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Defensive stats released

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You might have thought it was just a bad rumor the Bears had tackles in Sunday's 34-31 loss to Minnesota. But following review of the game film by the coaching staff, LB Lance Briggs was credited with a team-high 10 tackles, six of them solos.

S Brandon McGowan was given eight tackles, as was CB Danieal Manning.

The rest:

LB Hunter Hillenmeyer 6
S Adam Archuleta 6
LB Brian Urlacher 5
DT Anthony Adams 5

DT Tommie Harris had only one tackles.

Briggs moved past Urlacher for the team lead in tackles, 55-54. Here's the skinny on Urlacher's performance. The last time he had less than five tackles in a game was against Dallas in Week 3 when he had three, and added two sacks. Previously, it was vs. San Francisco in 2001. That's not counting the season finale at Minnesota in 2005 when starters barely played. He had just five tackles against San Francisco last season and in the finale vs. Jacksonville in 2001.

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The Coverage on Special Teams Lost the Game.

I will not put blame upon the defense or offense because one guy on the opposing team had a career day. The offense gave the team a chance to win by coming back to tie the score. That is all I can ask for.

Special teams needed to tackle this guy at the 35 yard line at least, to send the game into over-time.

What, we are 2-4 with ten games left. We can win seven or eight games to salvage the season and still make the play-offs.

Get them next week! Go Bears!

To Bears Fan, there is not a snow balls chance in hell the Bears will win 7 or 8 more games to make the playoffs. Their record will more likely be 5-11 or 6-10. You see, they are not blessed with the easiest schedule in the league like last year. And after this season, Smith's four year record as coach won't be much better than Wannstedt's or Jauron's record after their fourth year.

A Game like sunday will have the bloggers at each others throat.

Jeff, Wannie and Jauron did not beat Green Bay or NFC Champions and go to the
Super Bowl lets not play the blame game.
Players....Play And Coaches....Coach
Jauron`s Buffalo Bills lost Monday night had a 20pt. lead.

The only time I want to see either of those two again would be as they are now.
Go Bears!!!!!!

Bearone, when Jauron and especially Wannstedt was the coach, the Bears division was one of the best, if not the best division in the NFL. The NFC was also the much stronger conference, whereas now the AFC is much stronger(Patriots 48, Dallas 27). If this Bears team and coaches were playing in the early to mid 90's, they would be lucky to finish 8-8 every year. And that includes last year's team.

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