: No reason. No reason.

Q: Are you upset about something?

A: No.

Q: What have you learned about yourselves in the ups and downs of this season?

A: Well, we’ve got to persevere through the tough times, I think. We haven’t played good, obviously, most of the season. Have played good at times. Just have to keep trying to play better every week.

Good talking to you.

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His team is 3-4, his teammates are dropping like flies, and he's been having some drama with the baby mama. Can we leave Brian alone now? Do we really need to ask what's wrong with him. He doesn't owe anyone an explanation on how he is feeling. How about we just leave him alone and let him play football. Urlacher is a soldier.

Lovie could'nt coach junior tackle. That is all I need to say.

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