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Mailbag, Vol. II

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E-mail in your questions for this week and I will have answers up later in the week.

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Lance Briggs now a role model after court? Seems ridiculuous that setting such a poor example makes you a role model just cuz he got off easy. Lance Briggs is a role model for how to avoid getting a DUI since thats the ONLY and MOST OBVIOUS explanation for why he would abandon his car on the road in the middle of the night before football season. Any other reason could only be potentially more scandalous. Funny, not one reporter or media outlet has suggested this, even though it it the most "gee thats obvious" explanation there is. Also, how awful that football players, who are generally less intelligent than the rest us, could ever be a role model for anything other than playing their respective sports.

Ditka for Senator? NOT!!!!!!!!!

Why Don't the Bears Try the Ex-Hawaii star Safety Leonard Peters? I mean give him a chance you must be pretty good if Reggie Bush takes notice. In an ESPN online chat last December, Bush, USC's Heisman Trophy winner, was asked who the best player he played against. His response: "The guy that sticks out is No. 42, the safety from Hawai'i. He was just everywhere ... I don't know his name but he was fast and he was a great player and everytime I got tackled, he was there." He has the potential to be the next Troy Polamalu. He would be a great add to the already exciting Bear's D that is lacking a safety.

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