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Jamar Williams taken to locker room

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LB Jamar Williams was taken to the locker room to have his ribs examined after being injured on the kickoff coverage following Bernard Berrian's touchdown, WBBM AM-780 reports. Williams is questionable to return.

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My, My, how the mighty have fallen. Seems just 9 months ago, the city of Chicago was willing to crown the Bears champs of the NFL. Oh how the fait has changed for you. We here in Indianapolis sit back, not saying a word as our big brothers from the north talked about how that so called "great D" was going to slap the Colts around in the Superbowl, just to have them go out and get slaped themselves. One thing you must learn Chicago Bears fans, is that talk is all talk till you hit the feild and play, just look at the World Champs, the Colts. They go out, week in and week out, and beat teams without saying a word. So this time big brother form the midwest, learn form your little brother form the midwest, on how he plays the game, then your season my change. Remeber, don't make excusses, and fix what is wrong!!

Very good blog....Colt Power.
We should be quiet and fix what need fixing.

The Bears was out played as a team,out coached as a staff.
Fix it Bears or call in the rest of the season.
The teams don`t get any easier.

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