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Berrian signs with Rosenhaus

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Wide receiver Bernard Berrian has officially signed with high-profile agent Drew Rosenhaus, becoming the fifth Bear since 2004 to switch to the Miami-based agent while on the team. This news, according to NFLPA documents.

The Sun-Times reported Sunday that Berrian was expected to join up with Rosenhaus after first reported he had terminated his relationship with Roosevelt Barnes and Maximum Sports Management.

Berrian told the Sun-Times he had not spoken with Rosenhaus after Sunday's game, and then was seen meeting with the agent in Soldier Field following the game. It's the second big client to leave MSM for Rosenhaus. Defensive tacke Tommie Harris made the same defection in 2004.

While a player's representation doesn't effect performance on the field, you have to consider the offseason ramifications. Who knows what the organization's quarterback situation will be like come the spring. Brian Griese could be in his first offseason as the starter, or a new quarterback could be in place. If the Bears place the franchise tag on Berrian, they will need him at Halas Hall to work in the offense.

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Berrian and "franchise tag" is an oxymoron. What in the world would lead you to believe that Berrian would get tagged? I'd like to tag him with a left hook and kick him in the nuts for the way he's played.

So Berrian's gotten greedy and signed with the devil? No matter... like Tucker before him, he can take his dropped balls and go elsewhere. Hester should eventually claim his current starting position. Any argument there?

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